I want to make it very clear that I believe in The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(I wrote this post on May 11th and my energies were low so I waited a bit to be sure that this is what I wanted to say. I have concluded the reading of the entire Workbook in A Course In Miracles and am absorbing the teachings and will be commenting on that in the near future as well.)

I will seek for the truth wherever I find it. I will do what I feel is correct according to my conscience. I will do what I can to live my life according to His will. I have pulled off of watching and listening to some things because I do not want to stray from His truth. Aren’t there are lot of things that we could chase after!?  I believe there are. I  found this reference in John 10:1 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” The Savior said if ye come into Heavenly Father’s kingdom except by Him ye are a thief. It is important to me that I make my journey within the Light of Christ. I know that my life is committed to pursuing and continuing the work of Jesus Christ directly. I do not wish to represent anyone but Him. I do this because I believe He is our elder brother and the only way that we may come in to God’s presence is as His son.

I am grateful for a Prophet to guide the Lord’s Church upon the earth, namely Thomas S Monson. I believe that it is his voice that I want to listen to ultimately as I proceed on my journey to live as Christ did. I know that he will not fail to give appropriate council of the Lord’s wishes at this time. There are so many other things that one could be involved in. The universe contains many realities we are barely aware of. However they can be distractions to what the purpose of man is upon the earth at this time and it is my purpose as given me by God that I seek.

I am doing indexing for genealogy purposes and am looking forward to doing Family Search and getting my deceased family ready for their temple work. I am also recording my history and scanning my life mementos on to my face book page and in my online journal. These are instructions from the General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

I have been guided by the Spirit to read A Course In Miracles and to take a closer look at the teachings of the Law of Attraction. This in no way means that I will allow these or any other concepts take me away from the covenants and principles that I understand and have had spiritual witness born to me about through the power of the Holy Ghost as I have sought to repent of my own sick thinking and behaviors and line myself up with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ACIM is giving me a greater expansion on the concepts that the Holy Ghost has been teaching me but while I am in this sphere (on earth in body form before my physical death) I will keep myself in check and share according to the counsel of our Prophet. We have been sent here with a purpose and it is this that I seek for myself.

What really influenced me to share this testimony was the interview I saw with Dr Wayne Dyer and a lady who professes to channel someone (or some beings) who call themselves Abraham. While I do not suggest that this cannot be. I choose at this time to not go in to areas that the Lord has not specifically prepared me for by the witness of the Holy Ghost. These things, even as they may be true, can be very distracting to our particular course. I will make no judgments on others, I only felt that I needed to write this to clarify my stand to others and, perhaps most of all, to me.

Until next time,


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