I had an interesting question posed recently. When is the time that you begin to teach? When have you learned enough in Heavenly Father’s plan that you are able to teach? May I suggest it is when you desire to continue to truly learn. A principle in the gospel is that what you have will be added unto as you exercise what you have been given. In other words as you live by the light that you have. Part of that comes with the testifying of what you already know. It is part of the “gathering” and will allow the Holy Spirit to teach you greater things. Continually studying the standard works on a daily basis is absolutely necessary for continued spiritual health and growth. Those who have been to the temple will recognize that truth. Christ taught it repeatedly.

We are to love ourselves and know ourselves enough that we bring to pass a true repentance and through the atonement of Jesus Christ we are washed clean and caught up in God’s grace for the things that we do not understand as yet. None of us have all the answers but we can and must walk in the light that we have and testify of it, knowing that we look to God for all complete truths. The process of sharing and growing allows us to be perfected and continue into greater understanding of the core principles of the gospel which have meaning that goes to depths that we have not begun to understand as yet. (in my opinion)

If we did not teach until we had all the answers there would be no teaching at all upon the earth and that is contrary to life, growth, and existence. That means we might be wrong sometimes and that is okay. We need to be willing to forgive ourselves and others for that. Does this mean that we do not acknowledge it when we err or when others do? I do not believe so. Here again, is an example of Heavenly Father allowing us to grow our own spiritual muscles. I absolutely adore the gospel of Jesus Christ. I find therein life, eternal life, eternal truth, and eternal growth and joy. This is my testimony, in Jesus name, amen.

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