There are three things that keep us from seeking after eternal life. They “choke the word”, meaning the word of God, and we are not able to go after that which has eternal consequence.

Mark 4:19 “And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.”

I believe that these three items, cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things has at its root the ability to remove our capacity for gratitude. These distractions fill our senses and especially occupy our minds, if we allow them to, to the extent that the idea of desiring eternal life simply has no foundation or room to exist in our psyche.

This is not a small matter. We are at great risk and will be caught up short if we do not have our priorities in order when the Savior returns or when we are called home. Eternal life is greater than even the life of the body and it lasts a great deal longer as well.

We must each consider for ourselves if we are focused on eternal life or on the cares of this world. It begins by looking at the world in the manner that Heavenly Father does and the only way to understand this is to be well acquainted with the word of God and even more than this to be in it daily.

What we allow ourselves to focus on is what will be that which we cling to as we exit this life. We would do well if we were holding fast to the love of God rather than possessions, position, or relationship that has no tie into eternity if the love of God is not in the forefront.

All things pertaining to living as a mortal must be tended to or death will come about; yet as we were taught in the story of Mary and Martha, the Lord recognizes that there is a greater or higher understanding that mankind must have as they travel on this earth. That is the recognition of God and having a personal relationship with him. (I personally believe that Martha gets a very bad rap and reputation from this story.)

This story was not meant to reflect on her but on that fact that each of us must have our relationship with God be the utmost priority in our lives. Once we truly understand this all else in the world takes its proper place and everything to the smallest detail is important and significant.

Riches and authority in the world are sought then, to lift others and show them the way to understanding Heavenly Father’s love for them. The desires of the flesh are held in tight reign and in accordance with the commandments and boundaries that we understand are the will of God as we ponder his word.

Quantum physics gives me hope that some day man will understand just what he is risking. Immortality may be already ours but to live into eternity without the power to continue to evolve and grow and progress and increase (have children and posterity) is a sad thing to contemplate.

It is my prayer we will wake up and realize the gift that we are throwing back in the face of God. This is of course, possible because we have true freedom in Christ, we will not be forced.

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