This was too applicable and powerful not to share here…Pain/Freedom

I watch a site on facebook that supports vets and fights for there battle against suicide among their ranks. I empathize with the struggle but have been forced to ask myself if pain for the circumstances of this world…of which war is a part…is not a waste of energy, a vanity if you will, in light of the gospel of the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To fight for a cause beyond that of achieving freedom to choose eternal life may be one of the insidious traps of the adversary and a waste of so much valiant energy. I know this seems to counter the “Christian thought of kindness” but does it counter the teachings of Jesus Christ? Do you know your scriptures well enough to know if it does?

Here is what I posted:

I do not wish to demean what the vets have done or any suffering that
anyone is partaking in but I have something to say…cause I am in this battle every single day and have been since before I was born……………………………………..

Hey Vets, What Would You Have Us Do?

Okay, you went to battle.
Do you think that is the only place there is one?
Do you think that as mothers we cannot see our children being sucked up into addictions and false teachings, pulled from the mothers womb, and raped of their innocence and then sent back into the home to destroy the self esteem and faith that has preserved this family and country for so long?
Do you think we cannot see the life blood and spirit of our children running through the streets like a flood?

You cry, you quake, like the refugee from Laos who cried and suffered for the 12 year old daughter he left in the jungles back home, locked in PTSD and non-performance and anger leaving spouses and loved ones to do triple their duty…

The war for freedom continues at home and abroad and it is not easily won or obtained and it is flighty meaning it can be surrendered or taken when one becomes apathetic or self-absorbed.

There is pain everywhere.
It is not reclusive to the veteran or the black man
Or the widow
Or the fatherless
Or the victim of crime
Or the child of abuse or neglect
It is a universal commodity and until humanity recognizes this and starts to address pain for what it is, he will suffer
Pain is a circumstance of life meant in the universe of all that is good to unite us as caring and compassionate human beings under the head of Jesus Christ

It is to keep us alert and on task…but we as part of the human race do not want to accept our responsibility to be alive, to be free, and to be a defender of truth and righteousness.

Long has the Lord called out and cried out and pleaded for us to turn to him.
We would rather turn to drugs, sex, shopping, movies, someone else’s opinion, anywhere but to him…

Christ is the answer and under his direction by the power of the Holy Ghost we need to get to work and do what we need to to have freedom and maintain it. It starts with me, it starts with you, and it starts now.
Humbly submitted in the name of Jesus Christ.

And here is where I recorded it on my blog talk radio  program “Courage To Be God’s Daughter”. #BlogTalkRadio Pain/Freedom

I do not say these things lightly or without respect for the challenges of this life. I do say them to honor the covenants that I have made with my Heavenly Father.

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