Satan will tempt you with the lusts of the body to keep you from the work you were called to do, which is to testify of Jesus Christ and of God’s love for mankind. Whether those temptations are physically acted on or just allowed to set up housekeeping in the corridors of your mind, it is dangerous, wrong, a sin, and offensive to God.

Those are the words I had to write down once I got my lazy bum out of bed today. I had woken up a bit earlier and, though I knew this day was to be dedicated to writing, I chose to let myself fall back asleep. It was in those moments before waking that the dream came. It was lustful and hit me in a weak spot. I was tempted to allow it to linger, especially since it was “only a dream” and “what real harm can that do” whispers the adversary, “you are not really accountable, it is a dream after all”. NO, not true, my thoughts and that which I allow to enter my consciousness at whatever level of “awakeness” are my responsibility. So I resorted to the ultimate defense, “In the name of Jesus Christ, Satan, get thee behind me” Actually, I only said, “get thee behind me” so I had to say it several times before I got myself awake enough and said it correctly and put the action with it and got out of bed. What we think will impact the presence of the Holy Ghost. I said a prayer and asked forgiveness and committed myself to my writing today.

The adversary knows what will get you. Have no illusions about that. Freedom may be maintained only by being accountable and diligent in your pursuit of it. Freedom from sin is the ultimate goal and while you may not stop things from crossing your mind you can choose to reject it and call on the light of Christ to encircle you with his power and strength. There are angels waiting to assist but we must show Heavenly Father that we desire to put him first with all our might, mind, and strength.

(see Ephesians 6 for information on the Armor of God)

1 Comment on “Everything Begins With Our Thoughts And We Will Be Held Accountable For Them

  1. PS This is not a usual occurrence for me…lol…the adversary knew I was having trouble getting motivated to write again because of the tenderness/sacredness of the topics that I want to discuss. (They are Men and Family, My Family) He will strike when we are vulnerable. We want to be aware of ourselves and honest enough with ourselves so that we are able to identify these times and be on the look out for the temptation, because it will come. Another thing that has occurred the past couple of days is that I have found that two+ of my family members are no longer within easy contact on the internet and that makes me sad and tempts me to a place of depression and “what’s the use”. I cannot yield to that temptation. I must remember that this is his work and that all these other things are just ploys of the adversary to break down the work of Heavenly Father. I do not have to succumb to this and I definitely choose not to.
    May God bless us all in our divine efforts this day.


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