The Privileged Will Tend To Be More Selfish and Consider It Their Due

That is why is is so imperative that we recognize our total dependence on God and that all else is circumstantial.

This is a curious study to me…

He states altruism leads to greater freedom but we tend to push this attitude away the more we prosper…so say the scriptures as well…when we prosper we think we did it…and really it is God allowing circumstances that will test us…that is my take on it anyway…what do you think?

(Please note that I do not, in general, support the political views of…)

About Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

There was a time when I thought that I spoke out from a minute corner of the world. Speaking about the shadows and darkness I found myself in. Then there was a time when I thought that I shouted with the fury of a mother pleading for help to protect her babes. There came a time of introspection and circumstance that had me realizing that I must reach out for myself...if I was to help those I felt I had been sent here to guide...meaning my children, or so I thought. The time has now come where I understand that I speak literally for all creation in all time and all dimensions and all thoughts, past present and future. This would apply to earth and its substance but in no way would be limited to this planet or even this galaxy. What I have to share is for all creation. ALL, THE WHOLE OF CREATION, IN ITS ENTIRE CIRCUMFERENCE OUT FROM GOD AND BACK ROUND TO HIM AND BEYOND!
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