Someone sent me a tweet that said “I look forward to reading your tweets!”. When I wrote a thank you back she had dropped me. It kind of rattled me. Chuckle, I guess it should not bother me, I want people to be free to do as they will. These are some of the thoughts I had as I reflected on the situation, just claiming my own voice and identity, if you will…

I know that people turn me off because I profess Jesus Christ and then there are those who turn me off because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.And I really feel bad about that, especially for the true seekers of enlightenment, God, and a united world people. Christ is the only way to God, period.
Meditation and other spiritual practices can help you heal your psyche and your relationship with world experiences perhaps but only Christ has the power to reunite you to your Heavenly Father for continued development and evolution of your eternal self. I make no apologies for that statement.
Second, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the organization that Jesus Christ, himself, has established so that those who desire to join in our Father’s work will be gathered and instructed so that his people will be prepared for when he returns. This church has all the components of the Kingdom of God and the principles of freedom contained therein and is preserved by the hand of God himself. This is my witness by the power of the Holy Ghost and 30 plus years of study and struggle within its walls as an adult convert. Heavenly Father will have a united and purified people and in that there must be a foundation and structure and I believe, with no apologies, this is it.

I also believe that there are many roads to Jesus Christ and that Heavenly Father has planted valiant and faithful people in every hill and climb so that all might have an opportunity to feel of their witness and choose for themselves, but any road that claims to lead to a true close relationship with God, the Father, without Jesus Christ is false and any positive benefits from that pursuit will end with mortal life. I am looking for freedom and eternal life through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Let us continue the work! 🙂

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