Freedom is what you feel when you are in line with the laws…all the laws, not man’s laws (I do not know if there is anyone who could be in line with all of  those, there are so many and they are so bizarre and “warp-able”) but this is not so with the laws of God…and this is the law that I am referring to. True, it is impossible to keep all the laws of God, because of our human weaknesses…if you take out Christ and the atonement and repentance…this is what our “new age” spirituality is doing…it says that Christ does not have to be in place for all things to come together and for you to have a great life and peace and get to God…this is a false teaching…NDE (near death experiences) and other paranormal activities, which I believe have a lot of probability and can teach man a lot, seem to give credence to their assumptions. I believe that this is very dangerous, however, because while God may wish someone to feel of his love and not feel over-whelmed by their actions that were not in line with eternal laws, it is important to remember that a person will only be shown what he is able to receive and God knows what that is. That includes he knows what they are able to understand that may be “new”.

We cannot omit Christ out of the picture because he is the plug or conductor that allows us to tap into the power of God once again. We have all broken that connection. We have believed at some time or another that we are responsible for our being or our options when, in fact, we are responsible only for choosing one course or another…all else is in God’s hands. Putting ourselves in line with receiving greater blessings is important and doable but even at that, any benefits or gains are for enjoyment are only in this moment in time which ends so quickly, if we leave out Christ and do not yield our all to his service and God’s glory. Eternity is a long time to go without having accepted our own existence and reliance on the love of God that makes all possible.

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