Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Today Part Two

Pain is there, underlying all that I do, because ever since I have received the sure witness of God’s love for me he has also given me a love for all mankind…actually I had accepted that portion of his love as a child of neglect and abuse, deciding to love rather than hate…it was me that I did not allow to live or be loved and I have had to learn to do this. I believe that pain is the yang energy and love the yin wherein when the two come together in perfect form life “is”. In other words man cannot truly accept all that it means to “be” unless he is willing to accept both entities, literally an acceptance of, what I believe, is the substance of eternal life.

I also believe that love comes from God alone (…no,…I do not believe man is capable of producing love on his own…or anything else for that matter) and that, while pain is the result of the “fall of man” or the distancing of himself from Heavenly Father, it is only by his Spirit that we are able to withstand the impact of that pain (just as it is only by his Spirit that we are able to have true love in our beings…we are, in fact, a literal manifestation of his love and our acceptance of his love in the pre-existence). When we do not allow his Spirit to be with us (by choosing to embrace the pain alone and running from it through sin) we condemn ourselves to the overwhelming stress of the situation and deny the outlet we were given by divine decree. (This, I believe, is how we set up the soil wherein PTSD can flourish.)

A key to accepting this assistance that we so desperately need is FORGIVENESS of SELF and the other. I believe that God is everything and in our cognitive awareness the next entity must be self and it is the self that needs to be heard and observed and tended to before the other truly will receive the manifestation of God’s love that can come through us if/when we allow it. Thus the reason for loving others as ourselves and why it is critical. This is why we must take responsibility for loving ourselves and tending to our needs on the multitude of levels that is presented to man in this sphere/dimension. The scriptures testify of this repeatedly.

I had thought that this entry would be about my “issues” but definition on my understanding of the terms and concept was important first. And in seeking to define what suggests PTSD for me I have gotten clarification of recognizing my limitations. Boundaries where never easy or clear for me so this “awareness” has really come by learning to treat myself with the same courtesy and dignity that I treat others. What I am going to do now is to set out some of the “pain thresh holds” that manifest the boundaries that I believe that I must establish and support at this time to keep myself in a place where I can be in a state where I can honor myself and the God that gave me life. This is not the end all answer to anything, it is only where I am today.

Actually I believe that I will create a Part Three to this discussion so that it does not get too lengthy.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Today Part One

Post/after, traumatic/upsetting, stress/life, disorder/opposite of order….lol, my definitions…(PS… I am not a doctor or professional in any field, just a FYI)

I wonder if there is anyone who does not have post traumatic stress disorder? Is not birth about the most traumatic thing you can experience in this life? Going from an environment where all is well in every sense to a place where you are smacked, prodded, and poked; one that is filled with mixed messages?

Life is chaotic. If it is calm or static it is an illusion for everything is chaos is it not? I believe so. Quantum physics seems to show this is so. I believe that it is God and his precepts that bring order to the universe on all levels. This is not happenstance and this is not contrary to the concept of love but it is very contrary to man’s way of thinking in his “logical” or “scientific” concepts, in my opinion. The scriptures teach that God’s understanding is not that of man. They also teach that if one aligns oneself with the commandments and with truth, that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost will come and dwell with you. So that places the ball in our court does it not? Perhaps it is man’s view of chaos or our expectations of life that need adjustment.

Today I find myself in an environment where I understand where I am, what I am, and what my purpose is. I know who the enemy is and what he looks like. I know my resources, which includes knowing my strengths and my weaknesses. I am diligent, daily, in putting on the armor that protects that which is vulnerable and that which is sacred to me.

So why do I even suggest that I may have PTSD? Because I am alive, because I am mortal and because I come up against pain at times that is beyond my ability to know what to do about it. I have to admit that I hit this pain most often when I try to interact with other mortals. I believe that it is in conditions where you are “safe”, meaning you “feel safe” to “feel”, that symptoms of PTSD can be most felt. That is also why PTSD symptoms often come out with those who are closest to you and that you profess to “love”, which can be very confusing when the PTSD is expressed in anger. The anger comes forth because of the need to cover up the pain, fear, and confusion that lies beneath the anger.

Anger is not the emotion that I have to deal with very often any longer mainly because at my age and stage of life I have no one for whom I am truly responsible besides myself. I raised my children to be independent and they are grown and have lives of their own. Some of my grand children are with me for precious and rare moments that I try to give over to God to let the Holy Spirit teach, through me, what God would have them know, according to his knowledge of what they are willing to receive.

When I am tempted to turn to anger I give it up in prayer to God and put the name of the person (s) on the prayer roll as I seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel to know what I can learn (and teach) from the situation. You might say I have come to terms with the fact that there is little that I can do or must do to make life easier for others, meaning I can offer what I have and then I must let go and give them over to God. This is a huge part of my faith, though I must admit that it can feel like it will nearly kill me at times as I see my children (or others) making decisions that I feel “trap” them in places that they do not have to be but I have an understanding, by the witness of the Holy Ghost, that there are some pains and discomforts that I cannot take away from them without going contrary to the plan of salvation. This is part of allowing them their agency.

During a time when I realized that I had accepted life, its challenges, and God’s will in my life, I was hit with a form of PTSD manifested by panic attacks, where I finally ended up going to the hospital thinking my life was at risk.  When we can see such experiences from the light of the gospel it can bring understanding and the ability to walk a bit stronger. It was two thousand dollars for an emergency room visit, research into herbal aids, and a witness from the Holy Ghost that my “panic” symptoms came from the fact that I was in a “safe place” (this has not been my norm throughout life) that strengthened me. I was also led to a simple workout program that showed me that I had endurance power that I had no idea I had.

That physical witness of my ability to endure came at a time when my emotional state would be maxed as it was revealed that someone close to me was struggling with suicidal tendencies and has been for some time. I also discovered that fragile ties were soon cut and my hands tied and the gag put over my mouth so I could speak to him. Now I wait for that call that says this person gave up and lost the battle. This truly has pushed me to a new “endurance thresh hold”. Now I place this person in God’s care and will love him come what may. I will not give up on this person or on me, even though others may not see it that way.

With the knowledge that I have of the gospel plan and the ordinances that must be performed in this life for the hope of family ties, I also have the awareness of how fragile is my relationship with my family. The gospel is so real to me that I have the witness in my heart that as I interact with people, I am interacting more with their ghosts than I am with them. This is because I am able to tell when they have not grounded themselves in the gospel light and have shut themselves off from that which will give them their families which they claim to love and the ability to grow and communicate with each other, not to mention themselves. I truly believe that it is only through God that these abilities will continue beyond death of the mortal body. I have to remind myself that Heavenly Father will not let them go and will bless them to the extent they are willing to receive. No wonder the scriptures say “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the light of the gospel” (or something like that). I believe that it is only logical to realize the opposite may be the feeling of the heart if they do not walk in that light and safety. This is a very deep doctrine not openly recognized but something that I believe we are able to comprehend and need to understand. This is also where meekness and long-suffering must be exercised. It is a true principle and part of Heavenly Father’s plan.

I have a sense of what it may be like to go to different kingdoms in heaven and visit with those who do not understand certain laws, because of the laws that I live by. For years I would sabotage and stump my own growth to stay on the level that those around me were at. I have had to learn that I cannot do that and be true to the purpose of my creation. It is important to realize that to give ones self up without first having ones self is to store resentment and encourage an emotional cancer that has the power to literally manifest itself in physical cancer as the very (cognitive and physical) essence that allows ones life turns on itself and destroys me as my “will” has instructed it to do. There is an extremely powerful truth in this principle that today’s medicine is just beginning to really give some credit to.

I have come to understand that ultimately what I want to do is be a manifestation of God’s love in the flesh, wherever I am. To do this I must first have myself and then give myself up willingly to his will, even as Christ did.


Meditation, Getting a New Start In An Old Practice

I started looking into returning to meditation a few months ago. I have taken cautionary steps to experiment with the digitally induced meditation experience that I have decided to proceed with. I want to share some of my thoughts and experiences as I begin this life changing practice once again.

One of the first things that I learned about meditation was that meditation can have a lot of sensations and a lot of experiential opportunities but that we do not want to get locked into any of these or they will distract us from the objective of “being one with God”. I would agree and I think that is a good statement for life as well, especially if one desires to live “free”. Life may be to God just as “non-existent” as meditation is to us in this sphere. Or maybe it could be said that meditation may be to man just as real as our “lives” are to God. They are to be observed but may not have really so much eternal value as far as the particulars but that the “value” comes in how we “view” them. (I am not denying the intrinsic value of the physical human form which I will explain below)

I do not wish to make light of “existence” because it is real and has its purpose but it may be different to the what man “normally” thinks it to be. I firmly believe in the doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ which states that we will be resurrected with a perfected body of flesh and blood. We have heretofore done a lot of work to be worthy of this blessing, mainly in the pre-existence. Everyone born here (perhaps even conceived here) will have an immortal, perfected body. Now is the time to line up and master our emotions, bodily appetites, and psyches’ so that we might be able to use these beautiful flesh and bone bodies for further good, including continued posterity (children), into the eternities.

Like anything else we will all gain expertise to different levels and specifications. Thus the need of different levels or kingdoms, even in heaven. All save those who truly hate their own flesh and fight against the Holy Ghost and his ability to lead others to the light, with full knowledge that this is what they are doing, will be resurrected to a state of glory.

So what am I doing with meditation? Many of us understand meditation to be the removing ourselves from the human or body experience; to detach and become one with God and the cosmos. Well, I believe that meditation may have the capacity to allow me to pull in the reigns on my emotions (which, indeed it did to a great degree some ten or fifteen years ago) as well as my cognitive or psyche existence. I believe that the DNA in our cells remembers trauma from our ancestors and that we have the opportunity to resolve those issues for them as well, if we are not overcome by fear and understand that some things “simply” must go through the physical plane.

I mean that the hurt, sorrow, or terror (to name a few of the emotions that come to mind) of the experience must be allowed to flow through the body and be released. Often when life deals us a hard blow we are not in a position to acknowledge our own feelings, our own existence if you will (think of the young child who may be taught not to show or express emotion even with the treat of physical or emotional attack or neglect). There have been times in my recovery process that I have broken down in sobs that causes my body to shake. These waves of emotion do not last long though, only 15 to 45 seconds tops and I am fine. It is something I have come to understand is from a past experience and that something current has triggered a physiological memory of and my “person” is now in such a place of security that it can freely release the sorrow or emotion that these experiences brought in their wake.

I have done a lot of work with affirmations and use of catchy phrases and quotes that have reprogrammed my sub-conscious, re-trained my self talk, and removed many old and unhealthy “tapes”. I feel that the Holy Spirit has guided me to this place where I can look at meditation again and go even further in the healing of my psychological state due to my earthly experiences, as well as possibly heal some from those whose bloodline and genes I share that were not able to heal while they were on earth, a “by proxy” experience if you will, not unlike that which we do in baptisms for those who have gone before us in the temples of our God.

This week I will be beginning the deep meditation. I have been doing lighter meditations for four to six weeks now and have had the manifestations of different sorts. I will make a list of them here, which may not be all-inclusive but will you an idea of the possibilities of what can happen. Part of why I am sharing this so candidly is because I do four to five blog talk radio shows per week, which in four I bear my testimony strongly (the only reason I do not do so in the 5th is because it is in Spanish and my fluency is limited there) and I feel that it is only fair to my audience that I relate my current therapeutic process. I do not wish to proclaim some “greater than thou” capacity but rather to exhibit that the process of life and rebirth is just a process that we each may choose to partake in or not. It is not glamorous, but it does result in powerful and beautiful self-awareness and a consciousness of our relationship to the children of men and all of God’s creations, and a witness of a loving Heavenly Father and companion in the Holy Ghost, as well as a witness of the gift of the atonement from our Savior, Jesus Christ. (note that this is the re-birthing process that is holistic that Christ spoke of and not the experience of all who meditate or seek healing)

Here is the list of my meditation experiences of late:

  • greater awareness, sometimes colors are more vibrant and catch my eyes, sometimes it is motion…I remember stopping at the park bench with the intent to read for a few minutes and I simply had to observe the scenery around me…the waves of the grass as the wind blew upon it, the feeling of the breeze on my cheek, the sounds of the children in the pool, etc…
  • feeling intoxicated, just a good buzz on, you know, no worries, all is right with the world (it should be noted that I have observed myself going into that place where all is wrong with the world and I am “guilty” of who knows what and so forth, as well, but these are reflections of old tapes and I do not get locked in them because I know they are not me…I just observe and let them pass…and they often do in short order, especially once I acknowledge them they seem to evaporate and I am no longer caught in that emotional web)
  • feeling like I am moving and thinking in slow motion,this is part of that intoxicated buzz on and is part of what challenges me most when I think of doing my shows while doing this healing…I want to present myself as someone you can trust…though if I were to present myself as anything other than wounded and flawed I would be false, would I not…besides, trust God and the witness of the Holy Ghost…NOT ME 🙂 that does not mean that my voice need be null and void any more than anyone else’s
  • feeling like my brain is recalibrating, it is being exercised through the meditation and is literally allowed to create new brain cells and will eventually be able to join the right and left brain–according to the literature for the program anyway–so this may be an ongoing process…it is not scary or “off” other than it is something that I am not so used to observing
  • using wrong tenses for words in speech and in reading or needing to re-read a phrase more often than in the past…I believe this is coming from the recalibrating sense that I am experiencing…so far I always plateau stronger than I had been before…I will be keeping a strong eye on this also
  • feeling very sensual, nearly in a state of sexual stimulation that is not isolated to the typical sexual parts but is extended out even into my aura, it is a very “alive” feeling that has with it a sense of being one with absolutely everything
  • a sense of not being “bound” to the emotions that come from being with other people, be they family or associates, yet having a witness of their importance as well as my need to be “present” with them and attentive to their expressions and what they have to share with me or what they may need from me (this is with a greater intensity than I had before beginning the meditation…as I was cognitively aware of these things before and so able to be “aware” of where they are that it could weigh heavy on me…that heaviness seems lighter, meaning I do not feel that I must be responsible for them or alter all their challenges) (some of this may be coming from my recent engrossed interest in NDE, near death experiences…I found a site where thousands are recorded and I review about 5 every day….here the message seems clear that life is to be lived and it is between God and the individual, even their challenges…I had some understanding of this before as I have personally given birth to 6 individuals and know that I cannot take away all of their sorrows and challenges, even though I may “wrongly” desire to)

And so my journey continues. I will be commenting on PTSD and my experience with it currently in my next blog entry. Acknowledging where we are today is a basic component of freedom and from that platform we may make choices that lead us to greater health and stability or to further bondage. As always, the choice is ours. Namaste (=the divine within me greets the divine within you) God bless.


Meditation of Yesteryear and Re-entering Today, Freedom =Cautiousness, but No Fear

It was 15 years ago now that I first delved in depth into meditation (intense practice for three years). I pulled away from it to get grounded in my personal faith as I felt guided to by the Holy Ghost. I find myself drawn into it again as I deal with PTSD symptoms and seek to heal my psychic/cognitive, and emotional energies. I am in a program that takes one into the deep meditation by digital influence. I want to record this journey in fairness to those who may read or listen to my other recordings and perceptions. It is with cautious excitement, ever alertness, and constant prayer that I proceed.

There were several things that I gained in my study/practice from years past that stayed with me. Incorporating yoga with the journey, I learned to be aware of my limitations and to see that while I may not be able to surpass them by leaps and bounds that I could “stretch” myself a little bit and progress in the direction I chose to go. Meditation itself helped me to become aware of the mind thoughts and the one who watched them, the observer, known in some circles as “the witness”. I think of this observer as my eternal spirit that can remain outside of my emotions and even the often twisting and turning chaos of the cognitive mind. While it has not always able to keep me from making choices that were not in my best interest, it was able to allow me to see what I was doing and not create such an emotional attachment that I would be glued to the circumstance or situation but that I could (sometimes with a virtual chisel and hammer) break through the resistance that I had to better choices and ultimately get myself on a path that I really wanted to be on.

Because of this and many other blessings, strugglings, prayers, and teachings I have been able to make major changes in my behavior and set my ship in a direction of my own choosing (which is accordance with my witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ) rather than being pulled by other individuals or my own weaknesses and shortcomings/addictions. As I focused on my faith and lined my life (in thought and action) up with my beliefs I have been able to overcome abusive thinking patterns that set me up to fail regularly. I used affirmations to retrain my subconscious mind and lift me to a place where I was able to feel that I could accept the love that Heavenly Father offers me. (at least at a cognitive level…it is my fear that I may not be able to do so at a subconscious level that leads me to return to the meditation and continue my healing on a much deeper level)

Part of the study of yoga and meditation included living by a moral code of conduct and I had some deep rooted sinful (non-virtuous) patterns that I was using to deal with personal pain in my life that needed to be removed before I could find peace of mind. There were also some incredible truths that I needed to learn for myself and for my posterity. I have written of many of these in my series “Portrait of a Harlot/Saint”. (see

One other thing that came out of those years of practice was the understanding of what slow and steady breathing can do to calm the nerves and give one the moments necessary to make better decisions. This breathing practice has also helped me to not present myself as flustered when I face a situation that may be uncomfortable or even dangerous to me. (more about these moments in future entries)

All of these things have served me well these past 15 years as I have really hit the glacier of my mortal existence and I have been able to whittle through it and find the core issues and make cognitive choices to put me on the path I want to take and establish throughout the rest of my life and into eternity. One thing I have been made acutely aware of is the level of PTSD that I have from my earthly existence and that the healing and awareness has not removed the raw nerves that I have when people come close to me but has in fact gotten more raw, though the Holy Ghost helps me bear the pain. I know that it will take healthy interaction with human beings this side of the veil (before death) to help me over these things. This witness comes from the teachings about ordinances that are necessary in the flesh as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. (I do not speak for the church in any way, I am only a member and testify according to my own understanding…if I am wrong I take accountability and responsibility for this alone.)

A few months ago I heard about a program that could digitally take you into deep meditation without the years of practice and that it would develop the brain and make both sides more balanced and I believe that I am being guided to use this tool to heal the psychic and emotional, as well as the physiological parts of myself and beyond.

I want to share that journey with you. It is exciting and frightening and because of my history I need this outlet to stabilize myself. I also feel a responsibility to my children and my readers and listeners of my online ministry. It is only fair that they are able to see that I am so truly mortal as they are. I do what I do to give glory to God, not to myself, and this is part of that resolution and belief. When I am in the teaching/witnessing mode the Holy Ghost is able to be with me. I am not going to share the name of the program I am using just yet because I do not want to encourage something that I am not completely confident in yet. I will need to walk the path for a while first and make sure that I am able to sustain my grounding in Jesus Christ with no question because that is the truth that I am dedicated to no matter what.

The makers of this meditation program are not inclined to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are more “new age” or of an eastern persuasion and I do not want to send someone into that philosophy cart blanch because I have a great respect for my readers and for the philosophies of the world and I believe some can be very dangerous to our eternal progression. Please understand that I have a firm witness that Jesus Christ is the only way that we can truly have eternal life and return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. At the same time he does tell us that all that the world offers is ours for using as good stewards with temperance and soberness. I will follow as the Holy Spirit directs and listen for halt or caution signals but I will not “throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak just because their core belief system is different from mine. In my next entry I will express some of my observations as I have entered this therapeutic opportunity.

Freedom Means You Are Vulnerable/With Armor :)

Vulnerable/With Armor; this means that you know who you are and what your weaknesses are or at least that you honor as much as you do know. No one likes to admit that they are vulnerable, that they can be hurt in any way. It is a true component of freedom though. It requires observation, honesty, and a safety net. That is why the gospel is so needed in our lives.

We are all vulnerable and limited in our ability to cope with nature, be it weather or human. The Holy Ghost does so much to keep us in a “safe” environment if we will listen to him. Angels are able to assist us, especially as we live close to the teachings of Jesus Christ. And when we do fail we have the witness that Jesus Christ will be our advocate before Heavenly Father.

We are fabulous creatures, created in the image of God. Currently we are limited in that which we are able to see and understand. Here again the Holy Ghost will guide us. Here is where knowing the word of God through the scriptures allows one to stay on a reasonable forward course. As we move forward and repent, as our understanding expands, we will be taught greater things by the Spirit.

The armor is found in Ephesians 6:11-18. “…Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always…”

It is in this attitude that I add three new categories to my blog, Meditation, PTSD, and Men. These areas will make me more vulnerable and exposed to my readers. At the same time it will allow me to show how freedom thinking can allow us to grow. I pray that you will not use my circumstance to find fault and criticize, but rather to see where you are and how one must consciously and courageously push forward in working out our personal salvation for our benefit and truly for the benefit of all mankind.


Born into a world of abuse and neglect, where abound the traps of self pity, addiction, and self contempt. Through Christ I am healed. The era of the pit of “the carrot” and “the dole” has ended. I will be the leader I was put on earth to be.

50 words…that was what they asked for. Tell us your story and why you believe we have to build America. Hmm, my story in 50 words, an interesting exercise but this is it. “Enlightened” (see above), I am grateful for the challenge. It sums up my story and it is so much more than that for me. Because it is not just my story but the story of all mankind since the fall, in my opinion. We may not wish to see it, but the scriptures testify of it. Sin has been alive and well in this sphere since Adam and Eve left the presence of God. Along with sin comes addictions and entrapment(s) that suggest we can get something for nothing and that just is not so.

It does not have to stay that way though. The way has been provided and we must do our part by looking in faith to Jesus Christ. We can choose life and accountability and responsibility and the beautiful process of creation and growth or we can choose to be in bondage and stifled and gagged, lulled into believing that this is life, and doomed to live the life of the living dead. We have a choice.

Only I can accept my own existence and it comes by obeying the words of God that are found in the scriptures and in the voices of those who listen to the Holy Ghost and live by his guidance. Yes, God’s will is to be found in the instruction and clashes that we have with humanity but we must develop the ear to hear it. As we come closer to Christ and follow his teachings we must also accept the fact that Christ comes and dwells with us. We must be willing to trust that we are being guided by his light as long as we are doing all that we can to live by the light that we have been given through his gospel by the power of the Holy Ghost.

This will come about as we are willing to give up those little sins that we hold onto and say “I am only human after all”. I declare that we are much more than this. We are children of God and he will come and dwell with us and we will be his and he will be ours if we believe in him and in his belief in us and live according to the commandments as did Christ. It is obedience to the principles of the gospel that gives us access to the power in God’s love, not merely to be here, going through these tests, but to literally perform the miracles that we were sent here to do by his power as we recognize that he is our all and everything.

There is nothing like it! Seriously, it is dangerous, chilling, exciting, and yes, even titillating to get into the path of his power and know the “rush” of the knowledge that the Holy Ghost will reveal as we put ourselves into line with this beautiful communicator of the Godhead. It makes life come alive and be dynamic and ever changing and, well, it makes it Christmas everyday for me. I never know what gift and surprise will be waiting for me but I know I can count on there being one.

How can one not be excited when you live in the toy store and candy shop and you have God as your Father and guide? Even the horrors of this life take on new meaning and teach lessons that only taking you further into the light as you look to God with the innocence of the child knowing that he loves you and only seeks your good.

I am glad that this article is going up on Father’s Day. Families are given to us to show us the potential we have in our relationship with him and with one another. I am so grateful to know that I am a child of God. I am grateful for earthly parents with weaknesses and strengths and I pray that the Holy Spirit will take my gratitude and affection for them from my heart to theirs wherever they may be. (My father has passed from this physical life, as has my step mother, and my biological mother has been estranged from many years and while I believe I know where she may be now it is understandable that she would not contact me given my boldness in living by my faith. I sent her a note thanking her for giving me life though…maybe I will attempt to contact her once again once I get my voice solidly established, hopefully in a way that she understands she has nothing to fear from me. My grown children and ex-spouses, likewise keep their distance and that is okay for now. I hope the next volume in my Portrait of a Harlot/Saint series shows them they have nothing to fear and that they come to accept this beautiful experience of eternal life in God’s presence because it is beautiful. In the meantime I am going to “fly” and partake of the beauty that God wants to bless us with as we turn to him with all that we are and offer every ounce of it to him for his work and his glory.)

As we do this we must be willing to practice humility and meekness. Not everyone has access to this understanding and you cannot “crush” their “false world” too fast, we all need the Holy Ghost to help us do this, it is the process of being born again. They will not know how to interact with you, they may be afraid of you, they may be jealous of you or think you are trying to “one up” them or put them down somehow. It is important to reach out to Heavenly Father and ask for help in understanding how you can be a light in their world without allowing them to “snuff you out” or chase you away, especially from gathering together at church as we are commanded to do.

He will show us how to do this. I believe this and I believe that you will be blessed as you condescend as Jesus Christ did and subject yourself to God’s will instead of “standing up for your rights”. That does not mean being a doormat, it means asking Father’s assistance so that what you have to share with them comes from a place of love, from a place of God’s love. You see, this is part of the real secret, the real truth…because it is only God that exists right now…you and I are only potential…based on our willingness to yield to the will of God. 😉

Clarification on Where I Stand

Someone sent me a tweet that said “I look forward to reading your tweets!”. When I wrote a thank you back she had dropped me. It kind of rattled me. Chuckle, I guess it should not bother me, I want people to be free to do as they will. These are some of the thoughts I had as I reflected on the situation, just claiming my own voice and identity, if you will…

I know that people turn me off because I profess Jesus Christ and then there are those who turn me off because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.And I really feel bad about that, especially for the true seekers of enlightenment, God, and a united world people. Christ is the only way to God, period.
Meditation and other spiritual practices can help you heal your psyche and your relationship with world experiences perhaps but only Christ has the power to reunite you to your Heavenly Father for continued development and evolution of your eternal self. I make no apologies for that statement.
Second, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the organization that Jesus Christ, himself, has established so that those who desire to join in our Father’s work will be gathered and instructed so that his people will be prepared for when he returns. This church has all the components of the Kingdom of God and the principles of freedom contained therein and is preserved by the hand of God himself. This is my witness by the power of the Holy Ghost and 30 plus years of study and struggle within its walls as an adult convert. Heavenly Father will have a united and purified people and in that there must be a foundation and structure and I believe, with no apologies, this is it.

I also believe that there are many roads to Jesus Christ and that Heavenly Father has planted valiant and faithful people in every hill and climb so that all might have an opportunity to feel of their witness and choose for themselves, but any road that claims to lead to a true close relationship with God, the Father, without Jesus Christ is false and any positive benefits from that pursuit will end with mortal life. I am looking for freedom and eternal life through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Let us continue the work! 🙂

Freedom Comes With Giving The Reins To Christ

Freedom is what you feel when you are in line with the laws…all the laws, not man’s laws (I do not know if there is anyone who could be in line with all of  those, there are so many and they are so bizarre and “warp-able”) but this is not so with the laws of God…and this is the law that I am referring to. True, it is impossible to keep all the laws of God, because of our human weaknesses…if you take out Christ and the atonement and repentance…this is what our “new age” spirituality is doing…it says that Christ does not have to be in place for all things to come together and for you to have a great life and peace and get to God…this is a false teaching…NDE (near death experiences) and other paranormal activities, which I believe have a lot of probability and can teach man a lot, seem to give credence to their assumptions. I believe that this is very dangerous, however, because while God may wish someone to feel of his love and not feel over-whelmed by their actions that were not in line with eternal laws, it is important to remember that a person will only be shown what he is able to receive and God knows what that is. That includes he knows what they are able to understand that may be “new”.

We cannot omit Christ out of the picture because he is the plug or conductor that allows us to tap into the power of God once again. We have all broken that connection. We have believed at some time or another that we are responsible for our being or our options when, in fact, we are responsible only for choosing one course or another…all else is in God’s hands. Putting ourselves in line with receiving greater blessings is important and doable but even at that, any benefits or gains are for enjoyment are only in this moment in time which ends so quickly, if we leave out Christ and do not yield our all to his service and God’s glory. Eternity is a long time to go without having accepted our own existence and reliance on the love of God that makes all possible.

Freedom Means Knowing You Will Be Misjudged And You Have To “Chill”

If you are going to be free you are going to need to think for yourself and this is not something that is accepted in society. Even the “outliers” tend to have a group that they interact within and if you are going to be free you need to be autonomous or self sustaining. You need to understand that you will be misjudged, envied, and talked about. You also will be emulated (1. a : to strive to equal or excel. b : imitate…Merriam-Webster) or copied because your living your beliefs will inspire others to live theirs. Of course, they will claim that they did it all on their own but you will know in time that people gain their own personal freedom and motivation by knowing you, even if they do not know you very well.

You might even make enemies because of being misjudged and to this you want to respond with meekness and see them as “children” who do not have their eyes open yet. Until we become a society that honors freedom and lives it, this will be the situation. Perhaps it will not come but I suspect that before the Lord returns that there will be many around the world that are willing to reach out to Heavenly Father and unite with him in full fellowship and prepare for the coming of Christ just as a bride prepares for the bridegroom and looks with anticipation to being with him and doing that which is pleasing to him and helps him in his work. I believe that this is the attitude that we need to have as we prepare for his return.

The Lord was misunderstood by many and criticized by countless more…can we really expect anything less? The answer is in the beatitudes though, we want to see how we can be there for others without losing ourselves in the process.

Check out Ephesians 5:22-32.

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.
So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

“…Freedom is everybody’s job…”

I had to put this up today:

Red Skelton 1969 on the Pledge of Allegiance

I grew up in school saying this pledge daily. I am so grateful for this because it helped me establish and focus on all that I hold dear today. I respect and honor every word of this pledge and know that it must be upheld under God if this country is to stand.


Organizaional Religion Should Not Take Your Personal Values Away

I re-read a statement in a book on leadership that I read a couple months ago. “When someone joins an organization, that organization’s values eventually take precedence over the individuals values.” I believe that this is why people are so afraid of organized religion and it is not found in the gospel of Jesus Christ…it may be found in the culture of the church for sure but it is not found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I can understand why organized religion would be so threatening to people. This is why it is so important to study the doctrine and teachings of the church to understand what the correct principles are that are taught. And it is important to understand that you are there for a relationship to God first, yourself second, and other people second.

A true religion would invite you to find out what your true values are. That is different, hugely different than having your values modified by the organization. And this is what the gospel of Jesus Christ does and why it gives you freedom because it takes you to a place where those things that cannot be seen with human eyes can be seen with spiritual eyes and lets you see the truth and it is the truth that sets you free! 🙂

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