Hi there, and a Universal Reading 2 Dec – 9 Dec 2018

2 December 2018
As a human being I am pretty well shot.
There is really no emotional cushion or padding to buffer my negotiations through the world.
It is my faith alone that gives me the ability to continue here among humanity.
Perhaps it always was.
I am a loner.
I do not mind that.
I like my own company.
I have a gift , and I do consider it a gift, of loving others and feeling of their potential and true selves.
I thought about changing the rating on my page.
I have no other intention than to give the world another perspective and if I swear while doing so, that is not going to offend me.
Words are only symbols and if that is the form of expression that needs to be released then so be it.
This has been a powerful year for me.
A lot of extremes and something that I know I have been preparing for throughout my life.
I will think back on the year 2018 as the year the world, and everything in it, died for me.
I do not speak English any longer, so be careful what you make of that statement.
It seems I cannot be in a group of people, or even one on one, and communicate.
We have no common ground, even though we may use the same symbols and language.
It takes listening with one’s heart and eyes and ears to the Spirit to communicate truly.
Most have no desire to take the time for such “Nonsense”.
Do this page will be my platform for my testimony and my work.
I heard it said once that work is love in action and I like to think of what I do in that way.
I did finish a book this year.
Saving Christ; It’s in the Cards
I even sent a book proposal to a publisher, but my journey sucked the heart of me right out from under me and I had no emotional strength left to promote it.
Nonetheless, I will continue as long as I have breath left in this shell.
I hope to complete another by Christmas.
I am not concerned overly about the editing and that may offend some.
I know it is not in my best interest as a marketer of my own goods.
But that is not my objective; the making of a buck that evaporates and needs to be replenished.
My objective is to save a life.
One life.
A life of which we all are a part and to which we all owe all our existence and our devotion.
My faith fits in no singular religion and has components of most of the major religions of which I am aware.
I study continually.
It has become a lifestyle for me.
There is no show I watch or conversation I have or walk I take that does not teach me of eternal principles and the perceptions of humanity and God.
I have another story that must be told of how I got to this place on the other side of the world.
Really the focus will be why, in hindsight, I believe I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as Mormons) at 27 years of age and why at 62 I have no place there.
To these things do I commit my life.
As a mother of six live births and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I do not take on this lifestyle without some uncomfortableness.
I have great compassion and empathy for their circumstances and, while the world would offer me many roads that appear to be of more help to them, I cannot in good conscience veer from the path that I believe the Holy Spirit prepared me for and leads me on.
Like others who have chosen to serve the whole rather than individuals I have no doubt that plenty of derogatory attitudes and statements will come my way.
But as long as the angels sustain me and I have worth here in this shell, I will be about My Father’s Work and will rely on His sustaining Hand.
My gifts are primarily in the kinesthetic and cognoscente realm, with occasional audio that frightened me.
So I am not a seeker of signs and my philosophies and understandings come with a lot of prayer and pondering.
I have learned to trust the witness of the Holy Spirit as my guiding light.
To me sight alone is illusive, whereas the feelings of spirit are true guides.
I am aware that my religious and personal history will be distasteful to some.
My language and my willingness to read Tarot cards, for instant, will turn off many others.
My goal is not to find a demographic I fit in, though I know very well that if I would define an audience I would have a better chance of getting my message out.
I believe it will either be churches or colleges.
Perhaps I would be more suited to the realm of what it looks like when somebody goes off the deep end or takes their faith too seriously.
You know, sort of an example of the “religiously insane”.
It matters not the labels, nor the duration of time I am given.
I know that I know what I know and that it serves you, me, and God to share it by whatever means I am able to.
Everything has already been resolved.
We just have to do our part to wake up to it and then share that witness with others so their path may be lightened and lighter.
I plan to prepare a routine weekly program that may be counted on now that I feel I have a bit more stability in my life emotionally.
I can only do my best and that is what I commit to.
Tsunami’s hit all of us if we live long enough and sometimes that is the norm.
I am talking about emotional tsunami’s.
The more I understand about life the more I believe that it is the norm.
(I do recognize that some of us have physical tsunami’s or horrific criminal tsunami’s. My personal journey has been more on the emotional side so it is to that I will primarily speak.)
I also believe that we have taken on the task voluntarily and that we have the tools, aids, and guides to see to our task.
The body and all of its trappings are the camouflage that we must get through to achieve our divine calling.
It is often referred to as the ego.
This word ego, like God, have some really strong meanings in the minds of those who hear them, but I would ask you to breath and make a space where the Spirit may teach you what I am trying to share, rather than jumping to conclusions and dismissing what I have to share.
There are subtleties that Spirit longs to share with us if we are only willing to give Him a chance.
May God’s will be done and we be able to weather the storm that will kick up as together we endeavor to gently waken the sleeping Christ.
Universal Reading
For the week of December 2 through December 9, 2018.
Archangel Power Tarot Cards by R. V.
Knight of Ariel
There is a lot of work to do, just deal with it.
The details will give us focus and will reveal the plan, each has their part.
We are watched over by the Holy Spirit with benevolence and confidence in our success.
19 The Sun
Life is wonderful!
We thrive through the power of our minds uniting.
We each have the power to inspire success in one another!
Look for, and be aware of
Eight of Ariel
Take pride in doing excellent work!
Perfect practice changes unrewarding habits.
There is always something new to learn.
Keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities!
King of Gabriel
Keep your eyes on the big picture.
See your experience with the eye of hindsight and magnify your understanding.
Let it inspire the motivation that comes from genuine concern for others.
Personal leadership is expected and wanted.
Do not be afraid of your own creativity or opinions of others.
They may well be looking to you.
20 New Beginnings
Starting a new life.
It begins with you and your choice of perspective.
A forgiving and compassionate review of personal and world past is required to move forward.
This is your moment.
You have been prepared (and preparing) for this very time.
We know there is work and we have a guide.
Take heart, there is joy and the valiant traveler walks in it.
Take pride in excellent skills of observation and assessment, being open to opportunities to grow as directed by your own inner voice.
Set your eyes on the big picture and do not be afraid to lead by directing your own life and thoughts.
You have been prepared for this very moment where the past no longer harms or holds you and possibilities are endless.

Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~

Universal Reading Wisdom of Avalon ‘Oracle’ 14 November 2018

I wanted to do a universal reading for the Christ Consciousness to see where we are and in hopes of giving comfort to a fearful world. This is who I am today, in my heart. May someone hear it who cares and is willing to look beyond the illusion.

5 Card Spread by Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter
1st Restating the Situation
This card questions our means of communication. Who have you felt prompted to contact?
(Curiously, my studies this day found me committing to one form of communication above all others. I posted my notes from my studies below the reading. It speaks of the ultimate attraction of The Father to The Son and how the Holy Instant reveals it and so much more.)

2nd Personal Ego
This card invites you to reach out in love. May I suggest to reach out in remembrance of the love of The Father for the Son? Which is present when you look in the mirror or anywhere else.

3rd United Christ Ego (Christ’s Consciousness, if you will)
This is a reminder that all things change. (In this place of Mystery and Illusion.) It is the unchangeable that we want to seek if we would stand on solid ground wherever we may be. This card suggests changes for the better. Thus, a good omen for the Whole, which how could it be otherwise, for God is in charge.

4th Messages from the Guides, Higher Self, Master’s, (for me it’s Jesus)
The Hawk
Messages to be delivered to aid us in our quest. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive what is being delivered. Perhaps in our quest for “The Age of Benevolence”, meaning kindness among those who make up The Body of Christ, which is all of us and has nothing to do with “accepting Jesus” in the traditional sense, but would include him in The Whole Body of Christ.
*Caveat here; I do accept the teaching of Jesus. I just no longer accept them in the same way they are traditionally taught. And I do see him as the first to walk here on earth and accept the love that The Father offers The Son. He is my Lord, my Brother, my Friend.

5th Messages from the Divine Whole or Ultimate Outcome
The Wind Faery
Our thoughts and words create our reality. This card also invites intellectual analysis. Where do our thoughts travel? Are they negative or in remembrance of the Love of God for His Son?
By the Holy Spirit we will be gently led back into full remembrance. This is something we can speed up by being an active participant in.
Choice is always present. How we view our situation or the situation of the neighbors, the country, or the world is always up to the individual. You are an important part of the whole. Do not deny or give that up.
Give thanks for being able to remember the Father’s Love for His Son and Forgive the Son for his confusion. We are heading into a beautiful place. God Speed and Blessings for us all!

URTEXT Study Notes *The notes preceded by an asterixis are mine, not from the text.

URTEXT pg 315
Beyond the poor attraction of the special love relationship (*This especially speaks to the romantic partner, but it includes all other relationships as well that we would feel has “special” meaning.), and ALWAYS obscured by it, is the powerful attraction of the Father for His Son. (*This refers to God, The Father and His Son, Christ, which together, with Jesus, we are.)

There is no OTHER love that can satisfy you, because there IS no other love. (*To deny this love is to block love in all of our relationships. Outside of this the EGO seeks special relationships for what it believes will bring personal gain.)

This is the ONLY love that is fully given, AND FULLY RETURNED.

Being complete, it asks nothing. Being wholly pure, everyone joined in it HAS everything.

It is impossible for the ego to enter into any relationship without anger,
for the ego believes that ANGER MAKES FRIENDS. This is NOT its statement, but it IS its purpose.

For the ego REALLY BELIEVES that it can get, and KEEP, by MAKING GUILTY. This is its ONE attraction.

An attraction so weak, that it would have no hold at all, except that NO ONE RECOGNIZES IT.

For the ego always SEEMS to attract through love, and has no attraction at all to anyone who perceives that IT ATTRACKS THROUGH GUILT. (*This gives me more understanding about the “clicks” and the feeling of not fitting in. What is going on is that if we are not willing to yield to the guilt format we will be excluded and shunned.)

The sick attraction of guilt MUST be recognized FOR WHAT IT IS.

For, having been made REAL to you, it is essential to look at it clearly,
and, by withdrawing your INVESTMENT in it, to LEARN TO LET IT GO.

No-one would choose to let go what he believes has value.

Yet the attraction of guilt has value to you ONLY because you have NOT looked at what it IS, and have judged it as valuable COMPLETELY in the dark.

As we bring it to light, your ONLY question will be why it was you EVER WANTED it.

You have NOTHING to lose by looking open-eyed at this, for ugliness such as this belongs not in your holy mind.

The host of God CAN have no REAL investment here.


God Bless


Love That Comes in Times of Trauma


One thing that I learned in my trek out west to see my birth mother is that I was the one who separated us. I would not give her an inch.

At ten or so, I had to keep my sanity stable within myself because I knew that no one out there was going to take care of me. Four hundred Volkswagen Beetles were counted that day in LA some fifty years ago.

I could not tell you a word she said but I know that she tried to talk to me for the length of the time it took me to count those cars. I did not dare listen. I was in survival mode.

I see this in the eyes of my grandchildren today as well. They know that I cannot step in and save them from their parents mistakes or what is going on behind closed doors with those who think it is okay to manipulate others for their own gratification. Big things or little, they know they are on their own.

This world is not one where we can unite. We need to understand that, accept it, and move into a new state of “being”.

Do you suppose the same mental protectors are in gear today? I learned to listen to my gut and my heart, an inner voice of survival, instead of in a place where community rules.

I was lucky. I have been a loner and though I “miss” others, I do not mind.

I do not fare well in civilized company because I do not choose to walk to a civilized, agreed upon tune. This is drawn up by the largest or wittiest dog in the pack and we all step in line or we are cast out.

At the death of my daughter her father’s side of the family were willing to forget all and let me be a part of their community. I could not do it, not even for the sake of a son, a daughter, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I knew who ran that ship and I would not bow to her interpretation of what I was. Sadly, I blew up and burned bridges at the funeral. That does not mean that I am not still an influence in all their lives and that they do not watch me, because they do.

Upon my return from the coast, my children (the ones who maintain contact) acted different toward me. They seemed kind, they seemed genuinely glad to have me here. This is not the norm. The “I love you” was sincere and not a formality. I had to hear it twice when I heard it.

A gesture of kindness, “let me get this for you” was given to me, as if I was a welcome visitor in their home. I was even paid compliments by someone who could not stand my company for twenty years.

I was not use to such behavior from them and I needed time to regroup from the challenge of being homeless and the diverse ways that humanity belittles and imprisons itself that I witnessed first hand on the coast.

I spent hours in the company of family as if I was a welcome guest and then I turned the tables. I expressed distress at a turn of events that, well, that just did not matter in the scope of things. I had even been told about the situation and okayed it before. Can you believe I wounded an animal, accidentally-but still, in the process? Good Grief!

I think this outburst may have occurred to allow me to distance myself from what was going on. An inclusion to the “family structure” that I was not willing to accept until I understood the terms of that inclusion.

While reflecting on why there was a shift in behavior on behalf of the others, I realize it may have something to do with the scales of justice that hang in the subconscious of Christ’s Guilty Conscience.

If someone has been wounded enough we can show them kindness because we then can beat ourselves up because we (or someone) caused them harm somewhere before. It is sort of a kindness balancing act that really does not last, but makes us feel good for the moment.

I do not mean this to be offensive or say that I did not appreciate the sense of “inclusion” that was offered me. I just mean that I want to be in a safe place emotionally and this world without acknowledgement of Christ does not offer me that.

Freedom, kindness, and appreciation without Christ being pre-eminent (meaning superior to or notable above all others; outstanding ……per the College Dictionary 4th Edition) in the world is tough to live by. It makes you an outcast.

I do not know if my words make any sense at all. I am nearing a point where I really do not care if I get anyone to listen, I just want to focus on keeping myself in the “zone” of witnessing Christ. Yet, as God gives me breath I will not give up trying no matter how overwhelming the situation looks.

A Course In Miracles, chapter thirteen, says that the reason the ego attempts to kill the Son of God is because His guiltlessness is blasphemous to God. So do not be guiltless is the lesson.

We speak of righteousness and doing well and achieving, but truth is we will not allow it.

And sitting in a ivory tower, looking at the rest of the world, saying “I got here, why can’t you?” is false in the highest degree because there is no duality, we are only One.

We believe if someone has enough trauma in their life, “maybe they are a sinner just like me, so now I can forgive them”. Or better yet, if I forgive a real “witch”, I will be the better man. Either way we have placed one on a pedestal and one in a ditch. We stand uneven in our association.

This is not of God.

It explains why you can never go back home. You have stepped outside of the community balancing poles. It also explains clicks and how you cannot “fit in” if you have not grown up there. You just have not paid your dues by being trashed well enough.

I have been so naïve for so many years. I am grateful for the understanding that Spirit has given me. I do not want to beat anybody up and I do not want to be beaten up.

We are told that we have to look at how things are really, in the now, and then recognize that we are eternal beings and always perfect and in a state of grace (ACIM Chapter 13). This will help us “see” the illusion that we are living.

True Love of God and amongst each other does not come and go depending on how we behave. It is always, because we are always.

If the welcome the children gave me was sincere, time will show it. Sadly, I sense it may only be a gesture given to appease their conscience at how my siblings and family out west treated me and will go with the wind, as did the welcome at my daughter’s funeral.

It is okay. It will not change my feelings toward them, nothing could. It will not change the fact that I know who they really are and who we are to each other. It will have an impact on my behavior though.

I do not know how I will proceed from here. I know that to see Christ (I do not mean Jesus alone) everywhere and to have knowledge of being Christ (each of us is) and forgiving Christ (ourselves and all else) for any discomfort that is outside the sphere of joy is my objective, goal, and truth.

The only true communication is that which is by the Spirit and that acknowledges Christ in all things.

Indeed, the old me is dead, I want no claim on her. I see her faults and I will see more. As I interact among people, I see how what I am and who I am, could be seen as so egotistical, greedy, pious, and maybe at times, just plain mean.

I am not sure how to change that witness it may seem others are getting. I know that beating myself up and playing the martyr is not it. I cannot deny my own basic needs and sanity for some preconceived sense of sins I need to pay for.

No, I need to take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually and give God the glory.

I distance myself, not because I do not love, but because I wish to do no harm. To stay in my own space and forgive Christ, bearing witness, where I can, of God’s Love for Him is all I know to do.

Love in the societies we have, without knowledge of Christ, is just another form of attack and manipulation.

I was blessed as a child to feel the love of those who harmed and betrayed me and I chose to keep that witness. I still have it today. I keep my safe distance though.

I want Christ alone and I want to give Him to God’s love. It gets easier, day by day for me to see how confused and confusing the world is.

I understand more about how it has been for the children I raised, especially from the perspective I gave them of being peacemaker in an attacking world. I really had no idea what life was and only may only be getting glimpses of it now.

I am not sure if the world will understand what I am trying to give them, but I will use all my energy to share the Love of the Father for the Son. The Holy Spirit will bear witness to those willing to receive it.

Till next time
God bless us every One, Namaste~

Thoughts on Lost City of Z

“I watched this 2017 movie twice and feel very reflective.

The dedication that this man/couple/family had to a cause is incredible.

The dedication they had as a family is really something to ponder.

My understanding is that they had a burning desire to see that the native people were not destroyed by the understanding of the finding of a huge civilization before the “known world”, especially when it was one of a different complexion than “proper” society of the day was.

Man’s forms of segregation are so diverse and bizarre unless of course, it is the one you are entrenched in. We live without thinking of what it is we are living because the needs of the moment sadly take over all our energies and attention.

Even in meditation, the goal is not to think and I believe this is a sad thing. I would rather see meditation and prayer used to identify the observer and higher self in each of us that allows us to step out of the moment or circumstances and look at the big picture.

That is not to say that I discount the wonderful work of those who teach to be in the moment and aware of our surroundings and those around us. The higher self may be compared to the Holy Spirit or spiritual guidance that humanity has available to them.

I do believe that this family understood and took hold of each of these concepts very well. They could both see the big picture and respect the moment and people that they were with when they were privileged to be with them.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the teachings of Eckhart Toolle’s as understood by those who prepared the movie, script, and book written in 2009 which is on my to-do list. I myself am only now reading a couple of his books, The Power of Now and A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

It will take further research for me to get insight on that question, however, Toole’s work is so well known it is not hard to envision its influence.

In any case, it is a brilliant work in my opinion.

My fantasy of what happened to the father and son is that they chose to stay with the people to give them understanding and skills to maintain their lifestyle without being wiped out. Perhaps the son found a sweetheart and a family began which the father could not abandon and which would only assist with their cause. That being to find the lost civilization and give human history further light.

As a long time student of The Book of Mormon, it is delightful to see physical evidence uncovered for the populations who dwelt on this land long before the Europeans came on board. Populations that were very industrious in commerce and trade and all things considered civilized, including war. (My thoughts are in no way reflective of the teachings of the Church and I find I no longer feel comfortable in any congregation of any sort.)

It was the way that the movie portrayed the dedication of the family to what they believed was true and that it would serve the good of humanity as a whole, therefore it was worth whatever temporary challenges would be placed upon them that touched me.

I find myself in a similar state at this time. My beliefs, specifically the belief that there are answers that we have not quite found yet because of the state of our focus as societies and individuals leaves me on the outside of literally all that I interact with save nature herself.

Some may suspect I am simply lazy in wanting to devote my time and energy to such things. Some may think it is a futile pursuit because no one will listen anyway. And some may suspect I am simply insane.

This may not be unlike the thoughts about a man who would leave his family to face the dangers and harshness of the Amazon in Percy Fawcett’s day.

Like him, my walk has to be mine and I must live in the integrity of what I believe. I believe that God Is and if He is then the trauma we endure is not real and I will spend my life lifting up the Christ to His Father’s Love in prayer and action. Whether anyone understands me or not it will impact the consciousness of the Whole and begin the beginning of the end of this “false” world.

There is not a day goes by but that several things bear witness to me that I have found something out about the world that will bring about its demise and allow us to create a new environment for ourselves and those who come after.

I seek to show by how I live my life that I do not value suffering in any form. I do not believe that humanity was meant to suffer. I believe we will awaken to this truth and there will be none without abundance in all its forms.

And our days will be spent in remembrance of Christ and rejoicing in the blessings of His Father whose Child we are, as a Whole.

Till next time,

Be well, God bless, Namaste~




The View From Where I Stand Now

NOW, in the moment, the present, I had defined it in 2014 as No illusion, All-encompassing, the W is to me, an upside down M to bring from heaven Christ’s Millenial Reign that I had been taught throughout my Christian years.

I am only now (18 years later) reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book is adding dimension and confirmation of what I have been taught by Spirit about NOW.

We are all worthy of joy and I understand this. Each moment is what we have and I get this. I am also a mother of seven, with five still living and when they hurt I hurt. When they feel betrayed I get it. I still follow the Spirit for the guidance in my own life but it does not mean that I do not feel their cries and calls for help.

My youngest is 32. The eldest died at 39 in the middle of 2014. My grandchildren have often called out to me with their eyes and pleaded for help from Gramma. They still believed that I had the power, as they “know” that their parents have the power over them.

I had to stand by and support my children as best I could without getting in their way. “This served the grandchildren best” was my thought.

Everyone gets their own role to play and they are the main actors in the making of their part of the Christ Ego that makes up this world.

The power lies in our ability to know this is not real.

“Christ’s Guilty Conscience” (CGC), while it may have provided our life circumstances in this world, does not hold the highest power in our existence.

The highest power comes in the form of Deliverer and Redeemer. Redeemer of whom? Redeemer of Christ, of course. The Christ in each of us that believes He is worthy of punishment.

One may offer a portion of assistance to another in this walk but it is primarily “the other” that must walk on his own.

We each have the armies of heaven awaiting our every command in service to that which is our true desire and objective for this life.

That is hard to understand here, especially when modern Christianity teaches us to help our neighbor, not to mention our children and the grandbabies.

Our own empathy, conscience, or “Christian” upbringing wants to take care of others and keep them safe and protected.

I see this as also keeping them locked in the dream. We are meant to stand on our own, in our own faith and witness.

That goodness and joy are a part of being, not relying on someone else to give us a reason for existence. Namely our parents or main caregivers to supply the definition of our existence for us. And yet this is what we typically do.

We take a piece of this circumstance and what that person said or how this made us feel and we create a “monster” that roams the earth as our ego trying to defend itself and give meaning to its life.
This is not who we are.

We are divine creatures on a divine mission of waking a sleeping god.


I have never felt adequate as a parent or able to supply all the needs for my children.

I have no family associations that supported or sustained me through life on my mother or father’s side. In fact, those that could have shown me respect taught only hate and disrespect for what represents my place in the world.

Likewise, there is no financial support or structure in place to lay out the parameters of my children’s well being or safety. To give credence to the ego monster that Christ has given them to walk as.

I gave my children access to “family” so that they may have an experience that I did not have. Each of them has their own opinions about me because of that.

I try to give them all the tools I can to meet the challenges that they will face in life.

It is only recently that I understand that they chose these particular challenges because the Christ in them wanted to understand something. I cannot tell you how this has lifted the burden that I bear, as I desire only good for my children.

The terms good and bad have become neutral in my understanding and spiritual awareness. This does not take away the sting and sometimes horror of what vices they allow themselves to believe they have been put in.

The empathy of sorrow at separation is not something that I believe we need to set aside. It is something we can share and comfort one another with.

I believe that like all other witnesses in this place of illusion it enhances our joy at the reality and truth in the awareness that we are divine beings and all is ours, as it is our Father’s.

Of course, we each will come to the “waking up” to that awareness in our own time and way.

Life’s experiences in the ego (CGC) give me a reason to reflect on the place of a woman in this world and the kind of emotional and psychological pain that the illusion causes her throughout her life.

I realize that if I am going to testify of Christ in the manner that I have set my cap to, I will be exposed to all the trauma that can befall a woman emotionally and that I will be able to survive and not be crushed by it because of my commitment to my ultimate calling of choice which is to testify of Christ and of His Father’s Love for Him.

This has not been a fun ride to be on, nor pleasurable in any way. (In others words I am personally not a masochist.)

It does, however, bring me comfort as I reflect on my mission and think that I might be worthy to experience such things that would be transformed by the Spirit into something gloriously incredible beyond measure.

My NDE studies are so much spiritual food to me of late. I feel a synchronicity in the readings so great that it feels as if the messages these brothers and sisters were given were to be recorded so that I might see them at this particular time. It is a fabulous feeling.

I could not help but note that it feels like a testimony meeting where someone says just the thing that you needed to hear.

I will close this message today with a huge heart full of gratitude for the purpose and plan of our existence.

I bear witness that there is meaning beyond our current understanding that once known it will obliterate all the trauma and heartache of the challenges that we have been asked to experience.

Till next time,
God bless us One and All,
It is only in stepping out of the ego(CGC) status that we have the opportunity to understand the meaning of our life in any given NOW.

Control Tower, We Have Landed… ;)

When I question if I am in the right place and did I follow the Spirit’s direction I simply need to look out my window at the three trees, double my arm-width, that stand as sentinels and give me courage.
My feet step in the soft, plush grasses behind the small parking lot and I feel the breeze and admire the well-kept garden in the back of a neighbor’s blending grey 2-story that says, “We are near but not in your back pocket” I feel comforted.
I am still getting my bearings in my new apartment. I have been without a permanent residence since the end of March and I have to admit there is something about stability that allows one’s shoulders to relax just a bit.
The emotional toll that the events of those months have left is yet to be understood. Northwestern USA has an attitude all its own or does the Midwest have the same attitudes, just in different guises? Then there was being made aware of “family” members whom I had not heard from for 50 years and putting my own children, grandchildren, and myself through an emotional ride none of us was expecting.
I have chosen to take an early retirement so that I may focus fully on the work that I feel so impressed to do. My writing and testifying of Christ as I know Him, the Holy Trinity and what that means in the world that we function in here in the flesh and beyond.
Some may think I am “sitting on my laurels” but they would be wrong. I am a self-starter and a writer. I write to learn and understand the world around me. I read ravenously.
And what a crazy world it is! I believe there are answers to our questions and I believe they are found in The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.
I did a card reading shortly after moving in that gives me courage. I hope to continue my weekly  universal readings now that I am in one place. I do not wish to read for individuals online because I do not feel that is not my calling and there are so many who do this so well. I prefer to stay focused on reading for the Christ Consciousness that is the whole of us. I sincerely hope to see “the shift” in my lifetime.
My reading is from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.
It was done, by me, for me when I moved in, however I believe it is appropriate view it as a universal reading as well.
First card/the situation is The Novice….how true, as new-be’s in the world of recognizing the Christ in ourselves and in others we will be taught and get stronger as we allow ourselves to be teachable. Where is the teaching? Everywhere. Books, conversations, media, the point is to listen to the master teacher (the Spirit) and allow His teachings to take place in your heart and mind. Sometimes it has to sit a bit before the information is clear or certain. No worries, it will come and soon we will be novices no longer.
Second card/ the personal ego is The Cow…I love this one because it reminds us that we are cared for and nurtured and our physical needs will be taken care of. This reminds us to do our part in “tilling the soil” and understanding what it is that we really want also.
Third card/the Whole Christ Consciousness ego is Birth-Rebirth..we, as a race are preparing for a transition the likes of which has not been seen since the beginning of time. New life, new projects, a new way of looking at things, we got this! (It can feel like a pain but it is sooo worth it!)
Fourth card/from the Guides is The Mystery…Life is not understandable a lot of the time. Its okay, there is a plan. You have been given the tools you need. You cannot do it wrong. Just remember the joy along the way. Be humble and things will be shown to you. Do not be afraid to look behind and see how far you have come. A journal is a great tool for this.
Fifth card/Source guidance &/or probable outcome is Trust…Trust that things are happening the way they are meant to…getting caught in the traffic today may have prevented you from having an accident, not getting that job may mean something much better is around the corner….do not let the fear of what-if take possession of you. You came and you are meant to have joy, whatever the circumstances, so look for it and trust that you signed up for this. Remember, you have angels willing to assist if you will give them a call. Do not be too shy to ask.
You will note a change up-coming. I have always been aware of names and the events of this past spring have been so significant for me that I will be putting my book up not under Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter, but as Debra Yvonne. I will be writing more about each of those names, so keep an eye out.
Till next time,
God bless us Every ONE

I Want To Share What Brings Me Joy

I have found something that allows me to be in the world and not be of it.

Simply stated it is Christ.

Not the cross, the punishment, and the scales of justice that you might envision if you have listened to people who consider themselves Christians or watched Hollywood depictions.

I am speaking of Christ, the whole body of humanity, and all that it perceives.

I am speaking of The Christ that Jesus was teaching us about as the Whole of Creation. (I do not believe that it was himself alone that he spoke of as savior, not by any means.)

I am speaking of the Son of God, known in those terms so that we, as human beings, might have the opportunity to have compassion for Him.

That we might feel the love that a father would have for his son and seek to bring Him the comfort and light of His Father’s love.

The nightmare of Christ’s Conscience is found in the past and in the fears and worries of the future.

You and I in the present moment, that which we are able to own completely, have the ability to deliver the Son of God into the remembrance of His Father’s Love by embracing ourselves and all around us as it truly is, a gift from God.

And yes, I am speaking of the sad or troublesome things (even torture, if you must go there) as being a gift from God. An opportunity to tell The Son that He is loved and has been delivered.

Whatever I am seeing around me; whatever sorrows or longings the past holds, whatever rewards or fears are foreseen in the future. They are a dream/nightmare/illusion that Christ imagined in the mega/micro-instant of His creation.

They have no hold on me. They will not condemn nor deliver me. They simply are part of the confusion of a god at his birth which brought to pass the impetus of creation and all the diverse magnitude that this entails.

My part in the past or the future is that of deliverer and savior to The Christ by recognizing Him in all of it and reflecting to Him, continually, the mirror of forgiveness, gratitude and love.

I do this by staying in the moment filled with the fullness of joy knowing that is the power by which He was created and what His inheritance is.


After over four years of study of A Course In Miracles, I have been led by the Spirit to listen to some other teachers interpretations.

I knew the Holy Spirit and walked with Him before I found ACIM. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit led me to the work as a distinct show of mercy and compassion in giving me something to digest and hold on to during the months before my daughter’s death. Much of what I found in ACIM had already been taught to me by the Holy Spirit through my earthly experiences and His subtle teachings.

I also knew that I needed to go through the course without anyone else’s input.

I have been through the entire book over twice now and I still love the review of the Workbook, along with the rest, even though I walk in the presence and under the direction of the Holy Spirit moment by moment. The Spirit can teach me things of greater depth as He did with the scriptures that I studied over 50 years.

I can tell that I do not understand or teach ACIM the way that others do, some for nearly 40 years.

That does not make my witness incorrect.

I also know that what I share comes along with others who have done tremendous work in multitudes of fields and genre’s and I would not have been given the ability to understand what I do without their work, the world being what it is.

I seek to bear witness to the world that we are the ones with the power and it is in recognizing Christ that we tap into it.

What I share has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the state of mind or consciousness, specifically awareness and focus.

I do know that I must speak my truth moment by moment and allow what is meant to be, to be. This work is much bigger than just me and we are so close to understanding what we need for deliverance.

Today I understand that I need focus on the present and on the Son of God. I am not so sure I could do this so well if I had not done so much work on my past and worked for years on things like goal setting and time management.

It reminds me of the yogi who bends and stretches every part of the body and mind with the goal of releasing each if only for a moment in search of that place called Nirvana. Brothers and sisters, I have found the way to lead the masses to Nirvana. I am grateful for the chance to bear witness of this possibility that could change how we look at ourselves and each other.

I am able to walk forward to whatever life holds because I know I will seek to walk moment by moment and give all that I am to the remembrance of The Son of God and His Father’s love.

Till next time,

God bless us every One, Namaste~




It Has Helped Me Transition

“I started watching the Netflix original “Heartland” while I was in the state of Washington. I have always loved horses. The mountains, gorgeous trees, etc. I can pretend I am there or a part of it somewhere in my brain and it brings me comfort.

I have not been familiar with horses really throughout my life. Mainly because I feared their size. I had one step on my foot when I was about eight or nine years old and it frightened me. And of course, (seemed like anyone who interacted with me got in trouble) my step-cousin who brought him to me did get into trouble for bringing him up to the farmhouse in the first place.

Seems I always have a negative tag for an otherwise pleasant experience for I had truly wanted to see the horse and to touch him. I replayed that kind of scenario in my youth. I might conclude that this was a big part of my role in fulfilling the “Christ-Conscience” assignment Christ gave me.

In ACIM Jesus has told us he will wipe away the challenges and only the joy and love will be present and carry any emotional charge. I do believe this is what will occur. That is my hope and witness at this time.

I have always connected to the earth and what the physical body can give us in a big way. My joy for life when it is unveiled is typically more than people want to deal with. It is like someone has to shove it in my face or down my throat. Yet they do not want to see a sad face. Smile.

Smile and put on your mask so we can convince the little ones it is worth the struggle. No! It is not worth it, I mean the smile. So much hurt and phoniness happen behind a smile. ……I suspect that this is one of the “Christ-Consciousness” symptoms we are all a part of. Make no mistake though, this life is worth it!

“Heartland” addresses this attitude a lot at all ages. Yet, somehow the people on this ranch believe that they are worthy of joy and happiness in life. They do not shrink from the challenges people or nature hand them but support one another in facing it. They believe in one another and this makes them family. This makes them connected.

This concept is one I would say is founded firmly in what I have found to be a truth. I say this so “meanderingly” because the truth is yet to be in its’ entirety. In fact, when we get back to our rightful place without time, I suspect that truth will be ever evolving and experiential in its fullness and entirety and will be absolute bliss and euphoria. The only truth we need to be firmly aware of in the here and now is that God IS and all other “realities” are based on that.

“Heartland” has the beautiful trees, mountains, and hills that remind me of the Northwest and the majesty of nature and appease my longing for both somehow. It is like a dream in waking hours.

And then there is the family. I have watched Amy, Mallory, and Lou all grow up and interact as a family. I love the way it is presented. Of course, it is fiction and I cannot say that I have observed that kind of interaction in the families I have witnessed over the years. I am so grateful that they kept the family together with all their challenges. (I had just finished Season 7 when I wrote this.)

My family life was blown out of the water before I got here. I knew that when I arrived as a full-grown spirit taking on the persona of an infant. Like each of us, I came with limited recall that would be completely forgotten as I learned the language and social/cultural expectations of my surroundings. It would take the Spirit to remind me where I came from.

I had been prepared for the bumpy ride. I also had numerous assistants, seen and unseen, committed to getting me through my chosen path and assignment. That does not mean it would be easy.

Somehow “Heartland” resonates with my soul and touches me in a way that goes beyond words. I did not feel guilty about the “friend” who introduced me to the program or the horse that I was allowed to groom for a couple of weeks that I left behind in Washington. I was a bit surprised at that. I think it is a choice I made to not feel guilty. I knew that I was led by the Spirit as I walked my walk in Washington and separating from those relationship’s, at least physically, at the time was the right thing to do. Or maybe I just ran because I did not know how to face the challenges that I felt were coming.


In South Dakota I do not feel close to nature in the same way. I can walk in the small town community that I live in but I did not grow up here. I have not been known by the community all my life. I have not learned how to blow off the attitudes one has to put up with at work and hold down a job. How can I feel welcome when I know there are those who have. Not to mention how can I expect them to understand who I am or what I am working through because of where I have been.

Upon return from Washington I received a warm welcome from a few significant people at one of the businesses that I attend regularly, but with my background, even that feels very uncomfortable. Being welcome and accepted changes at the drop of a hat in this world. And being stepped on and laughed at is just a risk I really do not want to take. I have taken too many hits.

I feel embarrassed and shamed. like a wolf trying to join with another pack. (Grammarly wants me to change shamed to ashamed, but I do not believe I have done anything to be ashamed of. I wanted to know my mother while I could and I was told she is not my mother. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. I left so as not to be confrontational.

Rejected in Washington by yet another facet of what this world calls family. Interestingly, I was welcomed back by someone who has shoved me away and shunned me quite regularly over the years. Reality is I know that I do not dare trust it. “Trust not in the arm of flesh”, this is real and it is the ego that makes that truth sting.

That is just one of the risks we took being here in the physical world. I do believe we were taught and warned about it. Though it would have been very hard to comprehend in that world where we all knew our connection and felt the tremendous love that is still in memory in the spirit world.

Like teaching someone who has never tasted salted pretzels or ice cream before how it makes you feel. The hope here in the physical world is the witness that we are all one. No matter what challenges we go through here we will gain from it and the ultimate prize will be of such value it will be worth the frustration and heartache.

Something we knew for sure before we came here is that there is no real death. We knew we would face that here, however, it would not be real any more than all the rest that happens here that is not founded on love.

Watching the program reminds me how backwards we have things here. We think that we are creating or working toward something as we “build” our lives. The program works wonderfully with rebuilding broken lives. And that is awesome! Truly!

And we ought to do that with great joy while we are here. What we are here to remember though, is God’s Love from which we came and which, on a psychological level, we have thought ourselves to be removed from. Without this, as our foundation, we are still lost in time and space.

We do not like to hear about The Son of God, Christ, today. We have found false acceptance of our identity as Free Agent Egos capable of making and breaking ourselves and each other and  willing to just fight against life until it ends and then “get on the horse again” and come back for another life as we are re-incarnated.

Or we believe that someone else can pay some unrealistic debt for us and that some “pie in the sky” kind of love will welcome us into the bosom of “family”. Thus the symbolism of The Cross holds the proverbial “carrot in front of our nose”, as long as we are humble enough.

The problem with that is this “carrot” does one of two things. It sets me up as “better than you” while the “not worthy DNA factor” sits inside our sub-conscious and keeps us separated or I just feel belittled and overwhelmed and know that I will never make the cut. And this attitude can be there no matter what persona we put on for the outside world.

Truth is, if God IS, than that is all there is. His love either IS or is not. There is no variance, there is no in between, “partial reality” that can stand up to any real test.

I admit the witness of this is difficult to deal with, especially in the world we live in today. That does not make it an un-truth. I can do no more than walk the walk and bear witness of the teachings of the Spirit along the way.

I am grateful for “Heartland” for helping me through this time of transition. I have decided to stabilize in South Dakota for the time being. That does not mean that I cannot travel and visit throughout the US. I still sense that my grandchildren may have need of me for a time, if only from a “near-by distance” and I will reach out and find the nature that restores and balances me.

Even though I fear it, because of the threat it is to my physical body, I feel strength and encouragement from the wildlife and the earth herself. I believe she is ready for the shift about life that was meant to come even in the beginning of her existence… or fall, depending on what philosophy of life you follow.

I also know that as weak as I am as a mortal, my spiritual witness and strength is powerful and I will use every ounce that I have to bear witness of the truth of what we are, what we are capable of, and what our destiny is.

Thank you “Heartland” and Netflix and all that were involved with the making of that show. You have helped me more than you will ever know!

God bless us every One.


A Book Begun September 27, 2017 completed March 14, 2018


By Debi Simmons
Debra Yvonne Simmons
Deb, Debbie, Debra
Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter

Copy write. No portion of this intellectual work may be copied without the express, written permission from its creator.



To each member of the Christ Consciousness and “All That Is”.

I believe there is a path we agreed to before we got here. The Christ Conscience and our ego agreed to this journey prior to our experiencing it in the flesh. That said I know that we are not defined by that path. We can stay in it and accept it “as if ” that is what we are. And it may seem as if it never ends. This is not true, however, because we are of God, as is everything else.
The place of the confused ego is one of lack and decay; of have’s and have-nots. We have so much more power in our lives than we understand. Our ability to endure and to grow is incredible. Sadly, our ability “to seem” to cause ourselves harm is great as well.
The astrology chart gives you a sort of map that can show you who you are and give you ideas for how to use your natural gifts to best fulfil what your heart desires, as well as what some of your challenges may be. Even this does not define us truly. It only suggests possibilities because of this particular life and moment.
The length of our fingers and the size of our nose, while giving some identification for understanding the role that we took on here at this time, does not define who we intrinsically are. No demographic or circumstance can do this. We are Children of God, as a Whole we are The Son, and multiple possibilities of existence without God. Our consciousness is one of many that make up The Son or Creation (which is currently in an illusion or state of fabrication or untruth).
My study of A Course In Miracles, after a lifetime of study as a Christian (including 27 years as a non-denominational Christian and thirty years as a Mormon), has led me to understand that we may have just been very confused about who is our Father and who is our Grandfather.
Love is of our Grandfather, as well as being what we are and all that we are able to truly create. The Son got confused and thought He had offended His Father. So as The Son continued the process of creation we took on the parental attributes of feeling sinful and worthy of death (along with any other amount or form of torture we were capable of receiving). We have both the opportunity for joy in reality and hardship in the temporary state of illusion we find ourselves in.
Let me give an example of what I mean. While helping my eight-year-old granddaughter get ready for school she got upset with her puppy because he did not show affection in exactly the way she wanted him to. She huffed and puffed as she got ready to go and I said that she had the chance right then to decide if she was going to take anger with her into the rest of her day. I pointed out that she could choose love if she wanted to. It would be her gift to herself for the puppy would be happy come what may. She had gone clear to the car and shut the door, while I waited by the front door to her home. Suddenly she opened the car door and shouted, “Wait, I want to say goodbye!” Hugs and kisses were given, even putting a special play toy in the kennel, she went to school in a cheerful state. One where she would walk in peace and not in grumpiness stubbing her toe on every nuisance that crossed her path.
Sadly, she does not carry that into every moment of her life. However, as Gramma, I allowed her a witness of the gift of knowing how to nurture herself, regardless of what is going on outside of herself. This is what I wish to offer you. A reason to create a place where we are generous with others so that the universe might pour generosity back on your/our plate.

My message is simple. Perhaps, so simple it will not be easily heard.
You may not see the world the way I do.
Or you may have those persons, situations, or societal attitudes that you have decided are responsible for the insanity or that at least bring it about. That is all right.
I do hope that you will hear me out and at least give my perspective a chance.
I offer it only as a possibility, worth serious consideration.
To greater understanding for us all!


My Disclaimer

I believe that tending to the welfare of humanity is the greatest work that one can be about and this is my objective.
I may be crazy as a loon and just trying to find another way to hide from the pain of loss and PTSD that this world brings us.
I leave it to you to decide for yourself, my peace remains either way. Namaste~

So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are Part Two

A ghost in an environment that flows around me. This is how I feel.

I stand here as one identity and watch an incredible dance of life, destructive life, all around. It seeped into my consciousness a bit at a time. I had thought maybe it was only our family. Turns out that the same oddities that I observed in my home of origin are occurring in the world in a multitude of scenarios. People, hurting inside, striking out at others or themselves and allowing others to abuse them.

I believe that this is the cause of mental health issues and I do not believe it is an isolated or occasional thing. I believe we all live there and we have moments of ease perhaps, but I truly do believe that we are the ghosts that are haunting a reality that does not exist.

The connectedness that we long for will not be recognized until Christ is recognized in one another. The diversity of interests, talents and experiences is so great today that we will need to find that which hold in common if we want our society to function as a whole.

That commonality is The Christ that is each of us. Acknowledging him in ourselves and others will allow us to overcome the pettiness of envy and strife and give us a reason, a united front of protection. Protection from the negativity and self-abuse that Christ feels capable of and punishable for.

He is perfect, he is worthy, he is innocent for only God and His Love have any claim to truth. He is you and me united. The monstrous caricatures that we have made of ourselves and the ways that we hide from and shun one another will melt away as we see Christ in one another and respect the fact that we are One.


As Children of God, we have an inheritance and a place that cannot be usurped.

We have forgotten this and instead buy into the idea that we have fallen.

That in itself is our fall.

This belief that it is possible to step outside of God’s grace or His will.

Guilt and shame cause us to attack one another and ourselves.

We are living lives given by Christ so we could have experience that He/we desired.

Yes, and we will learn.

But this is not the meaning of life. It is the meaning of the illusion.

The meaning of true life is to bear witness of the Love of God for His Son.

I have had the privilege since I was a young child to live in the presence of God’s Love. I am not saying others have not had this privilege, for indeed, I believe that we all come from that place and we see it or refuse to see it according to the plan we have established before we became flesh and blood.

Either way, I hold it as a life-saving privilege and believe it envokes our sense of gratitude, even if we do not acknowledge God’s existence.

This is an assignment that we have all had. Acknowledging God’s love for His Son.

We will each tend to it. Granted some will be sooner and some later.

All will come to understand, and The Son will not truly waken, till the last one does.


The two extremes above allow for us to share.

It forces us to go inside to survive. To find our own inner strength.

It allows us to recognize the self in the other.

We think aloneness is sorrowful because we think we are separate.

This is the cause of all human suffering.

In time we will all come to understand and time will lose its meaning.


Till next time, Namaste~

God bless us every One!


Next, I will be posting my latest book,


It will have its own category and will be complete though in several entries.

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So Sweet When Spirit Reveals Why You Are Where You Are

Part One

Like a shadow or a fly on the wall. That is how I feel in life so many times. It could make me feel left out or alone. Loneliness is something I did not feel when I was younger, it was more a sense of not being able to speak a similar language. Or hiding from the truth that I lived each day and thinking others could not see it. You might say my loneliness muscle was distracted by the need to be with the family that I loved, along with the fear of what might happen if anyone found out.

It was in the Salt Lake Valley that I saw loneliness in the faces of people and empathized with that energy. Sadly, it was in a community that professed to know so much about God’s love and compassion. It was an eye-opener for me because my witness of Jesus’ presence when I thought of him was significant.

Shunning I understood. Exclusion even. …. The look on my baby sister’s face that was sort of a puckered pout that said I am so sorry that I belong here and you do not. I saw that one a lot as a child. She was six years younger than me and was six herself when I no longer lived at home with her.

That look was on her face the last time I saw her in person, at least before her mom died. Only she was not a child any longer. It was a memory I never wanted to bring to recollection, much less manifestation again.

We all have a role to play for Christ. We agreed to it before we came. We have no one to blame for our experiences other than ourselves for understood and choose the circumstances that we would go through.

That fly on the wall has a significant purpose and place in humanity. It gives support and buffers others who are going through their agreed-to circumstances. This, too, is part of the agreement that we had.

There are so many willing to reach out and assist us, even (or maybe especially) when we feel alone. People have been sent to help us through our challenges.

They may be physical or non-physical. They may have lived on this earth previously or not. We can feel them and receive comfort and encouragement from them if we will give them a chance.

Spirit will tell you the why’s if you are willing to listen and trust the voice and understanding that comes to you. Friedrich Nietzsche said ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.’ I bear witness that if you learn to trust the still small voice inside your mind and heart you will have an understanding and the potential to receive the peace of heaven. I say potential, only because, your willingness to accept it is required.

More than this, we are heavenly, divine beings of energy that are not capable of dying and our inner being knows this. I believe these roles we have played that we call lives will someday make up the full character of the awakened Christ. This Christ who is the source of our greatest joy.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE






Strange Things Happen In This World

2007, that is when I noticed the attention of an older man at the singles group I attended. His attention was special and loving. He was a warm, big-hearted family man, whose loving wife had passed several years before. We had chats and visits through email and on the phone. He touched my heart in a special way.

A family is something that seemed to have alluded me and yet, in my conversations with him, I felt so welcome and cared for. I told him so. And it was not just fatherly affection or friendship on his part. I know the signs of a man who has a physical/romantic interest in me. I even wrote a special poem for him. One of the few romantic poems I have ever written. He backed off when I shared it of course.

He would not bring himself to acknowledge what we had, not even on a visit some 2 years later when we kneeled across the temple altar for the proxy marriage ceremony. I sensed a lot of things that day as well, but we never discussed the previous affection. It seems that friends we would remain even though the conversation was no longer to be enjoyed.

Ten years later and a few weeks ago he crossed my mind in a casual thought, not once, but two or three times. Out of the blue it seemed.

And then, just a day or two after my return to South Dakota I saw an email from a source that I am no longer attached to. It was the announcement of a funeral for this dear person. I was startled but I did not look further at the email that evening, though I saved it with a star.

The next morning I went to locate it and it was gone. I thought maybe I had not saved it after all and looked in the trash, but it was not there.

I know that those on the other side have access to electrical energies and computers. I was not supposed to have gotten that email but I believe he wanted me to know where he was and that he was nearby if I should need him.

This understanding was whispered to me in the language of knowing that I have come to recognize as the Holy Spirit. And I do feel my friend close by and I feel the comfort that I felt so long ago in his company.

It gives me comfort and assurance at this time in my life to know that I can be aware of these things and that I can know by the power of The Spirit within me that I am on the path that I am supposed to be on according to God’s design.

I double checked for his obituary online and it was there. I was on the road back to the Midwest when he passed over. The timing, the meaning, and the reminder of; who he is and what we were is sweet and precious to me.

The signs of those on the other side are all around us. And they want to make their presence known. It is a joy and great privilege to be aware of these things and the special people that have been in my life that seem to have left but are ever so close.

These kinds of things have been prophesied of and need to be embraced and celebrated.

Till next time, Namaste~

God Bless Us Each and Every ONE

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