Universal Reading from 25 November 2022 Our Dependence Is On God Alone

One at a time we will come to understand this and as a result, society will adjust.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

I am finding that my understanding of the truths that I wrote of in 2019 have grown much deeper. This reading especially reflects this.

1. When new in the Atonement I thought that concern for others was my business. Today I do not feel that way.

Each of us IS a child of God. 
It is God who provides all that is needed.

For me to assume that I am to be responsible for another is to exert power and control that is not mine to begin with.

It is better to see others in the light of the creation of God and understand that they chose the journey they are taking because they wanted to experience it. And yes, that includes the challenging things as well.

This does not mean that when I have the means and am prompted by the Holy Spirit I should not act on behalf of another! 

Listening to the Holy Spirit and not the ego or society or tradition, etc is the key!

From our place in the Atonement, we will understand that we are one Son of God who is protected and blessed by Father, in Heaven. We each have ways that we lift the consciousness and it changes throughout the current lifespan of the human being. Listen to your inner guidance and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit one step at a time. ❤ 

2. Power-hunger.

Power-hunger seeks control over some aspect of life. 

Let it be your closet instead of someone else.

I find that organizing has been a good place for me to feel a sense of control and balance. 

Doing a puzzle can give me the sense that things are not unsolvable, maybe it is baking or a sport is what empowers you.

Reach for things like this when you feel out of control.

Feeling that we have no power or control is what drives the ego craving for power. Recognize this in others as well. This will help you be able to think of creative ways to live in peace if not full harmony.

I am prompted to write that when these emotions are not dealt with it leads to forthright abuses and rape is one that comes quickly to mind.

Bearing in mind that God is the one that gives each of us our right to personal power is important. The forgiveness of the Atonement helps us see God in all things and all things as the Son of God, perfect as it was created, and guided by the Holy Spirit to remember that.

May I suggest that you think about how you want to feel and let Jesus bring it to you. He is the CEO of the Universal Plan (of the Redemption of the Son of God). Let go of how you get to feel that way (soul mate, new car, no war, etc.) and watch how the world adjusts to give you what you asked for.

This is actually what happens anyway. This choosing to identify how you want to feel and letting go of what brings this allows God’s blessings instead of the ego’s trickery that always has our downfall as its goal especially when we have a “picture” in mind that involves something outside ourselves.

Perhaps we could desire to feel peace and abundance, maybe to feel truly loved. Define it in your own words or better yet feelings. ❤

3. As we grow from infancy we tend to think “everyone thinks as I do.” It takes time to understand that each has their own path that they must follow from inside themselves.

This is nearly universal from what I have been able to observe. 

We want to recognize that there is a universal reality IN God and AS ONE that gives us freedom to be ourselves within that understanding and protected/preserved by God.

There comes a time when we understand that we are each unique and that we have the inner voice of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

As time goes on I suspect that humanity will eventually let go of the parental control hierarchy of past generations and allow freedom for all.

 Would it not be awesome if we were to think of the planet as having freedom from our misuse as well?

This, of course, includes all that exists as well. Seen and unseen, plants, animals, and so forth. Stewardship will eventually not be a need on the earth as each will have its sphere as ordained by God as it was in Heaven where there was no want or imbalance.

In fact, it is our understanding of these things that will bring Heaven to earth once more.

Freedom must be for all if it is to be for anyone. 

Understanding that we are ALL ONE and that what we each individually do affects others. Though, MORE important is understanding that what each of us THINKS does affect the WHOLE of creation that we are.

I am not suggesting “thought police”, rather , personal recognition and accountability. It will only truly be productive IF it is done within the understanding of the Atonement and this is what we want to understand.

It is the Atonement that gives us our freedom as NOTHING else will or can.

4. It is imperative that GOD be acknowledged for there to be civilized existence and true communication.

When we see the body as our existence and our focus we run the risk of eliminating God and putting the ego or a false image of ourselves in charge of ourselves and our societies.

The Holy Spirit is our inner guidance and is given to all that is. It is through His vision and communion that we truly communicate.

We can trust this.

Currently, we exist as if we are dependent on one another and this will “appear” to be the case for a while but it is God ALONE that we are dependent on. 

Humanity, as well as all of creation, will move into this understanding.

The first step to all of this evolution is to accept the Atoning (undoing of error) Forgiveness of the Atonement.

Only complete forgiveness of all that is for all time and dimensions will meet this requirement by each and every one of us.

It cannot be forced. It can only be lived and in the living of it others will be drawn to it as well.

Till next time God bless, debi.

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