My Thoughts* On ACIM Lesson 333 Why Wait?

Take the red pill, you have nothing to lose but what is unreal.

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Lesson 333

Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.

1. Conflict must be resolved. ²It cannot be evaded, set aside, denied, disguised, seen somewhere else, called by another name, or hidden by deceit of any kind, if it would be escaped. ³It must be seen exactly as it is, where it is thought to be, in the reality which has been given it, and with the purpose that the mind accorded it. ⁴For only then are its defenses lifted, and the truth can shine upon it as it disappears.

2. Father, forgiveness is the light You chose to shine away all conflict and all doubt, and light the way for our return to You. ²No light but this can end our evil dream. ³No light but this can save the world. ⁴For this alone will never fail in anything, being Your gift to Your beloved Son.

(ACIM, W-333.1:1–2:4)

* True forgiveness takes you out of this world. And reveals Heaven.

* The world can no longer reach you. Like Neo, you have taken the red pill and asked to see what is really there. And there is no turning back. Even as this world becomes a glossy film that runs through your hands and is impossible to hang on to and your gut wrenches because the bacteria within your psyche wants to hold onto the illusion you have a gentle companion that affirms the truth of your identity (and theirs) as the Christ that is the Beloved Son of God.

* Justification and excuses lose their hold on your mind and heart. You are able to let the “stories”, even the pretty ones or the progressive ones, be set aside for the vision that the Holy Spirit gives you of the glory of the Son of God.

* Defenses have no more meaning. Why defend oneself against an illusion or the reality of God?

* God is the Light that reveals the truth. It undoes the confusion that the Son of God thought he had permanently trapped himself within.

* Forgiveness of the original error of separation from God across the entire Sonship through all Time and dimensions is that which reveals God. Anything less only gives you another path in the maze of diversity that the Son of God can imagine which has no limitation.
* Dare to step into the Light now. It does not get easier to do and why suffer any longer than you need to?

Till next time, God bless. debi.

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