To see yourself as powerless or to imagine it is anywhere else is an error.

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash

1. PTSD; it comes when we feel this life has any credibility or that it could be real.

Even if our life is “Rosey” we know someone, somewhere whose life is not and that creates the division which is unnatural to the Sonship of God that we are a part of.

I have called it Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, not that I am a therapist of any sort, but I do have a pretty good grasp on what this thing we call life is all about. And it has nothing to do with our reality. Though there is a slight shadow of what we could be or ARE within it.

I am not currently of the mindset like some of my ACIM student peers that we have no existence at all or that it cannot be physically manifested.

I suggest there is just a preferred and PERFECTED way of living it in the world of form.

I cannot wait until the dead are free to manifest among us and we will be able to entertain interdimensional beings, not to mention those in other galaxies and so forth.

Am I getting ahead of myself?

These things have been prophesied for a long time and they will have a part in Heaven along with the human race. As well as anything else that the Son of God can imagine and it will have traits that are like its creator as the Son of God does within the Mind of God.

This life needs to be seen for what it is right now and RIGHT NOW it is very dangerous.

It seems that other students do not get this from A Course In Miracles but that is what it says to me, and it says that this is a critical thing to be aware of as we bring this confusion that the Son of God has been in psychologically due to belief in separation from God and ALL That IS to a CONCLUSION.

We have to be willing to see the cruelty behind the masks of niceness and then allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness to what we TRULY are as the Son of God.

We cannot go straight to the Child of God (like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does) or we will leave the cruel caricatures in place. This still allows the concept of separation, perhaps in its cruelest form. There is an inside and an outside although the doctrine in the church teaches inclusion.

LDS also teaches a hierarchy system which Jesus tried to irradicate by using non-paid people as ministers (called bishops) and allowing testimony from everyone once a month but the influence of relying on others for our relationship to God is so huge the intentions of Jesus when it was established have been swept aside. And people cling to rituals like going to the temple and having a temple recommend (which is an actual card), as well as “following the Prophet” instead of following the Holy Spirit which is the message that Jesus would have us understand.

I do not believe that the evil that Jesus spoke of creeping up on the world at greater speed was WWII but was the teachings found in a simple and revered book entitled The Miracle of Forgiveness which was a classic teaching tool used when people had stepped outside of the guidelines and were disfellowshipped or excommunicated.

This book spoke of forgiveness of sin, including chewing gu in public, which Jesus disregarded often in the cannanized scripture and denounced in A Course In Miracles. And mind you that Jesus told Helen that miracle stood for love. I would expand that to say the “Love of God” which is all of creation, you and I, included.

I say these things not to judge but to clarify what I suspect Jesus has been trying to teach us so that we may join him in the Atonement and be reunited with God, Self, and one another.

This is all that I can teach. You must take the responsibility to look inside yourself to see if my words make any sense at all. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes, at your own pace, once you are willing to see the truth.

2. Power-Hunger

I am wrapping up the writing of this on Midterm Election Day in the USA. And I will not be speaking about any particulars other than where we look for power in our society.

Power has nothing to do with anything outside yourself.

That goes for “all that is” or the rest of creation as well.

You are able to work cooperatively with one another, even in the world of illusion of what I prefer to call confusion.

God, the Father, sees us as One Son and this is because our true state is one corporation. Corporation is: a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such by law.

In THIS case, it is Heaven’s Law that recognizes creation as ONE. Heaven’s Law as established by the Creator, God.

An illness, an abuse, a neglect, all of these are cooperative with YOUR will by Heaven’s Law and will be released when one recognizes the ONE error of Christ which is belief in separation from God. Own that, and you may decide that this is not what you want your world to look like after all.

It begins with forgiveness of the belief in separation from God.

If you have a problem with God it is a problem with yourself and it has to do with power. You are NOT self-created and you do not give yourself your power, God does. Understanding this reunites you internally and fills you with peace and joy that is untouchable by this world.

Who are you to deny that you are not EXACTLY what your Creator created you to be?

His Son, perfect and innocent, and eternally so; enjoying existence IN THE PRESENCE of the FATHER who is very pleased with His Son, all the while.

Recognize where power comes from (which is your Father in Heaven) and do not deny the power that you have because of that.

Any other acknowledgment of power is inappropriate. This understanding will grow within us. It is already happening around the world.

3. You are created by God, in the Mind of God, worthy of all that God is; innocent as a child and, at this time, capable of making mistakes.

In other words, you have a RICH DADDY!

I have noticed that there is a different demeanor when people are born into money or at least think that they are.

Their confidence level is through the roof.

Nothing can phase them or stop them.

This is where a lot of the bias toward the rich comes from because the rest of us do not feel like this BUT it is the normal state that we all deserve to be in because God is our Creator and Father.

**For new agers and followers of the teachers who tell us BUT does not belong in our language I say “Enough of this silliness. What we must look at is what is behind the words and get over our demand of “perfect wordage” and on to our personal truth.” I respect their work and message and it served for a time, but enough is enough. Pun intended.

He is our all and everything and HE WILL cover our butts WHEN we mess up. This is one of the biggest deals for the rich. They can do no wrong because daddy will take care of them.

Well folks, that just happens to be true. God, the Father, has our backs in all things. Can anything we do that includes Him fail?

This does not mean that we won’t make mistakes. it means that we will be led through it and onto a higher road!

As individuals, families, communities, country’s, the world, and beyond.

I suggest this is a real possibility.

So let’s get on with it and create Heaven for all as God envisioned it when He created His Son. I am not speaking of form here. I am speaking of attitude and understanding God is our power, love is the substance, and joy is the product He intends His Son to have.

4. Depression = Belief in separation from God.

What a nasty, but, very understandable conclusion to our discussion!

Depression is the exact opposite of the feeling you get when you know that you are the Son of God.

And it takes all sorts of deviant forms of expression.

Whether a person is loud and boisterous or quiet and withdrawn, depression flows before them like a freight train plowing into all that they encounter and back on themselves.

Some of us have masks that camouflage the pain and abandonment we feel.

It can be found in those who profess there is no God as well as those who acknowledge Him and feel unworthy or betrayed by our Father, in Heaven.

Thinking that the “story” that we play out and call life is our true identity is one of the chief paradigm shifts that we need to accept to release ourselves from these very real psychological traps.

This is why it is vital to have God, the Father at the forefront of our awareness and in every thought, we think. Yes, even in the bedroom and the bathroom.

I am serious. He needs to be accessible and available to you 24/7; every waking moment.

This will also open doors for His messages and helpers to assist you in your sleeping hours.

Do not take my word for it. Test it out for yourself. You really can do no “wrong” before Him. That does not mean that you cannot do things that harm yourself and others, at least temporarily but these things will be seen for what they are eventually which is nothingness because only God’s Will is done in God’s Mind.

Think about that. And remember that it is out of joy and delight that God created His Son who is a literal extension of God, Himself, and what you literally are.

And do not uy the latest for of escapism: Mindfulness or being Present and in the Now.

These are but temporary distractions and DO NOT acknowledge your relationship of endearent and joy that comes from knowing your Father in Heaven.

This relationship is beyond all earthly relationships though that of a parent and child can be similar if it is pure.

Take heart, take courage, and greet your Father, God daily.

Know that He adores you and knows that you mean the world to Him.

Breathe that in and shake (literally) any thoughts to the contrary off your hands.

To God be all glory, in the name of Christ, amen.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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