Universal Reading for 17 August 2022

It is time for Christ (you and I) to welcome God’s Presence.

Photo by Subin on Pexels.com

1. No force will be used to bring us to accept Him.

Zilch. Nada. Nothing. He does not do this because He would be telling His Son, Christ that His Son (as part of the Christ Sonship this includes you and me) is not capable. And God DOES NOT LIE. You are capable of coming to this decision to undo the belief in separation from God by forgiving what never could have happened.

It will be our fill of suffering that will bring us back like the prodigal son.

And we will be welcomed Home one at a time with a party and the open Arms of our Loving Father.

2. God IS

That is ALL that there is. He encompasses all of creation and resides in every nook and cranny. (Yep, even there, tehe.)

As His Son, we exist within the Mind of God as a Thought, and a single entity, along with all of the rest of creation.

We exist symbiotically with all that is. Any idea that we are separated from the elements or one another or the galaxies without number is only in our DELUSIONS.

3. Time will be erased as healing erases the pain of yesterday and removes the fear of tomorrow.

Time exists only because of humanity’s obsession with protecting the body and the belief that attack is possible.

As we release the idea that we are a body and embrace the fact that we are of God we will find that time becomes less and less of a factor in our existence and experience of being.

I suspect that this is what Jesus was getting to when he said that “now” is all that is in A Course In Miracles’ material.

4. Choose to see the holiness in creation.

I have been afraid to engage with the world in any real way for a long time. Maybe my entire life if I was honest, AND if I was to take what Jesus explains in ACIM seriously.

I say this because Jesus taught that without setting aside the ego and allowing the Holy Spirit to move through me into the world there is no communicating.

By implementing the things the Holy Spirit is teaching me through the Atonement and as I continue to study ACIM I am recognizing that the ONLY thing that is real in the world IS God’s Love manifested throughout all of creation.

Please understand that Love does not come from you and me it IS because God IS and as we acknowledge that and allow (or will) that we are IN Him He flows through us.

This past week I have been in the company of significant individuals with who I probably had some of my more relaxed experiences some time ago.

I am practicing the recognition that only God’s Love IS and that I am able to observe it in others and nature and allow it to flow through me into all of creation.

I did pretty well though there were a couple of glitches but they were slight and more from a lack of experience and confidence in the mental construct I was seeking to exercise. I think of it as the Mind of Christ that Jesus has.

I have to believe in myself because God believes in me. He knows what I am capable of and I need to prove Him by stepping up and meeting the challenge of fulfilling my destiny.

And what IS that destiny? It is allowing God’s Presence on earth.

Doesn’t that sound like I am a bit “full of myself,” lol? It is not because what I am doing is getting my ego out of the way and BEING as God created me; AN EXTENSION OF HIM WITNESSED IN THOUGHT-“FORM”.

For me personally, this means not getting caught up in busyness and letting the Holy Spirit direct everything in my life seeing as He does ONLY God in everything.

God exists BEFORE I do. He has Willed (or given) me my own existence and cogniscence (self-awareness) within Him. In acknowledging this I acknowledge His WILL IS mine!

And so it is yours.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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