Universal Reading for Christ Consciousness 10 July 2022

From Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! 2019

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

1. Addiction

In this ego-created world of separation, we are addicted to the idea that there is something missing in our lives and someone or something will fix that.

I still fall for it.

Even though I know better intellectually, and spiritually.

This is an addiction that is eons old in our current psychic makeup.

Addiction takes many forms and often when one is overcome another takes its place.

It is the sense of something missing in our being that is the primary source of addiction. This may only be satisfied when we recognise that God supplies all our needs and wants.

All else is illusion and shall we say “frosting on the cake?”

Why not?

The Dream is made up of what we “think of ourselves” after all. Why could it not be one of delight?

Today, the addiction, all except for my addiction to food that is, falls away faster than it has in the past but it can still take me by surprise.

~ Alright, I will tell you my main one besides food. It is a partner, second only to what the world calls “family”. Both have been lifetime struggles satisfied only in my pursuit of understanding the words of Jesus which led to finding and accepting the Atonement finally in the spring of 2020. ~

These addictions are not too uncommon to the majority of us, I suspect.

Then I have to chuckle because I should know better but habits take time to change.

These (partners, family, food and other things that we consider basic needs) are symbols and signs within the Dream given to show us our way back to God.

They are to be experienced as they come and go without judgment or attachment. And ALWAYS with LOVE and RESPECT.

Even movement and body functions testify of this truth of cleansing and release.

There is much that humanity could savor if only it would acknowledge GOD and HIS SON.

In the Atonement, where complete forgiveness covers my goofahs, I know that I stand “complete” in God’s Mind, His Will, His protection, and His Love. All of which nothing in this world can compare to!

There are many levels of the Dream that we can get entangled. This happens while in the physical, after death, throughout dimensions, and beyond this galaxy. Yet, it is only in unity and acknowledgment of God and His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence that we ARE truly.

This is a mental or spiritual muscle that I am strengthening right now even as I am aware of Eternity and Heaven where I am in the Atonement.

It will become, like all habits, a natural part of what I am and I need to have patience with myself ~ I was going to say “while it manifests fully,” but that is not correct, rather ~ till the false habits that have established themselves over lifetimes fall away revealing only my witness of my true identity as God created me a part of the Sonship that is Christ, ALL of CREATION.

2. PTSpD

Whew, now here is a topic. It is my own diagnosis for what ails us spiritually. And no, I do not have any kind of degrees or certifications in anything.


This is something that I expect to see relieved in the next decade or two around the world.

Why do I expect that?

Because I have faith in the knowledge that God has regarding humanity and I believe we will make the decision to undo our error of separation from God by accepting the complete forgiveness that the Atonement offers so that we can get on with a more delightful experience and be on our way to being rid of Time once and for all.

PTSpD does not seem nearly so tragic as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which comes from severe trauma and has a bucketload of symptoms that I am not qualified to speak about, however, it is the reason behind the sense of lack and fear that we live in because of believing we could choose to leave Father.

Thus, it is responsible for addictions, power-hunger (which is believing that we make ANYTHING at all on our own), and depression because we sense separation which brings on abandonment issues and all kinds of things.

I say this tongue-in-cheek but really, the Atonement could even change a NARCISSIST And release both the narcissist and their victims at the same time.

In turn, accepting the Atonement would change the mentality of those who feel they are worthy of nothing less than narcissistic relationships.


3. Separation desires privacy because we think we are our own person.

We do not understand that we are God’s Son. We are His and His Will is where our joy is.

We will come to understand that as we realize that to see it as anything else only causes pain. This is the only thing that will cause us to accept what the Atonement offers us.

All those things that happen behind closed doors will, over time, be removed because there will be no reason to get our nourishment, emotional or nutritional from anything other than God, the Father.

4. His Story

Overall we really want to remember that this is Christ’s nightmare that we are witnessing and living. One that we can bring into a gentler state by accepting the Atonement.

The Atonement allows us to do this and makes it all palatable while giving us the peace that comes from the witness of the Holy Spirit of the truthfulness of the Atonement and the impossibility of the error which is the belief that we could be separated from God.

That all creation is God’s Son and that the Holy Spirit will guide us gently into His ARMS.


YOU do NOT have to wait. You can be one of the heroes of the story of redemption by being one of the first lights that accepted the Atonement in this generation!

I bought the idea that God was unreachable while we are in the flesh until the Holy Spirit told me otherwise in no uncertain terms somewhere between my review of A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lesson 150 and 180.

I can no longer support the way that ACIM has been presented to the world because it just is not correct on so many levels.

I have pulled out of chats for the most part and am going to the beginning of the Course to share my understanding of it. I will be reviewing the histories of the Founders as well. It is a full-time job and I love it because I believe it brings light to a darkened world.

I do so from what the Holy Spirit has taught me and it is not complete in any way but it is what I am impressed that I need to say to this generation and let them do what they will with it.

It is the Holy Spirit’s work though.

I just took on enough in this lifetime to know that I was lost with Jesus’ help and I knew this from having lived many lifetimes before.

I, debi, is but a vessel, a costume or an instrument through which He is Willing to speak. Bear in mind that I am only doing what ANY of US is capable of doing and we each will in our own way and time.

That which cleaned the vessel is who I am, not that I know or am worried about what that looks like or what degree of awareness even I will have once Time ends (though, for me, it has ended).

As soon as we are willing to accept the Atonement and the Holy Instant where we “see” that All of Creation is God’s Son and that we are a part of that God steps in and swoops us up.

This does not mean that there is no more struggle.

It means that when it occurs we understand that it is for our education and for the benefit of the Sonship as a whole in ways that we do not understand so our inner peace and joy do not leave us no matter our circumstances.

Each of us has a part in His Story.

And be careful not to judge too quickly who has done the greatest service in the awakening because we do not have privy to the grand Universal Plan and the most “humble” of us or “magnificent” of us is a part in waking the Sleeping Christ.

Learning feels good. Knowledge is better.

Please join me in the Atonement sooner rather than later. And thank you for accepting your part in it.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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