It Really Is All About Me; Not the Ego, the Divinity That I Am

Each of us needs to really understand what that means.

From my weekly card reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! A continued journey of understanding core principles within A Course In Miracles and a lifetime of study of the teachings of Jesus.

Before I start I want to share some impressions from a nine-minute clip about poignant statements from Robin Williams. Please watch it, it is profound.

Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash INSANITY PERSONIFIED 

He said you lose your ego and see “something far greater than yourself”, and that connections were very important. He spoke of performing to avoid talking about what was really troubling him. 

I love his work in Awakenings and I believe concepts there are key to what I am trying to share here.

Until humanity has a reason to believe in its divinity and eternal existence we will settle for confinement and self-imprisonment. If a connection to self is not sufficient to our psyche to meet all of its needs we will continue to search outside ourselves for gratification and come up short.

My heart breaks for this man. It is my belief that he could not figure out a way back into himself and his true identity. Basically, he had externalized his existence through his thought system, which as a society and a race, we really handed to him and fed to him throughout his life.

Robin William’s life continues to fascinate and teach me. When asked what his legacy would be he said he did not know and that maybe it would be that he tried different things. 

What I know of him, he was a very earthy man, meaning he was caught up in the experiences of life. He believed in God and lifting others but he was well-grounded in the desires of the body and seemed to feel that was where life was to be experienced. (IE in and through the body.)

Robin spoke of channeling the comic genius he magnified but where was his grounding that connected his spiritual and physical identity?

I do not wish to denounce the body, (nor dishonor Robin in any way) rather I would suggest that we want to use what the body experience shows us, via our feelings, to understand what we ARE in our true essence as eternal beings. This way, the body will benefit and cause the spirit to blossom and vice versa. 

With that, I offer you this reading:

There is a Plan prepared. No force will be used and there are many paths. We cannot choose to escape the experience; only the timing is of our choosing.

It can seem emotionally like we are going to die once we get on the path because of the things that we will see or experience but I assure you that you will not die and that you are better off accepting truth now rather than leaving this life without doing that because you will just get to come here and do it again.

That may seem harsh but what is the alternative really? It is only a delay and additional distress.

If you accept the truths in this lifetime at least the next time you come you will be in a better position to move humanity’s consciousness forward.

And what about getting to a place where we do not return? 

I cannot feel really good about that because we do not get over the trauma of belief in separation from God without each other and once we have discovered the truth we can return as fully aware of our oneness and help others on their path. 

The suffering of this life is a perspective. Pain is a temporary manifestation of the confused mind. I would like to think that I would want to return to assist the release of bondage to the belief in separation from God.

You teach others who they are by honoring yourself.

As you treat yourself with kindness and affection you are showing others that they too are worthy of kindness and affection.

I know it is called being selfish by the world. Especially those who claim to be highly religious but being true to you defines your place in the Atonement and it establishes a foundation for you to trust yourself, and your Heavenly Father’s provisions.

I have recently wrestled with this, and something that helps me is the mantra No Guilt. Raised as a female and a Christian, guilt was what I grew up on. 

What has really brought it to a head for me is my fight with food addiction. I know that I eat for emotional reasons and that feeling guilty or feeling used, which is extending guilt to someone, is at the base of my issues. 

I have hit that fork in the road that says you can either continue to abuse yourself and let that wreak havoc and take your time while in this body, or you can turn it over to God and do what you have been given the power to do in this lifetime. 

One step at a time I will do my best to walk my talk and talk my walk. 

God IS

I put in another card this week because I had not included this and it is a concept that is just too huge to ignore.

It is the core of my faith. My one truth that I would give up anything else to support.

In the temple of Latter-day Saints, we are told there is one truth that all else falls under and this is the truth I choose.

Yes, I choose.

I choose to deny even my own being if it defies the reality of God IS. And believe me, in the eight years that I have been aware of the Course material that reality has been presented many times because of the way that the founding personalities of the Course material presented it. (I am not of a mind to agree with them but God IS aces anything else, including my existence. *What I believe is that God IS because We ARE, meaning Christ IS. It works synergistically from what I understand today.)

I know how the Holy Spirit works and He will not do what is feared and I perceive that the core group who brought us ACIM feared what the Course contained by their own recorded and documented admission. 

Now, I am not about to begrudge their work because the material would not be available if not for them. But I will not hold to their interpretation of the material and will seek my own understanding from the Holy Spirit as Jesus counseled in the Course.

God IS was also written on a scroll that Helen saw in one of her dreams and the way she described it was that it defined her ability to take on the role to bring us A Course In Miracles.

To the left of the scroll were things past and to the right things future and she chose to accept the declaration of the center, God IS. She had passed the test. Much gratitude!

His Story

This is not ACIM truth that is talked about by others but it is what I understood in the first couple of times that I read through the Course after 40 years as a Christian studying the words of Jesus.

I do believe in an individual identity for each of us. And I believe that identity continues to expand and grow though I am not so sure it is through what we see as physical bodies. 

In other words, our creations may have more to do with our ideas and hopes rather than creating another ego vessel to perpetuate the story of guilt and punishment on the Son of God.

His Story is what I refer to as the roles that the Christ-Ego who is sending us on field trips of destruction to manifest the consequences of our belief in separation from God. Given to the Holy Spirit, they are sanctified and blessed with all that the Father has as creations of His Son. This is my understanding today.

Christ — Ego, yes, that is what I mean. I know that Christ in His Highest Self is whole but there were many thoughts or creations that He had that got the message that they were separate from God and quite frankly, a lot them do not want to give that up now. Pain is addictive. Power, even if it is a mirage, is addictive. 

Jesus says that there is a part of each of us that knows who we truly are and that we come from the Love of God. 

Our “creation”, at least in part, seems to stem from choosing to recognize this even while we are playing out this Story about separation. In other words; we must choose to exist, and it begins with accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ which is forgiveness of Christ for the belief that He could be separate from God and then following the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we are led out of our confusion.

This will be done individually and as a whole as well because we do not heal by ourselves.

It really is all about me, my Divine Indentity as a Son of God. Instead of needing to fix others’ problems and not caring for my needs, I want to listen to my own inner voice and allow the world to be healed along with me.

May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten each of us.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now. 

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