Being Different From the Pack Is Good

You are changing the world. 

Remember I am a student first. I teach what I understand to learn more. My word is not the last, listen to your own internal guidance system. This is one way I internalize and externalize the Course:

(A ‘card’ reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! which is a book I wrote explaining Course principles as I understood them then. This reading helps me continue my understandings.)

How you look at yourself and others gives you the world you live in.

If you see yourself as separated from God you will see the illusional world which is based on fear.

If you have accepted the atonement and understand that separation from God is impossible you will see Christ, the Son of God, in other words, that which God created.

Seeing Christ, in yourself and others, who is confused and bewildered is a lot different than believing that there are others who are seeking to harm you.

Now, let me be real here; while in the state of mind of the illusion which is outside of the atonement or undoing of the original error of belief in separation from God, they ARE seeking to harm you and themselves.

When you accept the Atonement and follow the Holy Spirit He will show you things in the world that you may not want to see BUT He will also put a love in your heart for those who are confused.

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Like a Halloween costume, this is not truly harmful but it certainly can feel like it while we are in the world of the physical. And, yes, people can hurt us in a million ways on many levels.

What a person who has the atonement understands is that it is not “real” in any eternal sense and it cannot affect us beyond what we allow it to.

Does that mean that we are to put up with or allow injustices in the name of Christ or kindness? I have found no reason to believe that. Even though, Christianity and many other thought methodologies have taught this.

I am currently in the throes of experiencing what it is like to take care of myself as a Child of God with the understanding that I do not have to allow myself to be in a place where: I feel uncomfortable, demeaned, unappreciated, or of no worth because this is not the opinion of MY FATHER and His Opinion is the ONLY ONE that Counts!

We each bring something significant to the Sonship during Time (IE. the illusion) and that is the ability to forgive and to be a channel for God’s Love.


Being different is okay. It is unique to the Universal Plan (or Time) and will not be seen once all have accepted the atonement. Not because we will not have diversity but because we will have the baseline understanding that we are God’s Son and that gives us a common foundation and reference place of identity which we do not have within the illusion.

All-time is NOW and in this NOW (present moment) we have the ability to create a new world.

Time is identified by errors of the past and punishment in the future.

The atonement that Jesus would have us partake in removes the past and the future, AND puts us in touch with our unique relationship with the Father as His Son.

****This gives us access to our only true power which is God’s Love for His Son.****

Being in the NOW means being true to you, not ignoring all else. 

Time is given to remove the belief in separation, betrayal, and punishment which is why I believe this is the “unveiling” and not “life”. However, I do believe that within the Atonement one may experience everlasting life while in the body because they will understand that they are not the body. **Doing this without acknowledging the Father is not the same thing because it is the Father’s Love that gives us our eternal life. 

Humanity did not “create” Love. To claim one has love without acknowledging the Father is to denounce your birthright and power as the Son of God.

To take the teachings of Jesus as meaning that you are to be silent to injustices that are found within the illusion is really a slap in the face of God. In my humble opinion. 

Being different from the pack is good. Especially when you have yourself firmly established in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

*I use the name Jesus Christ with honor and respect because he was the first to remember that the Son had not separated from the Father and I am grateful for his willingness to be faithful and teach us this vital information.

I have forgiven him the belief in separation, very possibly even its origin, and gladly receive the Atonement and everlasting life in God, the Father.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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