My brother’s birthday and two of my children, then there’s Halloween.

Halloween was my eldest daughter’s favorite holiday as it is for many people nowadays.

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I love the cooler weather.

I am a sweater-weather girl. 🙂

It is the season for new beginnings for me.

I think that idea came from going to school with new clothes because I was the eldest and had grown out of the others.

There was the chance that this time I would meet someone that would tell me life was real here.

I never found that person though I would search for decades. In people, philosophies, religions, organizations, etc. I did not understand then that it was not to be found.

Today, I know better than to look outside to find comfort or peace.

I am grateful for that witness.

Inside is a Divine Voice that whispers, “You have value and purpose.” We all have it.

Finding it and learning to be willing to yield to it and trust it is the greatest gift I could give to anyone, ever!

I offer this, my testimony, that there is a divinity within you that will guide you to the Atonement once you are willing to “look and see” beyond the horrors that your spiritual eye will show you about the world.

Even the moments of respite and those who seem to have it all together or “the perfect” life live in an illusion of smoke and mirrors.

I do not say this to take away your faith and hope but to shed light on the faith and hope that we have in the Atonement’s forgiveness and awareness that we have never left the perfection of our creation.

I testify that there is a God who knows us and loves us and is capable of washing away all of that which is not of Him and He resides within you, not as you alone but as all that is and MORE.

He is more than all of us and yet needs us as much as we need Him. That is how great and perfect His generosity of creation is.

If a human were that vulnerable he would be crushable because of free will, but the Entity that created the Son endowed Him with all that the Father is as there is nothing else that could be.

The Son only thinks that His Will could be something different than the Father’s but someday He will understand it is not possible.

I live within the witness of the Atonement and in the reality of new beginnings every day.

I know that despite the clouds and fog that come with (the separation) fall (pun intended) that God is aware and everything is proceeding in its path for the benefit of all creation.

This is my witness, in the name of Christ, the Holy Son of God and all that is, amen.

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