What else guides us to our destiny and voice in this time of existence?

The messages are a bit more personal this week and maybe could be considered “heavier” than previous readings. Then again, it is perhaps just me and where I am in my learning.

Remember, I share these things as I feel directed by the Holy Spirit at this time. Please use responsible reflection and listen to your inner guidance system while we seek greater light together.

We each had gifts given to us from the beginning of time.

Your gift may be tenacity, curiosity, or a talent to be used in the physical world found in any of the arts or sciences of humanity or any sort of “being”.

They give you a specific perspective and language to share the message that those living in the physical world need to hear which is the Atonement and that this is not “life” but a time of “unveiling”.

The gifts also place you in the vicinity of those you have agreed to reach in accordance to the Universal Plan that Jesus, and many other ascended masters have established for the restoration of the Son to full awareness of who He is.

I believe that a key gift of Jesus’ was that of having a direct memory of being in the presence of God with the Whole Sonship. This is why we may exercise faith in his witness of the truthfulness of Christ AND the Creator who is Father of All That Is.

Jesus also has the willingness and ability to be aware of the whole Sonship and each of its parts completely without judgment, while exercising patience and urgency at the same time. This may be key to why he was able to accept the Atonement and the role of sharing it with the whole Sonship.

One of my signature traits is the ability to be a “people person” while at the same time not having the “adhesiveness” that allow me to be connected to anything here. I used to consider this a flaw but today I see it as the spiritual gift it is.

I would 

have written this in a negative way in the past and there are enormous libraries filled with books on how to correct this gift. But it has allowed me to be very altruistic and inclusive in my affections.

Granted, it has its negative connotations in the physical world because my ability to see the best in people has made me a target for words, and behaviors, like slut and whore but hey, I would not have had it any other way.

Today, I understand that union cannot be found in the physical and it is often used for bondage and attack, instead of peace and comfort.

I suspect that each of our gifts can be used to lift humanity or to enslave it. It is the Atonement alone that decides which direction it will be. I understand that this is a strong statement but I stand by it.

It is my understanding that when Christ fully wakens, each of us will have access to all of the gifts, for we each have been endowed with all that the Father has.

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This is what I have referred to as one of the three temptations. The other two being power-hunger or bullying and depression.

Addiction covers a great deal more than just injected substances.

Behaviors and even attitudes can be addictive, not to mention habits or simply “getting in a rut”.

My perspective on addiction is that it may not be an inherently negative thing and may well work as a glue of sorts to that which we truly desire which is the presence of God.

In this world of illusion where we feel we are separated from God, however, that which draws and attracts is used as a tool of the ego to attack, bind, and torture the individual which affects many others since “no man is an island”.

In my experience of watching addictions, it would appear that you never really get rid of them, you simply trade them for a different or newer model. A drug addict may become addicted to a healthy lifestyle which we call good or advancement or better.

Yet, it does not matter where the addiction shows itself, if the adhesive pull is not to God, the Father and Creator of All That Is, it is wasteful to the eternal life of the Son.

I mean no disrespect to families but if your goal is to simply populate an existence that defies God, aren’t we missing something?

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PTSpD, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, will not leave you.

It is part of the witness that life, as we understand it as separate from God, is a mistake.

With the Atonement in your life, it becomes understandable and bearable, even something to be thankful for.

How can we expect to be living in a place where we are separated from that which gives us “life” and not be dissatisfied or distressed by that reality?

See it for the blessing that it is by understanding that it can be used as the fuel to motivate the will to receive the Atonement. Which will bring about the undoing of the original error of belief in separation from God through absolving forgiveness for what must surely be a hallucination in the mind of the Son of God.

The Holy Spirit is the one that sees PTSpD and will carry the burden for us, especially once we accept the Atonement.

This has been one of the largest blessings and revelations of my life!

The Holy Spirit is able to see the dark and still remember the light and truth. It is no burden for Him because He knows there is no truth in the dark.

The Holy Spirit will carry the weight of sorrow when you are willing to open your eyes and see what we are really doing in the world to one another and not make excuses or justify that which tears down the light and spirit of any individual.

We do need to ask Him to do so, however. (I had to ask Him to help me carry the weight of the cries that I could hear in my soul of those who were being molested in neighborhoods near and far.)

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is brought about by traumatic experiences that leave us ruminating in the terror of what occurred. It can manifest in ways that are obvious, such as night terrors, where we relive the trauma and leave us feeling as if we have no way to remove ourselves from it.

Likewise, PTSpD affects our experiences. This is the cause of the sense of humanity’s belief that we are vulnerable and able to be harmed. It is behind all of humanity’s fear. And humanity’s belief in its need to defend itself.

Even with A Course In Miracles being around for nearly fifty years we still do not understand that there is a God.

So ingrained is our belief that we have betrayed Him that we have denied His very existence and fight it with every kind of strategy the confusion of the ego can devise.

The Atonement is the only sure answer because the Atonement acknowledges God and our relationship to one another. Among the students of ACIM, there is a tendency to acknowledge the oneness of humanity and even all creation while denying the existence of God, Himself.

This needs to change.

God will not be denied.

What more can I say?

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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