We like to think that we are the only creatures who make up the Son of God.

But there is a lot more to Christ than meets the eye.

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It is my suspicion that humanity is the destination, in the mind of Christ, that manifests the “cream of the crop”.

The ones that have shown the dedication and focus to be able to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.

I know that it looks like we could not be more mixed up and incapable of taking care of one another and our planet, much less, galaxies without number, but this is exactly what I am proposing here.

And with that, here is our reading for November 16–22, 2020.

Give thanks to God. Show compassion and courtesy to one another.

All gifts come from God. Period.

I do not care who delivered them or who thought them up, they all come from God.

Quit paying homage to yourself and your peers.

Say thank you to the one who brings the gift, but acknowledge from whom it comes, which is God, Our Father.

Then be kind and tolerant of one another.

Give each other the space to breathe.

Be as honest as you can to yourself and to each other. And do not think that means spilling your guts.

It means being aware. Having eyes that see and ears that hear.

It begins with recognizing yourself as a Child of God who does not have an absent parent.

The Atonement knows that PTSD has no lasting effect. It may cause distress, but it is only for a moment, like a fearful jump when you are startled. Peace is your true identity.

We make up the world as a collective. “External conditions are produced by the thoughts of many, not all of whom are pure in heart as yet.” page 47 Urtext of A Course In Miracles 610-page pdf

And “Mental health is INNER peace.” (same ref. place)

Peace must be found inside and it is possible to do so in the worst of circumstances once one understands that this is an illusion and that the Son of God is Whole, Healed, Perfect, and Cherished by the Father.

And do not forget, that is you. And your neighbor as well.

We live in separate worlds, only in the ego. In the Atonement, we live as individual, autonomous beings, worthy and capable of existing in a world/body of similar entities.

Freedom is something that happens inside, just like peace.

It is found in the Atonement that witnesses that we are all one and that there is nothing to forgive because anything contrary to the will of God has no truth in it.

No matter how real it seems today.

So, breath, and move forward, whatever that means for you.

And smile, when you can! It gets easier, trust me! 🙂 ❤

His Story

We are in the process of accepting a 5th-dimensional attitude that understands that the confusion, chaos, and suffering of the world was a result of the error of separation and is not the truth of existence.

All those sore spots, whether they are from childhood or a dysfunctional partner, trapped in delusional thinking in the many cults of society. Be they from past lives or entities beyond this realm, they are all part of the confusion that put Christ into a belief in lack and tyranny.

He is ready to step into a place where His dreams are willing to work on His behalf and where the desire is the Awakening above all else.

It is a place where Christ is realized and His Father is recognized as the giver of life and all that is good.

It is not a religion, it is a psychological witness of our truth as being connected to all that is and ever will be and knowing that we were not created by our own power.

Only in this fashion can we move forward into our identity as Saviors in all the other multitudes of galaxies that await their deliverance through our witness of the truth.

The truth that we are all ONE and that the Creator has never left us, nor have we left him. We can find that witness only in the Atonement because only in the Atonement may we stand aware of our flesh and of the various forms of distress in the world and know that none of it could even be in our imaginations without the Error of Separation.

Only when all of Christ is awakened will the glorious day of reunion with the Father in full glory be realized for any of us.

In the meantime, we may be blessed with the peace that passes understanding if we will step into the Atonement and live our lives by the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us.

Our Creator meant for us to have joy and delight in creation.

We can do this!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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