Universal Reading 2 – 8 March 2020 Seeing Christ Is Our Task

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Time is really on our side. All time is actually in process at this moment and any effort we make to forgive the circumstances of His Story, whether in the past or in the future affects NOW.

Take a deep breath and feel the Present. This is where your power lies. It matters not what pain you may be feeling, whether it is physical or emotional.

Forgiving the error of separation will establish the connection to the sub-conscious miracle mind, which will be directed by Jesus, according to the Plan.

Jesus, alone, knows when people are ready to accept the Miracle.

Trust that it is in play. Do not be deceived by how things appear to be. Even your emotions can be deceiving. Be an observer and just let them be without trying to define or escape them.

You may see things about others that you wish you did not know. That is okay. Treat them the way you want to be treated, knowing they are confused by the Christ within.

You only need accept the Atonement for yourself, and realize that everyone has a part in it, to bless others.

Your witness of the error and forgiveness for it blesses the world.

Do not let the wars and rumors of wars, large or small, convince you that your “being” is without purpose or impact.

Trust that all are being looked after by Divine Hands.

You will witness great Joy due to the Atonement undoing the error. Do not fret that it is not permanent in your day to day. Trust that it is true.

Even if decades of trauma seem to make up your existence. The Joy is what is real.

Have faith and trust that witness of Joy. Do not expect that you must stay in that “wow” state or sensation continually.

If you did you would not be able to stay here in the physical. Your presence and awareness are needed to help others understand and accept the miracle of forgiveness and light of the Atonement. There is something about being in the flesh that intensifies that witness.

Imagine if when people came together, they came with the witness of the Atonement in their lives! Christ would be seen and forgiven!

It would not be an attack to point out something that needs improvement. Instead, it would be considered an assistance to our God, meaning Christ; even ourselves.

Feeling that you can help and be a part of something goes a long way in creating a bonded relationship.


The purpose of time is to bless humanity with the awareness of their place in the Creator.

Forgiving the error, by accepting the Atonement, brings light to the Whole Consciousness.

Trust those moments of great Joy and hold them close to your heart and memory.

Visualize a world where the Atonement is understood, where coming together with others is in the light; and not in the shadow of guilt brought on by the ego trying to cover its nakedness.

I bear witness that is humanities potential and it will be a glorious, industrious, and plentiful time. 🙂 ❤

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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