58 Urtext of ACIM pg 41 + 42 Christ Will Wake; You Can Do It Today and Be Part of the Light

Please invite the Holy Spirit for interpretation, thank you. Text in bold. Comments*

42. The miracle makes no distinction among degrees of misperception.

*I was going to put up two extreme examples of life circumstance, but I do not desire to just freak people out. Basically, we are all in a state of misperception because we do not understand that we are in God and nothing else is real.

*Wherever we find our self is false representation of what we are. This applies even to those who seem very innocent or very deviant.

*Do you see why it will be harder for the “righteous” to enter the kingdom of God than for the “sinner”? They will want to have “justice served” by demanding someone pay for an event that is an impossibility in God. Yet as a creator, as God is, what we believe is what seems real to us.

*It is a huge bite and a big deal to get over, but once you do; you will wonder how you could have ever understood it otherwise.

It is a device for perception-correction which is effective quite apart from either the degree or the direction of the error.

*No matter what form or time/age/race/sexual inclination/length of hair/shape of nose divides us in this basic need of perception-correction.

This is its TRUE indiscriminateness.

*This levels the playing field, all across the board. Age, sexual-orientation, height, education, occupation, heritage, lineage, nothing divides us.

Christ-controlled miracles are selective only in that they are directed toward those who can use them for THEMSELVES.

*Miracles are at the sub-conscious level and Jesus is aware of when a person is able to receive what they have been given. This means that no miracle extension is unsuccessful. And it acknowledges that we need assistance just as Jesus and everyone else does.

*Christ-controlled is not to be confused with the awakened Christ, for then we would all be in the presence of God, which we obviously are not. The confusion here is in Helen’s refusal (consciously or unconsciously) to acknowledge that it is Jesus that we are giving control to of the miracle’s timing. The correct statement would have said Jesus-controlled.

Since this makes it inevitable that they will extend them to others, a very strong chain of Atonement is welded.

*Hooray! Thank you, Jesus, for putting this into the Plan. Or at least allowing it, as it came from the Father.

But Christ-control takes no account at all of the MAGNITUDE of the miracle itself, because the concept of size exists only in a plane that is itself unreal.

*A reflection of the difference between where humanity thinks it is and where it is.

Since the miracle aims at RESTORING reality, it would hardly be useful if it were bound by the laws of the same error it aims to correct.

*Does that make sense? We want to recognize the distance (in concept) from our creator, source, and God. And acknowledge that this was never meant to be.

Only man makes that kind of error.

*Because of the preemptive source of guilt in Christ’s Guilty Conscience.

*preemptive[prēˈemptiv]ADJECTIVE serving or intended to preempt or forestall something, especially to prevent attack by disabling the enemy.

*The preemptive attempt to stop us from realizing we are in God and that this is a good thing. We are lacking nothing and attack is not possible.

It is an example of the “foolish consistency” his own false beliefs have engendered.

*The consistency we think we have in life is False, with a capital F.

Both the power and the strength of man’s creative will must be understood, before the real meaning of denial can be appreciated and abolished.

*Deny, is what Christ has done to the Father’s Love.

Denial is NOT mere negation.

*Denial “does not only say something does not exist in my world”.

It is a positive miscreation.

*It is believing a falsehood that we have given a face to.

*Think of someone who has accused you of not loving them or betraying them, when this is not so. Then you may recognize the false image they have created while they have also denied the love you have for them.

*This may be found in a lover’s situation. Yet, it is most poignant when it is between family members, i.e. siblings, parents and children, cousins, etc..

While the miscreation is NECESSARILY believed in by its own creator, it does not exist at all at the level of true Creation.

*You will live as if the falsehood is true. What is the difference if you are mistaken, if all your decisions are based on a falsehood? It corrupts everything and leaves no rock un-turned.

*Here one may get a flashing glimpse of what Redemption might look like as you contemplate the “aha moment” that gives new light and perspective to all that is and ever has been, whether it is in the life of an individual or the Whole of Christ Consciousness.

*Nothing will stop the work from moving forward. The Christ that is in each of us, will eventually understand who He is and embrace His Brother; and glorify the Father.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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