Review of “Lucifer” Seasons 1-4 Now on Netflix

What an awesome Christmas gift I have received! No spoilers alerts, accept minor character definitions.

This show is dynamic and stimulating!

It pulls at my imagination and gives me something to think about!

Not to mention the fact that their character portrayals are fantastic!

Lucifer; devilishly handsome and at the same time hideous, or so we would be led to believe.

Is that not what we are as well? We often want to label ourselves by our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, our looks. Our skin, etc. is so not what we are.

And the embarrassment of being skinless is not so horrifying as it may first appear either. In fact, it would be beautiful, if it were the norm.

Officer Decker is beautifully understated, his mother is gorgeous and large-not to mention still very powerful, the therapist is petite, pretty, ethical while still being human, and real without being overly righteous. Each one magnificent in their own way!

I am so delighted with the creators of this program! I love the therapist concept which involves the idea that it is okay to puzzle/think things through!

The shows idea of hell is fabulous! I will not spoil it but just say I am delighted!

Blood, guts, sex, cursing. distaste for what we think of as “the norm”. Yay! If that is what it takes to get people to think about this stuff! So be it!

It is what people want to see! And within that framework there is a wonderful place to consider deep possibilities! As the show reveals!

I feel the gentle stretch of psychic understanding and possibilities as I watch it and I am grateful!

I made those notes after watching two and a half seasons.

I think of the days that I walked willing to put up walls and restrictions on others and myself because I wanted to keep my mind clean — i.e. no blood, cursing, or bums — and I shudder. I have to be willing to “see life if I would help heal it” is how I look at it today. Besides, separation is only an illusion.

I want to share my thoughts from my place of study and faith at this time. It has no real bearing on the show itself, just my ramblings.

I see Lucifer as representing The Son of God, Christ, as a Whole. My personal belief about the concept of the devil, at this time, is that he is a metaphor. Though he could easily have been a part of the illusion, as we all are, he represents our innate need or desire, as the Son of God, to be punished for the supposed separation from God.

His Mother (in my mind suggesting femininity) is not the light she is given credit for right now, but she will shed the light on the issues, which is what Lucifer does as the Light Bringer.

I see the feminine voice needing to be heard currently, not because it is wiser, but to bear witness of the foolishness of believing what we have created “separate from God” could be real.

In other words, the demise of the fascination with manifesting in the world, will allow us to rest in the assurance of our place in the presence of God. (“Be still and know God.”) Instead of simply allowing and causing tidal waves of suffering in the world.

I see Chloe as the carrot, the “never reached” idea of connection and love that is nowhere, if it is not within the individual itself. Not because she is female, but because she is the symbol of love that will make us whole and safe. That love has to be found within myself, not outside in parents, partners, or society.

Even God, if He is seen as something outside of ourselves. We are in God, God is in us. There is no lack. There is only confusion.

Love of self, our whole self, allows us to truly love others and this is what we as humans are so afraid of.

We, as Christ, stand in God’s love and grace. Nothing can change that. Not even Christ, Himself in whatever form or demographic He wishes to manifest Himself.

Where will the writer’s of Lucifer take us in Season 5? Will they examine psychologically the criminal mind who believes itself separate from God?

How about the average Joe who thinks he is separated?

Will they allow Lucifer to find peace in existence alone?

Will the feminine show its true nature and be willing to let go of the illusion of building outside of God’s presence instead of inside of Him?

That is a pretty big task to ask of anyone. I am grateful for the attempts however, and I may even have an idea for a show of my own. 🙂

I just had to share my enthusiasm for the show!

(I have to admit the blood got a bit much for me at times and coming from a background of suicidal thoughts, I was reminded of many ways that a body can be harmed. But those are my issues aren’t they. Like, being nearly over-whelmed at the show of the naked physical form.)

Humanity needs to get over itself and see Christ beyond and in it all. And acknowledge the desire of the Son for the Father and the Father for the Son, in a union no illusion can destroy.

May we all be willing to receive just a bit more understanding so that the light might shine a little brighter, is my prayer.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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