Day 37 Urtext ACIM pg. 32 Jesus Knows The Whole Plan

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

38.Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind. By being One, this state of mind goes out to ANYONE, even without the awareness of the miracle worker himself. The impersonal nature of miracles is because Atonement itself is one, uniting all creations with their Creator.

*By impersonal he does not mean uncaring, he means all are a part of it and none are excluded.

39.The miracle is an expression of an inner awareness of Christ & acceptance of his Atonement.

*We are speaking of Christ here. Not Jesus. Christ is the whole of humanity.

The mind is then in a state of Grace, and naturally becomes gracious, both to the Host within and the stranger without.

*I sense that the Host within is Christ and that you see Christ in the stranger or those you meet or come across.

*The state of Grace comes from the recognition of Christ in what one considers oneself.

By bringing in the stranger, he becomes your brother.

*Bringing in suggests recognizing Christ within the other and knowing he is a part of self.

The miracles you are told NOT to perform have not lost their value.

*Jesus stated that we would be directed when the Miracle should be extended and when not.

They are still expressions of your own state of Grace, but the ACTION aspect of the miracle should be Christ-controlled, because of His complete Awareness of the Whole Plan.

*ACTION being what is manifested in the world of illusion that we currently exist in.

*This phraseology is what can be so misleading and creates confusion to mortals about Jesus and Christ. Jesus is definitely connected to Christ, in a way that none of the rest of us are. Yet he alone, is not the Christ. He uses that terminology because of his unique sense of the oneness that we are all together in Christ.

*The Atonement is Christ-controlled, through Jesus, because Jesus, as firstborn in spirit, is aware of the Whole Plan for humanity. No one else amongst us has his perspective in linear time.

*There is no way that you are going to take Jesus out of the equation when you are talking about the healing of humanity. It does not matter what political or religious attitudes dictate or deny.

The impersonal nature of miracle-mindedness ensures YOUR own Grace, but only Christ is in a position to know where Grace can be BESTOWED.

*Helen commented that Jesus had an ego problem. It could be from these kinds of statements. Not being a Christian, she had no testimony or witness from the Holy Spirit of the teachings of Jesus and Oneness in duality is a difficult thing to fathom.

*The “can be” component aligns with where the miracle is willingly received. Jesus knows the Whole Plan and the hearts of humanity so that he knows when individuals will be willing to receive Grace. It will not be forced on people, because that is not the way of God. Because they are of God, they will all eventually come to desire it, but they will choose the timing of receiving it.

*A teacher of the Miracle will be willing to receive Grace unto himself.

*To extend it to others one must ask for the assistance of Jesus. Thus, the need for the recommended prayer in the Urtext, “Help me to perform the Miracles you would have me do this day”. Helen never reached this state because she was ashamed of Jesus and unwilling to receive his help in this way, except sporadically.

*Helen and others are still trying to take Jesus out of the equation in the Atonement. What I am sensing recently is that he must be a part of the equation because of his place as first born or first thought of Christ. All the rest of us brought in the conflict. We began the duality and the sense of the possibility of loss or scarcity. It is Jesus Plan that must be played out because as a world where the Law of Attraction is manifest, he was the first to create thoughts about this world and his desires will be fulfilled. Perhaps that is why it is best to identify what we desire and then let go of the how and such, because it is Jesus’ show or Plan. He knows there is no true loss in the eternal sense of things.

*He would have been without fear, guilt, or conflict of mind because he still knew himself to be of Christ. Without guilt? And yet, it is Christ’s guilty conscience that started all of this chaotic behavior. Somewhere in the subconscious of Jesus, guilt would have been, yet he crossed the line and forgave Christ, that he might partake in the Atonement fully. When did this occur? It appears that we do not know. Maybe his connection with Christ gave him recollection of the presence of God as well so that he did not have to question who he was in the presence of the Father of Christ. Maybe the deep seeded guilt brought the betrayal of Judas and the week that followed within the law of attraction. His forgiveness of Judas would deliver him as our forgiveness delivers us.

*I take what I do here very seriously and I will not testify of something if it does not make sense. I believe in God. I believe in Christ, the Son of God. I believe in the Holy Ghost. And I believe that Jesus is the one that oversees the Atonement. Beyond just letting us know that it is do-able and being an example of it. I believe his role is significant in the timing and while we may not understand the idea that we need a leader in this, that does not take away the fact that he is. One step at a time, not in blind faith, but in the witness of the light he has given me I will walk.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~


Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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