Day 36 Urtext ACIM pg. 31 and 32 Do We Know What Our Goal Is?

Please bring a prayer and the Holy Spirit with you. Text is bold type, my comments have *asterisk*.

Remember the story about the artist who kept devoting himself to inventing better & better ways of sharpening pencils. He never created anything, but he had the sharpest pencil in town. (The language here is intentional. Sex is often utilized on behalf of very similar errors. Hostility, triumph, vengeance, self-debasement, and all sort of expressions of the lack of love are often VERY clearly seen in the accompanying fantasies. But it is a PROFOUND error to imagine that, because these fantasies are so frequent (or occur so reliably), that this implies validity. Remember that while validity implies reliability the relationship is NOT reversible. You can be wholly reliable, and ENTIRELY wrong.

*Helen is a scientist and an atheist. She thinks in clinical terms and this is what Jesus is using here. The purpose of an artist would be to produce art, if all he is doing is sharpening pencils, he is not fulfilling his potential.

*Sexuality, which is such a strong urge among humanity, is often used to promote separation rather than any form of connection.

*Reliability can still be entirely wrong. A lot of what humanity bases the concept of happiness on could fall into this category. Just because everyone is doing it does not make it right.

While a reliable test DOES measure something, what USE is the test unless you discover what the “something” is?

*Does science and study of humanities give humanity any real answers? This is what I believe Jesus was asking Helen.

And if validity is more important than reliability, and is also necessarily implied BY it, why not concentrate on VALIDITY and let reliability fall naturally into place.

*Reminds me of dealing with the cause of an illness and not with the symptoms alone. In other words, heal the cause of the illness and the symptoms will take care of themselves.

Intellect may be a “displacement upward”, but sex can be a “displacement outward.”

*Be sure to note that he said, “can be”. This does not mean that it always is or that it must be. If it is seen beyond a sensory indulgence, or a means to produce a child, and looked at as a glue to connect people or hold society together, it is misguided.

How can man “come close” to others thru the parts of him which are really invisible?

*Noting that the body is not truly what you are.
The word “invisible” means “cannot be seen or perceived.” What cannot be perceived is hardly the right means for improving perception.

*Sex then, is not a good form of communicating.

*This statement really intrigues me. These “parts” are what process foods and fluids that we consume, and which produce and deliver newborns. The replenish the world of illusion, but do not do anything to bring attention to the truth of what man is as a spiritual being. I have stated before that I do not believe that nourishment or sexual behavior is natural to our being because as a part of God, we are self-reliant or self-existent. I suspect that we will eventually evolve out of their use. I do not expect it anytime in the near future, but I could see both tendencies being utilized less and less.

The confusion of miracle impulse with sexual impulse is a major source of perceptual distortion, because it INDUCES rather than straightening out the basic level-confusion which underlies all those who seek happiness with the instruments of the world.

*The confusion would be that of them being a source of connection.

*INDUCES = brings on … it brings on level-confusion by continuing to create the illusion of separation, as well as being a seedbed for envy, jealousy, and other attitudes where duality is seen as threatening to one’s autonomy and sovereignty.

A desert is a desert is a desert. You can do anything you want in it, but you CANNOT change it from what it IS.

*Sex creates duality which is in direct conflict with the Oneness of God and those in Him. It joins the body only momentarily. It joins something that is not eternal: it does not have eternal impact.

It still lacks water, which is why it IS a desert (Bring up that dream about the Bluebird. While HS was looking for this dream, she came across another. The message was to bring both, as an excellent example of how extremely good HS had become over the intervening 25 yrs. at sharpening pencils. Note that the essential content hasn’t changed; it’s just better written.) The thing to do with a desert is to LEAVE.

*She was staying in the same place and not expanding or growing in understanding is the impression that I am getting. Jesus is trying to get her to be willing to expand her perceptions.

*The question is put to us in turn. Are we willing to expand our perceptions to fulfill the purpose of humanity?

Till next time, God bless, Namaste

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