Universal Reading 22 April through 28 April 2019

Angel Tarot Cards by RV, Artwork by Steven A Roberts

Read by Yvonne (Sorry this got up so late. The holidays send me for a loop lately.)

Eight of Fire

Delays are over, things moving at a fast pace, and many things happening at once. Eight is movement, eternal even, fire is action I suspect that things are speeding up throughout the Christ Consciousness and you will be put to the test to move with the changes. This card also suggests getting additional inspiration for those special projects. Do not forget to listen to that feeling or message in the song or from unusual places.

9 The Hermit

Spend time in the form of meditation that suits you. It may be seated, walking, doing routine work where your mind may be clear as you go on automatic, it may just be taking the time to smell the roses. Self-discovery is there for the adventurous. Spiritual teaching takes place as we live our truth as we understand it today. Especially when we live in gratitude for all that comes before us without judgment. This is the individual in the consciousness of the Whole, seeking to understand itself and others that make up the whole.

4 The Emperor

Organization and logic. This may seem to be far different from what the news media presents, nonetheless, that is what the Consciousness is about at this time, at an unprecedented rate. Structure and discipline are being put into place. Hard questions are being asked and solutions are presented and implemented. Look around. Do you see it? Leadership, not just among a few, but the many are picking up their truth and living it.

Six of Air

Things are looking up! The end of a difficult situation. Taking a trip. Contentment or even joy over a task completed. Can you feel things coming together? Those who live in truth sense it. Those who must have fear to motivate them will stir that up for others as well.


There is a lot of activity in the physical world, the spiritual world, on the mental plane, and in the heart. Celebrate the feeling of joy and contentment at being a part of it. We have all worked hard to get here. Rejoice in the sense of order and purpose that is coming.

Individually we can reflect on the stillness within and find answers to the issues we face.

Stability comes not from one leader but from each of Christ’s thoughts (you and me)being true to who they are. Not hurting others, but standing strong in their own essence.

Harmony will only come through our thoughts. We can choose to see what is good and how the hard work and compassion have paid off. Watch your thoughts and let them lift you and others.  It can open up opportunities that had not been recognized before.

We got this. We are doing exactly what we were supposed to do to restore things to order. Be of good cheer and follow your heart.

I pray this serves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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