Time Could Last A Million Years, Because of the Last Judgement

*I want to cut it shorter. The Miracle is part of the “speed-up” that Jesus instituted into the plan.

Just as the Separation occurred over many millions of years, the Last Judgment will extend over a similarly long period, and perhaps even longer.

Its length depends, however, on the effectiveness of the present speed-up.

We have frequently noted that the miracle is a device for shortening but not abolishing time.

If a sufficient number of people become truly miracle-minded quickly, the shortening process can be almost immeasurable.

But it is essential that these individuals free themselves from fear sooner than would ordinarily be the case because they MUST emerge from basic conflict if they are to bring peace to the minds of others. (*Note minor correction of removing the comma after case and changing the typo “it” to “if”. Courtesy of Grammarly.)

*God has Corrected Everything Already, I Just Need To Accept It
*At least this is my understanding and my hope. No, it is my knowledge at this time. 


The conflict CANNOT disappear until it is fully recognized that miscreation is NOT real, and therefore there IS no conflict.
This entails a full realization of the basic fact, although man has miscreated in a very real sense, he need neither continue to do so, nor to suffer from his past errors in this respect.
A redistribution of psychic energy, then, is NOT the solution.
Both the idea that both kinds MUST exist, and the belief that ONE kind is amenable for use or misuse, are real distortions.
*This is really key to understanding the mentality one must have to put this course into action.
The ONLY way is to STOP MISCREATING NOW, and accept the Atonement for miscreations of the past. 
*The Atonement is the resultant effect of the Miracle which is still a correction of perception and not of knowledge or truth. It will allow all of us to come into alignment with the understanding, however, and God will take it from there.
Only this can re-establish true single-mindedness.
*And it is here that we will be restored to our true identity in God and the fullness of His Love.

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