Universal Reading 8th of April thru 14th of April 2019

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses
Read by Yvonne

Protection Guardian, Drop Your Shield

“Drop any shields of shame, resistance, and fear that are standing between you and your chances of enjoyment and fun. Know that you do not need to hide who you are or the gifts that you have. You were born to shine.”

I see this as a witness of the elevation of humanity, for those willing to receive it at this time. Protection will be there as we recognize those who are with us that are not seen. Understanding this gives us the willingness to continue the inner work that will raise humanity as a whole.

Magick Guardian, Unlock the Magic Within

*Magick (with a “k”) is the energy of the universe that allows you to manifest and create through the direction and power of your will. It changes according to your frequency.”

You have the power within you to change the world as we know it. This is the action part of the reading and signifies the individual and your ability to make a difference.

To embrace your power you must own it. You cannot hide behind the fear or shame that have guided you. You do not need to do anything to draw attention to yourself from the outside. You simply need to draw your attention to the inside. How is your fear projecting onto the world that you see around you? Can you believe in the innocence and purity of humanity and adjust your thinking accordingly? Will to begin and you have begun.

She-Wolf, Unleash the Wild Within

Release who you truly are from the fetters of yesterdays fear. Do not look to others for examples or encouragement. Look inside to find what you need to do or have to allow your talents to be expressed.

Only you can hold you back when you go within for the answers.

Traveler, Move in a New Direction

Do you feel like you are on a road less traveled? You may have the opportunity to travel in the world and experience new things. You may also have the opportunity to travel new roads of thought or understanding. Perhaps letting go of things that are cumbersome with love and gentleness.

Do not be afraid of the journey. You have angels and ancestors with you along the way. It is a delightful adventure.


Gently we are able to shine in our true identity as we let go of the fear-based paradigms of the past. No longer do we need to fear every encounter because we are receiving the protection that we need.

The power within will guide us to create a better world for ourselves and for others. Own it, claim it, embrace it, you are a part of the healing humanity needs.

You may be discovering talents and interests that you were not aware of, even a few years ago. Unleash the raw and wild side of yourself. It can be your little secret until you want it to be known. Truth be told you light will shine and your influence will be felt, even if you do not say a word.

Do not be afraid to explore new vistas. In the world or within yourself. There is much to discover and forget about what others are doing. You are not here to follow. You are here to lead. Do not be afraid of that task or think you must stand before thousands to do that, though some of you will.

We do not walk alone. However, it is in aloneness that we have the opportunity to truly come to understand this. We are ready. We are chosen.
I pray this serves, may those who need these words receive them by reading or by energetic influence.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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