Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine
Reading by Yvonne
Ten of Raphael

This is a suit of emotion and they are good. Happy relationships and home life show positive things from your efforts and even though it takes work to maintain both it is worth it. Contentment and happiness are yours.

21 The World

Congratulations, you have done a wonderful job! It is okay to pause and enjoy this success, even if there are new horizons to conquer. Collectively, in the physical and the spiritual, you have achieved understanding and enlightenment. Archangel Michael waits to help you with an understanding of the next steps and your part in it.

Two of Ariel

A card of decision between different paths, not be jumped into willy-nilly, but chosen carefully, based on sincere pondering and what best serves in a light and fun manner, all concerned. Going with the flow, while making conscious decisions of what is truly desired. Letting the work be fun, by not simply weighing ones self down with multiple responsibilities and care-giving to those things that are not of value.

Queen of Gabriel

I feel a lot of feminine power in this card. Independent and disciplined, yet inviting of those who can help her create the desired outcome. Anything is possible! Passion about life is evident in the feminine community today. It seems all cultures know it is the hand that rocks the cradle that influences the world the most.

What will our future bring us? Monetary gain? Education and wealth for the few or for the whole? Will we work for the elevation of the chosen or will we look at humanity itself as chosen and divine? It is within our power to create collectively whatever we choose.


Happiness at the evidence and fulfillment of home and hearth.
Is happiness ever after in a singular state or condition really possible?
It may appear to be at this time or we may want it.

Not that it is not appropriate to bask in the warmth of a goal completed. Perhaps we have reached a certain goal,  the ultimate even in this phase of existence, and contemplating what comes next and our individual parts in it.
A time for regaining balance has arrived. A balance of work and joy. A balance perhaps of selected few or the masses. Honest reflection will give us a solid course.

Will we seek to serve the individual, the cooperative here and now, the future generations, or balance for the whole of it. We are in a position to weigh things out, consider, and make healthy, sustainable choices.

The feminine energy of creativity will prevail. Bringing not only dignity to the individual, but to all those within its influence.

I get a sense that we are on the cusp of choosing the direction of earth’s human population after having achieved a certain sense of accomplishment.
I have faith in humanity. How about you?
Till next time, God bless. Namaste~

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