Day 7 URTEXT ACIM pg. 15 

18. A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service that one soul can render another.

*And you do not even have to have legs and arms to give it because it happens in your mind.

It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself.

The doer recognizes his own and his neighbor’s inestimable value simultaneously.

*Recognizing that we are of the ultimate and none have more value or less value than another.

(This is why no areas of hatred can be retained. If you retain them, your own value is no longer inestimable because, you are evaluating it as X or infinity minus that amount.

*Read this over and over. No bigotry of any sort can exist in the mind of one who truly knows who they are.

This is meaningless mathematically, which uses the term “inestimable” only in the very literal sense.

Pun intended especially for B, (who originally did not get it.)

*Can you feel the personality of Jesus coming through here? Knowing the Bible as I did as well as the Book of Mormon I knew the personality of Jesus and I have found it here in A Course In Miracles.

Intended as a special sign of love.)

*Humor is a very strong personality trait of Jesus. Is it not wonderful here that he points out that it is a “special sign of love”. Wow, love that!

19. Miracles rest on the law and order of eternity, not of time.

*This is important to understand. We remain creatures of time until all are awakened. That means that we need to be aware that we function on a duel pschological premiss. This can create a lot of confusion, especially when speaking of spiritual matters while we are walking in time. Do yourself a favor and do not get caught up in the words, as much as listening with your inner self or higher self. Let the Holy Spirit teach you what cannot be expressed in words.


Till next time, God Bless, Namaste~


If you have any questions or comments, as long as they allow us all to have freedom to interpretation, please share. Thank you.
(* Remember I claim no special gifts, they are just my thoughts after a lifetime of trying to understand the will of God, as Jesus taught it, and share it with others from my place of understanding. My comments are as follows: (*…) With the text being in bold print. Crossed out words and phrases from the Urtext did not copy here, so they are made mention to in my comments, if they appear in the transcript. Please bring the Spirit with you to the reading.)


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