Universal Reading 11 February 2019 through 17 February 2019

Magical Unicorns by DV

Family Culture

“Learn more about your family’s stories and history.”

We are in the process of learning who we really are by taking a real look at the history. What are the attitudes and philosophies that we have been willing to live by? History has failed us. We will need to think outside the box.

The present is where we can best express ourselves. Know where you came from, and then decide who you are today. Take what was good and leave that which does not serve. If we will, the future will take care of itself. The present is where we need to put our mastery.

I think it interesting that I watched the1983 movie Yentl, directed, produced, and starred in by Barbra Streisand. Talk about looking at our history! A young woman taught to read and love learning by her single-parent father is forced to pretend she is a man to be able to get the education that she craves.

It went beyond that, for it spoke of the lengths she would go to for love. And, the point at which she needed to claim her own truth above that love she felt for another. In other words, to sacrifice herself was not a possibility.

Her father’s heritage and society gave her structure in life, but it was her heart and her inner voice that was the place she needed to look to find her own personal truth and authenticity.

How far we have come, not only to reach beyond tradition, but to reach within ourselves and believe what we truly are; creators of our own destiny. Knowing our heritage and family, shows us who we are and, in a way, how far we have come.

Brothers and Sisters

“To get along with others. To see the love – and the best – within them.”
In this spread, this card is for the individual amidst the duality that we currently live in.

It is a firm belief of mine at this stage of the game that you cannot get along with others until you get along with yourself. I would like to think that this card starts its witness there. “To get along with yourself. To see the love – and the best – within them.”

I also do not believe that love is ours in this sphere, because true love is the absolute nature of The Supreme Being, which The Son considers himself separated from. I substitute the word compassion. This is defined as seeing the suffering and desiring to relieve it.

I would invite us to have compassion for ourselves, that we may be able to give it to others. Then know that we are giving it our best at any given moment in time. Ouch! Tough one, isn’t it. What I mean by this is to rejoice in them and remain in a state of compassion, regardless of what they may be doing.

I remember over 30 years ago studying a book by Tony Robbins that taught me the art of NLP, Neuro-liguistic Programming. It taught me to keep my body functions in a state of ease and remembrance of when I felt most comfortable with my contention-loving spouse. It allowed me to not get caught into the trap of arguing which would culminate in me berating myself, no matter what the issue was because I would do something, I was not happy with.

It worked. I argued no more. But he did not stay with me. Without contention, he felt unloved. Really what he was feeling was a loss of “the fix” that he got when he caused me to fall off balance. He got to where he did not like himself around me because he had to resort to extreme behavior that he did not like in himself.
He asked for a divorce. And I got to watch him use his skills on my children for thirty years. Not everything ends in win/win while we are here in time. However, I do believe that taking care of you is the best thing that you can do to lift the world. We can do this!


“You have the power to help and heal others.”

As we heal ourselves, we lift others, including all walks of life, and the earth herself. Be alert to classes or modalities, practices, that put you in touch with your own center, your own energy.

Know too, that as you heal yourself and connect with your own energy you are connecting to God, Source, Universal Power, so that when you reach out to others you will be connecting with that same power that lies within them. This is the source of true healing, connecting to our true power and reality that united, is One.

Do not forget the ones who are nearby to help us in our journey’s. Angels and guides are there. They will help if asked. Forget not that you are accountable and responsible for your own decisions come what may. Do not give away your power to anyone or any philosophy.

Remember that two joined together in this world, deciding what are best practices for all, equals a cult. You are responsible for you. You have that much value in the world and in the eternities.

Just Be Yourself

“You’re a great person. Enjoy being yourself.”

Some on the planet do not have the ability to feel. I feel impressed to reach out to them right now and say it is possible to intellectually understand your value and worth.

Whether we like it or not, some of us took on the assignment of being hell raisers here. That has its role in the waking up of The Son of God.

This life we lead is not ours alone, though we may take accountability for much of its function while here in the flesh. This life is a role we agreed to for The Christ who thought he had separated from his Father, God.

All that is painful and not directly of love will be removed. Your role, your strengths and weaknesses are not here, at this time, by accident. I am grateful for you. Your being whoever you came here to be is a mirror for me to see myself clearer. I am forever in your debt.

Value who you are! For you are magnificent!


Search out your ancestry. Study the history of your culture and others, from different perspectives. The more you discover about the society you come from and live in, the more you will learn about yourself.

Know that all the you see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and sense are kin and part of you that can never be thrown away. You may seem separate, or even need to separate for a time, but nothing has the power to separate what God has joined together.

Your witness of your worth makes you a conduit, a conductor for the energy that heals and lifts the world, a tiny piece at a time. Take advantage of books, classes, discussions, opportunities that seem to fall in your path to help you understand who you really are.

Like yourself where you are at. It is from this place that change may come, if it is desired.

This is only my second time using this deck and I thought that it was maybe “too simplistic”. Yet in the writing of it, I was able to tap into some core truths that, I suspect, the world really needs to hear, and I am grateful.

I pray this serves you,
Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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