You Got The Power, Mom now Live on Amazon = eBook

You Got The Power, Mom now Live on Amazon as an eBook @ $2.99


Frustrated with it all, Dee steps up to be near her mother that she is no longer allowed to see, because her siblings will not believe her when Dee says mama isn’t senile. Fifty years absent from their lives, as she struggled to overcome a childhood of abuse, has left her feeling less than qualified to address the matter. She can only pray that the advice she gave her mama in the few weeks she had been able to be with her will give her courage to take the joy she is able.

Thinking about the contradictions that life has given her, Dee longs for a conversation with the one she has considered her guide for so long. Three questions she wants to ask: “Why had the Gospel of Jesus Christ been on the earth for two thousand years with so little result?” “Where in the world was, He?” and “Was there really anything that she could do?”

It is a Near Death Experience that allows this conversation to take place and with it she is fortified and confident to come back and continue the work. The answers given her, create food for thought, as He shows her through the imagery of the three temptations he experienced after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. Could addiction, bullying, and depression be the three traps that afflict humanity and keep them distracted from their real purpose for being here?

A fictional work written with Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol” in mind. Offered as another way to look at ourselves, each other, our presence and purpose in this time and place, and maybe even Christmas. Even though it is a novella, at only 12,500 estimated words, it could begin a conversation that could put a whole different spin on what we call life. May we all be blessed.

I hope that you will read and enjoy this story. Please leave a review.

One that I received said, “Its a page turner. Very inspirational. It says you can live your life and do not need another’s permission to do so.” W. @ F. F.

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