Universal Reading for 21 January through 27 January 2019

Universal Reading for 21 January through 27 January 2019

Animal Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

Four of Autumn

The card represents the current situation. It represents extremes and being mindful that we are stable and centered as the four suggests. If you look at the US today it does not appear that we are very stable. Extremes are being expressed and presented as if we had to choose one singular path or another. Sides are represented so that generalities are made and we are not allowed to deal with now and stability, but emotional walls or hoarding and ancient grudges or ideas of entitlements.

This card suggests that we be willing to use our resources wisely. Sharing what we are able to spare and having time for work and play. Like the squirrel, lets partake of the bounty we have with balance and fun.

Prince of Spring

A card of action. It is time to make your move. We each can do something in private or in our community to lift where humanity is right now. Journaling is a good way to clear your thoughts and get creative juices flowing. What stirs you. How can you become involved in the development of humanity?

The dolphin is a mammal very aware of its surroundings and when others are in trouble. They have been known to help other species, including humans. They are intelligent and charismatic.

This card is for the singular ego especially and for me it is saying get that Tedx talk application done and your two latest books online girl! The world needs us to do our part however we are feeling the calling.

Seven of Autumn

Seven is for introspection, self discovery. We all have something that motivates us, often it is what gives us our most challenge. Daily life has taught you much, do not discount what life has already given you. The cow represents steady nourishment for self and our united purpose.

What we do on a day-to-day basis will produce a crop that will nourish us. Let it grow to maturity. And in the meantime listen for guidance on the next steps in the journey. Do not be fooled thinking that you have to know what the end result will be either. As you meditate and embrace your inner guidance you will be shown the way, one step or stretch at a time.

In this tarot deck autumn is thought. All things begin with thought. If we paid more attention to our thoughts and less to others actions, I believe that we could change the world. Quite different from the council at the beginning of the industrial age, “Get your head out of the clouds”. Our thoughts are the beginning of what we will see in the world. Something to think about.

Four of Summer

Stability again, only this is in our emotions. Whew, that can be tough sometimes. The beautiful tortoise shows us that it is being open to what is right in front of you that can keep you humble and grateful for what you have. Do not be afraid to carefully look at opportunities that come your way that allow you to add another bit of kindness or light to the whole of Christ’s Consciousness.

Do not let current responsibilities distract you from seeing what is right in front of you.


The squirrel reminds us to be attentive to work and play in balance. Our stability lies in caring for our own needs and helping others as we are able. It is easy to get stuck in one idea or avenue and this card suggests we review where we are and avoid extremes.

Intellect and social compassion such as the dolphins display will give us the awareness of others in need, as well as ideas for ways that we may be of service to the individual and to the collective.

Introspection and meditation with an ear to what we are being told and where we have come from, what we have already lived and planted gives us patience to allow our works to reach maturity. Do not fret that the abundance will be made evident. Have the witness of the cow that humanity will be provided for, hehe, maybe even by you.

Emotionally we can get distracted by our responsibilities and not see the things right in front of us that are blessing our lives. The tortoise has all he needs close by and moves slow enough to see what is around him. Take care of your emotional needs and look at what is right in front of you to be thankful for.

On a personal level and on a universal level, the cards give us clues to lift ourselves and others at this time.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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