A video I found had a statement in it that is supposedly from Jesus Christ which I value. It states

“… those who live on Earth who are causing the disruption wholeheartedly believe there is a right and a wrong, so you must teach them first what is right and wrong before you can teach them of the concepts that there is no right or wrong.”

I believe it is only by this means that we are able to tame the ego and rein him in and calm him down enough to understand that nothing could ever take him out of the presence of God’s love. The ego has such a powerful hold on the psyche of man at this time though that these rules of conduct and socialization are necessary for the children of God to understand who they are and who God is.

The incredible confusion that I have lived in for so many years has been cleared up in the realization that this reality has to be a dream because a loving God would never burden His children the way they are here on earth. I just know there has to be something that He is trying to teach us and I believe that it is that no other thing exists except Him, no matter how we try to claim otherwise. It does not matter that the body senses seem to claim otherwise because the body does not have any true capacity. It is neutral and we define what we think we see or experience by our global or unified consciousness, which is obviously so capable of error. I want to do my part in changing that consciousness and witnessing of the truth in my own simple way. I am only now coming to understand that it must happen within me first…. and yet, the bearing of one’s witness is so instrumental in allowing God and the Holy Ghost to teach you, so I am very grateful for this outlet in this blog. It is a powerful walk that I walk, one step at a time.

On another subject, I believe the Word of God may be more correctly stated the Words of Jesus who is god by virtue of His relationship with the Father and head of our united consciousness by virtue of His being the First Born in the spirit world of God. God is not capable of abiding sin, and sin, as defined in the Bible and other standard works, has been among the children of men since the pre-existence. I believe that it is Jesus that has guided the path of the prophets since the time of Adam and prior to that in the pre-existence.

(I believe there are deeper levels that I could take this concept to but I will leave it here for the moment so as not to overwhelm and confuse my readers and because I am not comfortable enough in the concept(s) to be able to relay it in simple terms. And so it is for all my writing, I am only trying to share what I understand at this time to bring light and hope to the world and to increase my own witness of truths as I learn line upon line, precept upon precept. Remember I speak for no denomination but only as myself, a seeker of truth. –who is capable of being misled, so please use prayer and discretion and take responsibility for yourself as you read my words. Many thanks!)

Moses was a law giver. He also led the people because they wanted to be led. He did not and could not force his will on them. He was also a type of Christ or a shadow of the personage of the Redeemer. Jesus is our law giver as the first born and so it is by him and through him that we will be able to alter the consciousness of humanity, for he heads it as the first consciousness that felt separated from God. In that moment he was also given the vision and dream from God of the Redemption of Mankind and all of God’s creations.

It has been because of my years of studying the word of God and struggling to obey the law and commandments that Jesus taught that I have come to a place where my ego is bridled enough to allow me to accept the love of God and witness of Him in all things. A Course In Miracles is allowing me to do this on a level I never knew was possible. The Holy Ghost is my communicator between Jesus Christ, God-The Father, and myself, which is a small component of the Christ Child, the literal Son of God. I have developed a confidence in who I am while at the same time giving up all that I am (or believe or have been taught that I am) to understand the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of God. So, instead of giving way continually to the ego and the cravings of the body I am able to be taught and led by the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Through my walk in life I have carefully laid all that I hold sacred and of value at the feet of Jesus, my Friend, my Big Brother, and my Hope. Little by little or over and over again it has all been taken away. There is nothing remaining in me or my existence save a desire to know and do the will of God. I have given up accusations and judgments of others and myself. I may be found to appear to do that in my actions or my words as habits are difficult to change but I am not my actions or my words, or even my thoughts as shown by this hateful, hurtful, and sometimes beautiful world. I am my heart and will, which has always been and forever will be with God, The Father. This does not mean that I am not capable of identifying effects of the thoughts of those around me with clarity; it means I do so without any form of eternal judgment and without emotional attachment.

I believe in that which cannot be seen which is true. Only in this way do I have a hope of altering the consciousness of man so that he may awaken from the sleep that has come upon him and receive all that His Father hath.

I kneel before the feet of Jesus Christ and wash them with my tears of love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy. I can only do this in spirit at this time but I hope to someday do so in truth with my fellow man as every knee shall bow and accept him as our Redeemer, loved, forgiven, and followed into the light and the glory of our God, the True Omnipotent, Omnipresent being who would have us receive of all that He is.

This dream is only the illusion of the possibilities of what may be if separation from God where possible. Once started it must play out to its fulfillment. But this does not mean that I am not capable of understanding who I am and who God is at this very moment and sharing the light of that understanding with all of mankind by virtue of simply being.

I am suspecting that this is all an incredible dream of the Lord, Jesus Christ’s or is it Christ’s of whom we are all a part. It just so happens that the thoughts of a god, which you are I also are, even erroneous thoughts, are so powerful that they create a reality (or at least a pseudo reality), an entire world and more, and we are part of that  (Um,) reality. We are created in His image and have the potential to understand and unite with His love completely, as well as to continue the process of creation or to continue the illusion of separation and despair even as we think. Wow…..

I think that is enough for now, till we meet again,

God bless you and yours,


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