I started to read this book a few years ago at the request of one of my daughters and about the second or third robbery I told her that I did not want to read about the mayhem of this mans life and gave the book back to her. On a side note it should be kind of funny that this is the same thing that someone said to me about my testimonial writing in my series Portrait of a Harlot/Saint. How amusing that the very same attitude of not wishing to hear of the foibles or challenges of human life would keep us from discovering the wonderful insights that we might share one with another. I take note, of course, that this book is one of fiction where mine was one of testimony, i.e. truth, as I perceived it, in my life. And like me, this individual judged the book without having even read but a small part of it.

I am going to diverge a bit further before I get into my impressions of the book and comment how The Book of Mormon is riddled with war and mayhem and sickening human injustices throughout and yet we consider it the Word of God and instructional. I have a solid testimony of this. Now, I am not suggesting that we indulge in reading that is bent on softening our hearts to the indulgence of taking joy or glee at another person’s challenges, but that we do not shun things because we are made to feel uncomfortable. This is the discerning factor that I refer to so often. Listen to the Holy Ghost and he will let you know where you should be and when.

Perhaps it was meant for me to read the book now. It surely was a delight to consider the quantum physic possibilities that they brought out in The Redemption of Athalus. I have really only recently allowed that witness to have root in my testimony because previously I had thought of it more as witch craft or that which was seeking beyond the boundaries of this time and thus, something that Heavenly Father would not be pleased with. While I still feel it can be misleading and take us into places that go beyond what we are to be about in this earthly existence, I believe it (quantum physics) does pertain to our existence and having a knowledge of it and man’s speculative ideas on the matter give us a better foundation from which to share true Gospel of Jesus Christ with our fellow man.

I have to admit, also, that my willingness to be open to these insights does leave me dis-located (if that is the correct word) from all societies whether they be near or far. And yet it is the witness of the Holy Ghost that allows me the understanding that as long as I feel the presence of my Father in Heaven, His Son, and the Holy Ghost that I am on the correct path and that unity, oneness, and salvation for all will be my ultimate goal. I believe, as I have stated before, that one of us cannot be free unless we all are…I am beginning to sense that this may true of salvation as well and that, while it may take millions of years in our reckoning, we will find absolute peace and oneness with God only when we all stand together before him.

The Redemption of Althalus was a delightful step into the realm of possibilities of differing dimensions and the idea that there may be among us those who are able and willing to visit us from other dimensions and help us with our challenges in this life we call earth. Cultures, communication, and the relationships between men and women and their possible potential are delightfully explored. I was intrigued with the concept of the mind connection, especially as related to the male/female connection that to us seems so incredibly different and distinctly diverse right now. This moved on logically into the consideration of family connection, though none where related by blood as I recall. Age was considered and when one might have wisdom or insight was looked at and presented with many fun twists.

I could not help but be a bit put off with the various battles of war and have to admit I felt confused sometimes about where we were which is just what I believe the authors intended. Like in the books I value greatly (The Book of Mormon and the Bible) wars are a sad reality of the current human condition. I do not believe it will always be so, however, and I believe that we can make a difference as we alter our consciousness and view of life (hence my work in A Course In Miracles).

It is not my intent to divulge the plot of the book and I hope that I have not given too many spoilers for the book, rather that I may have sparked an interest in a good read and a fun place to ponder what we may truly be capable of, if not today, perhaps sometime soon.

In closing let me state that this was a review of fiction. I do not consider it gospel or truth as such, but I do consider it food for thought of what man may be or what man may become. This is how I view all of my interactions whether they be face to face, auditory, or in any art form that can be sensed with the senses man has been allowed at this time be they of the mind, body, or heart. Discernment is necessary for us to evolve and, in fact, to exist. What we make of what we experience creates our tomorrow. I look forward to continued enlightenment from many sources and seek the guidance from the Holy Ghost to understand truth from error.


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