Sometimes the person hardest to forgive, as we go through life, is ourselves. Even when we try with all our might to do our best it is sometimes not good enough and we just plain mess up. This is a part of freedom and a part of realizing that this life is not true “life” but a testing place where we get to learn principles about the ways of God to be truthful. When we forgive ourselves and others we are able to be taught, by the Holy Ghost, the true and correct principles of eternity, line upon line of course, meaning we get a little bit here and a little bit there. None of us are capable of receiving all things of God at once. It is simply beyond our mortal capacity. And, by God’s grace, that is not required of us either. What is required is a humble and willing heart. To be contrite means to be sorry for what we have done and willing to do better, this sort of attitude welcomes the Holy Ghost and his teachings and as we listen and heed the promptings and take them into our hearts the principles become part of us.

My writing this today is part of my understanding as I woke up this morning that I could have handled a situation better. Sincere affection and love unfeigned is not something that I accept very well. I would have to say maybe not at all. I cannot help but wonder at the life my children must have had as we grew up together. I am sure that there were times when I simply was not there for them. When they were young I knew how to teach them and I did so by practice and principle as I sought through my own repentance process. But my ability to be independent and survive may well have assisted the natural process of children to want to leave the nest too early.

Another component that goes with freedom is to realize that the race is not done as long as you have breath in your body. Some doors may be closed but there are a thousand more that can be opened. Heavenly Father is well aware of our shortcomings and our efforts. He truly hears our prayers, especially as we pray for those who have offended us or that we have offended. He will come to their aid if they seek him. This is the key component of this life. That we seek after him and his will and know that what is accomplished or achieved in this life is done so by his grace alone.

We are taught that God gave us weaknesses that we might be humbled. Truly we are eternal beings and could have been sent here capable of doing so much more. But that was not the purpose of this “place and time” that we are in. It is for the testing and strengthening of our souls so that we are made capable and worthy of the tasks ahead that will be revealed to us as we go into the eternities.

I pray forgiveness from those that I have offended and offer absolute forgiveness and deliverance, in as much is within my power, to all who have offended me or my brethren, including myself. I place all in the hands of the divine creator, even God, the Father and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost who guides, comforts, protects, and instructs those who are willing to go through the fire of learning. I say these things with great humility, acknowledging my own weaknesses. In Jesus name, Amen.

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