Everything that enters the consciousness does so with permission from God and, I believe, from the self. It is up to you to interpret what you receive and to put it in its proper framework within God’s sphere and not society’s, your friends’, parents’, spouses’, lovers’, or child’s, nor even your own. We are not taught this because we believe that this is the sphere that we belong in and that is not so. We have forgotten that we are merely responding to a test, a boot-camp, a trial period, probationary time, and our sole responsibility is to acknowledge God in all that we do. Once we truly do this our eyes will be opened and we will the world much differently than we do today.

Discernment begins with understanding that things are not what they seem and that in all around you there are messages from Heavenly Father to guide you back to him. If you cling to relationships, possessions or even to your own thoughts, feelings, or pain, you run the risk of becoming trapped there. You must look to Christ and ask for his assistance and he will send angels and the Holy Ghost to direct you and teach you what you were sent here to do.

It does not come in one big picture, but it does come, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. Do not allow yourself to be trapped and stuck like a fly on a twirly strip of fly paper. Move forward. There will be pain, it is a part of being alive. Do not fear it but embrace it, feel it, and let it pass through you so that you can be cleansed instead of denying it and getting it stuck in your psyche and in your physical being so that it causes you a self-destructive pain. Do not fight it and it passes easier. Breathe and look to Christ. He knows how to comfort you, he is so wanting to help, but he will not force himself on you. You do not have to carry the burden of the pain alone.

Someone told a story today in church about a kitten who had been through some rough experiences. Her personality is strong and it was noted that perhaps she needed that to survive her challenges. Usually cantankerous she can be quite pleasant when she wants to be fed. He likened that to us and I really liked the analogy.

May I suggest that we need to keep ourselves hungry and in a state of needing the assistance of Christ so that we might be receptive to his teachings and be willing to listen for the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. If we truly had the developed the ability of discernment we would understand the “dangers” that surround us at every turn. We would welcome the feeling and assurance that we are literally carried in his hands from here to there and that we are to be on the look out for how we can assist others so that they might feel of his love through our ministries.

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