Reality Versus Illusion

Along with the ability to say “I Believe” is the ability to desire to see ourselves as we truly are, not only as we hope to be or even “think” that we are. We might desire to be all knowing and wise, we might repeat negative statements about ourselves like “I am worthless” or “I am lazy” or the classic female mantra “I am ugly”, but these are mere illusions and fantasies created by ourselves or those we once thought “important” in our lives. Blind spots and addiction to mirages are typical human conditions.

It is the Holy Ghost that allows us to have eyes that see truth. Sometimes we are so embedded in the lies and illusions of those we deem credible that we need to be gently coaxed into the reality of what truly is. This coaxing can take years or moments depending on many things like our personal courage or the shocks of the circumstances when these false truths were embedded in our psyche. The age and vulnerability that we felt in our survival is also a factor on how long it can take for us to be able to see truth and face what is real.

This is not a condition experienced only by women. Though I am a woman and can speak with greater personal experience from this perspective, I have observed many men, my father, uncles, acquaintances, intimate relationships, and husbands. Perhaps the most revealing to me has been the observance of my own son and watching that beautiful tender child be caught up in the whirlwind and destructive forces of society beyond his own intimate relationship with the creator. Men may in fact have a greater challenge in facing the realities after they have submitted to the illusions and fantasies because of the make up of their brains and their emotional chemistry. Women are tossed to and fro on the emotional roller coaster from puberty, but man has no similar physical reference of success or survival of such raging waves of inner confusion and distress.

Back to the issue of acknowledging truths, men I admire have said that to be able to progress if we are blind to our own faults is impossible. This is life to me, the ability to progress and grow and learn, but if I am not able to look at myself and accept that I have faults and shortcomings I will be stopped in my progression. This is what I believe hell is. Being trapped in a place of false realities and thus not being allowed to continue to grow and progress. Even our senses can betray us. Our mental capacities and our relationship ties all can fail to give us truth. Over a lifetime of experience and observance I feel very confident to say that it is the Holy Ghost that witnesses of truth and there is no other.

Not being all-knowing, or some call it confidence, the youth have called it “Being Cool” for decades, is a big threat to our sense of safety and security. If we are not willing to relinquish the need to be in control to this extent or to have answers for everything and turn those reigns over to God (i. e. Heavenly Father) and Jesus Christ, we shun the association of the Holy Ghost that we need so desperately. Even Christ, himself, was in need of the Holy Ghost.

In the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 31:12 it reads “And also, the voice of the Son came unto me, saying: He that is baptized in my name, to him will the Father give the Holy Ghost, like unto me; wherefore, follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do.” Did you see the three words that give us the understanding that Christ had the Holy Ghost with him to be able to discern truth? The three little words “like unto me”, to him will the Father give the Holy Ghost. Christ did not have the capacity to discern all things without that companionship. How can we believe that we will.

If he (the Holy Ghost) truly is the only way that we can discern truth from error is it no wonder that to know the Holy Ghost and fight against his purposes is one of the unforgivable sins? By the power of the Holy Ghost mankind is able to know all things that Heavenly Father chooses to reveal to him. We are taught that all or complete truth of all God’s creations is more than the human psyche can endure, but we live far below our capacity to comprehend because we do not allow his presence and insist instead on leaning on our own understanding.

I do not speak lightly. I do not speak of light things. I do have confidence that you will be able to understand, though, if you give yourself a chance. It is not my place or desire to reveal all things to you or to strip you of all your illusions in one fail swoop. That would be unkind and lead to your overload and destruction for mankind needs a place of security and safety from which to stand and proceed or continue in life. This, to me, is a sign of God’s great mercy. I do not believe that we¬† have the power to do this to one another, though many try and I believe that great battle that rages today is psychological and the enemy is in each and every hill, climb, home, and mind.

We can however testify of God’s love for us as shown in the atonement of Jesus Christ and in the help in the companionship of the Holy Ghost. It is the Holy Ghost that will testify to us of truths that come our way and that will allow us to comprehend and learn line upon line those things that will lead us to true growth and spiritual freedom.

This is why we do not need to be afraid to teach deep and somber realities to one another, especially the youth, because it is the Holy Ghost that takes it to their hearts and gives them the ability to accept it and deal with what otherwise would be painful truths, perhaps to heavy to bear. We need to overcome our fear of being as “real” as we can be in the moment that we are given so that we might invite the Holy Ghost to take us into his care and show us that which we need to change in our own thinking and behavior and so he can show us how to do our part to heal the world and support personal freedom for all of mankind.

The Ability To Be Begins With An Ability To Believe

I believe that we need to return to a place that says “I believe”. That ability to speak a faith or a belief has been taken away from our society. It is unpopular or prejudiced to say “I believe”. What we do not realize is that “I believe” is not a puffed up or prejudiced place as it is labeled. Instead, it is a place of humility and an honoring of the self that says this is where I am right now and this is what I understand and I am giving you the best that I have right now. From here we can alter our understanding, but if we do not know what we believe or give ourselves the chance to express it we stifle our own psychological growth.

We need to take back the right to “be”, to exist and it begins with ourselves allowing ourselves to express to ourselves and then to others what we believe. This is the beginning of “being”. It is a significant sign of truly being alive. We walk through life with so many “living dead” because they have convinced themselves that someone else can decide for them what they believe.

This is one thing that the Master never did. He honored himself one step at a time and testified of what he believed from his youth on and it was in doing this that he grew in understanding, not only of himself and God, but of his peers, his brothers and sisters, of you and me.

Thoughts on Social Media Pitfalls and Making Wise Choices

I am beginning to see facebook as a mass psychological warehouse that has the ability to guide our consciousness into the light as well as into the dark. With its ads and suggestions it can direct us and test us. We need to use wisdom and caution in its usage, I believe.
Facebook and other social media has the ability to tell the “powers that be” what the chances are that you will choose this road or that one. It gives both sides (good and evil) much information to work with and a lot of potential to control the masses.
Freedom is not in denying the use of such tools as facebook, but in the recognition of its potential for both good and evil and making conscious choices. I see things that “sucker” us into heated discussions or decisive views and I wonder if some of the things we click on to support positive¬† and virtuous behavior is just a gimmick to find out who we are.
I am not just speaking about the issues of immoral behavior. Those who promote evil in that fashion pretty much have the world at their feet. No, it is more subtle. Lines are being drawn and defined by those who wish to take the authority of God and decide who has the right to exist and who does not.
This is not something new. It has existed since the beginning of time when the serpent sought to take that authority by leading Adam and Eve away from absolute obedience to Heavenly Father. The war continues. Are you aware that you are on the battle field? Do you have your armor on? Are you listening to those who will guide you to life or are you distracted and easily directed into paths that will make your witness null and void and, if not risking your life, will risk your eternal salvation?
I do not choose to use words that will cause you to stumble. And I know that my language is not really so common and that the things I speak of are things that one needs to ponder before they can respond. I believe in “thinking things through”. It does not come easy to me, not today, and not when I was younger. I do believe that there are choices that one needs to make consciously. I believe that the human mind, if not thoroughly disciplined and self-mastered, is easily led into places of addiction, bondage, and death to itself. I believe that “thinking things through” and making choices based on your personal values is a significant component of freedom.

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