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Freedom Means Knowing You Will Be Misjudged And You Have To “Chill”

If you are going to be free you are going to need to think for yourself and this is not something that is accepted in society. Even the “outliers” tend to have a group that they interact within and if you are going to be free you need to be autonomous or self sustaining. You need to understand that you will be misjudged, envied, … Read More Freedom Means Knowing You Will Be Misjudged And You Have To “Chill”

“…Freedom is everybody’s job…”

I had to put this up today: Red Skelton 1969 on the Pledge of Allegiance I grew up in school saying this pledge daily. I am so grateful for this because it helped me establish and focus on all that I hold dear today. I respect and honor every word of this pledge and know that it must be upheld under God if this … Read More “…Freedom is everybody’s job…”

True Freedom Is Freedom From Fear Of The “Other”

When one has attained real freedom what others do or do not do has no bearing on who you are as an individual and before God. This is obtained by developing a relationship based on integrity and honest of who you are, who you have been, and who you will be with both yourself and with God.

Freedom Requires Leadership

Freedom requires leadership, first of the self, then for others. It is accountable. It is self reflecting and self analyzing. It is constantly changing in small ways to correct itself to the fullness of the inner truth that one seeks for like a miner panning for gold. It celebrates the small accomplishments but does not shy away from accepting the flaws within oneself. Freedom … Read More Freedom Requires Leadership

The Battle for Freedom is the Battle for the Right to Believe, to Exercise Faith As We See Fit

The battle for freedom is the battle for the right to believe. The right to exercise faith in truth or in falsehood, In that which brings growth, light, and life to intellect, spirit, and/or body or that which brings dead ends, darkness, and ultimately death to intellect, spirit, and/or body. Mankind lives by faith, the right to personal leadership if you will, the ability … Read More The Battle for Freedom is the Battle for the Right to Believe, to Exercise Faith As We See Fit

Sharing Ideas Equals Freedom

The sharing of ideas among mankind is a part of the growing process and leads to continual development and awareness. It is not something that we need to be afraid of. We want to have ears that hear so that we might grow and so that we might recognize the enemy’s trickery. The scriptures have told us that man is not enemy. (See Ephesians … Read More Sharing Ideas Equals Freedom

Recognition of Our Vulnerability and Complete Reliance On God

Freedom requires recognition of our vulnerability and complete reliance on God. This is intrinsic in the reality of all truth for only God is truth and only in God may truth be found. In fact, complete freedom requires that one recognize that the only thing that exists is God, once we understand that we will walk with God even as Jesus did. We will … Read More Recognition of Our Vulnerability and Complete Reliance On God

Knowledge of Christ Gives Me Courage to go Forward

On the blog talk radio program, Scriptures for the Latter Days, we talked about freedom in two different contexts. One was the Israelites as they left Egypt, in Exodus 14:11-12. The Egyptians complained to Moses that they wanted to stay in Egypt and be servants. They did not want to be free.  Even after the many plagues and “passovers” that the Lord had … Read More Knowledge of Christ Gives Me Courage to go Forward


I am the learner/student/servant. I am the messenger. I seek the Holy Ghost and his direction along the way. You might say I consider the Holy Ghost The Master Communicator of the teachings of The Master, Jesus Christ. While I am a member in good standing of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons) I in no way speak for the … Read More Disclaimer

If You Choose To Fly (Be Free)

You just might end up an outsider for a while, maybe permanently. Is it worth it? YES! If it means life, then the answer is a resounding YES! The reality is, that it is possible to “fly” and live at a much higher level than the majority of mankind is currently willing to do and that if you go after those heights you may … Read More If You Choose To Fly (Be Free)

Discernment and Freedom

Merriam-Webster definition for discernment = 1 : the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning 2 : an act of perceiving or discerning something Discernment is not about judging really, especially not judging a person. It is about deciding if you choose to incorporate or assimilate what is being given to you and choosing the framework … Read More Discernment and Freedom

A Big Tangled Ball of Yarn

Sometimes freedom can seem like you found your way into gramma’s yarn basket after the cat has been playing with the yarn. It is just so tangled and jumbled and you know there is a beginning and an end but you do not know where that really is. Society has painted freedom as a clear cut, cookie cutter, metaphor that has no flaws and … Read More A Big Tangled Ball of Yarn

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