Things really are going okay. One step at a time.

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1. Post Traumatic Separation symptoms do subside over time and diligence to the Atonement.

As long as you stay teachable by the Holy Spirit you will be led out of the state of suffering and while you will still be an observer you will have joy because you know that this does not need to be. It increases and alters your experience over time.

To not let go of the concepts of the Atonement is key which are forgiveness of the whole of Christ, and gratitude for all that you experience. Remembering the Holy Spirit and God’s guidance should be understood without saying.

This does not mean that you will not feel distress when communications are not open with humanity because they are not as long as God and the Holy Spirit are left out of the equation.

I know from experience that it does become more and more manageable.

2. Illness of mind and body has to do with the grand scheme of the Universal Plan. Though it is influenced greatly by our belief in separation from God and the understanding that all of creation is one within Him.

It is not for us to judge others and their stories.

We are to see the Holy Spirit’s judgment and He knows that all is as God created it and nothing has changed from that.

We each get to work out our own salvation. Though to help others when we are able is important.

There are reasons for all that occurs here that we are not aware of and all of it may and will be used by the Holy Spirit to bring the Son of God back into the fullness of His Father.

3. Think of God first and think of the body as an instrument for the Voice of God.

The body is not your identity. When it is it becomes an idol that replaces God in your mind.

Nor is the body anyone else’s identity.

When we judge others for physical status we show our own idol worship and need to look inside to remedy that.

4. As a child you will make mistakes within the dream of separation even while you stand constantly in the Grace of God.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

Be gentle with yourself and give others the same courtesy.

To God be all glory, in the Name of Christ, amen.

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