Respect Does NOT Have To Be Earned If It Does Know that You Serve Ego, Not God

Respect Does NOT Have To Be Earned If It Does Know that You Serve Ego, Not God

God created us and He has decided our worth, even when we make mistakes.

Photo by Tiago Felipe Ferreira on Unsplash

When we say “I will not show respect until it has been earned.” We are claiming authority we do not have to decide who is worthy of respect and who is not. If you think about it, it is a form of punishment before anything even happens.

What I am trying to express is something that would go a long way in reducing the mental issues that are so rampant.

What establishes this “right to exist” and dignified treatment of all is the acknowledgment of the Creator, not so much the creation.

The creation is under the influence of a belief system that says it is separated from the Creator and “must” create itself. That was a mistake. And it leads to power addiction and power lust but punishment is not the answer.

I mean not showing respect for the creation is to show disrespect for the Creator and it also encourages and supports the false idea of guilt that came along with the belief that creation had separated from the Creator.

You speak of what teenagers need. A solid foundation of expectations and consequences for stepping outside of those expectations. And that would be fine in a “healthy” world but it is not.

What that creates is the idea that someone must be “right” and someone is capable of “doing wrong”. Because someone besides God establishes what the expectations and consequences are, therefore defining who is worthy of respect and who is not. God says we are one and we are as He created us. And nothing else is real.

When we “buy” the thought that someone else can govern us even ourselves, we will give our energies and dollars to whoever happens to say they know what the expectations are and what the consequences should be. No amount of anything will compensate for the lack of acknowledgment of God and that you are His creation.

If anyone besides the Creator, Himself determines your value then freedom and actually, the dignity of all have been put into jeopardy. And the government is left to the most cunning, or persuasive voice. This hasn’t even brought into play the concept of the false belief in possession and property as an excuse for the right to decide what is expected and what are consequences.

We think we are so civilized but without acknowledgment of a common Creator that gives basic rights, including the right of respectful treatment, regardless of the mistakes one might make, we are bound by an illogical mental construct that gives no equal ground to stand on for any of us.

If we could understand this concept we would be well on our way to bringing Heaven to earth because the one thing that is in Heaven besides all of our needs and wants being met is communion with the Creator directly by each individual there.

This is doable now, on this planet. Healing is not an impossibility.

When we look at another and say “I will judge your value on anything other than the Creator’s intent upon creation” we have condemned ourselves, and them, to punishment and failure. And we do this without giving anyone, ourselves included, the blueprint of what is expected so how can we help but fail?

When we look at another and say “I see God in you because He created you and you have forgotten that, just like I have at times.” We give ourselves the freedom to make mistakes.

We will make mistakes but the Holy Spirit can help us get back on track and know our worth, our value, and who provides all that we stand in need of. Then we can say, “Come on, let’s figure this out together.”

Which is something we do not have and need so desperately!

Then we will find inspiration to resolve our issues and our misconceptions through the promptings of the Holy Spirit that resides in each of us.

Currently, we are ALL in big trouble and by judging ourselves and others we never figure that out, nor get any answers about what the solutions might be. And I happen to know that the solutions are here right now and we simply refuse to acknowledge them because of this very issue of respect and who gets to decide who is deserving of it.

Let’s consider this carefully. One by one we can make a difference.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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