As long as we celebrate death and war, we will have it.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

1. The body is not your identity. If so it is an idol. The body is an instrument to communicate to God’s Son His innocence under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

How is he going to do that?

By showing you that you may seem to be hurt or die, and yet giving you the KNOWLEDGE that these things are impossible.

This witness is within each of us but we have covered it up with the ego “stories” we have been telling ourselves.

We will want to become content with where we are at the moment as pertains to the body and know that there are no accidents.

Everything happens in its due course for a reason.

And that reason benefits us all in the grand design.

2. The first and ONLY mistake is the belief in separation from God.

All errors after that are equal.

As mortals we tend to think of murder as more serious than say, lying. But really they are both symptoms of the same disease. Separation from God which also gives us separation from one another and all that surrounds us.

You do not have to believe me for it to be true.

This we will understand once we are willing to allow the idea of eternal existence to be a part of our universal consciousness.

3. The Holy Spirit is your inner guidance that will gently bring you back to the presence of the Father along with the whole Sonship of Christ.

The Holy Spirit will literally step in and pave the way once you let Him.

I can testify that He will do it at a pace that you can handle. He is a gentle guide and only needs a bit of willingness to know your value as God does.

You do not have the answers to living here because of what you are not able to see and be aware of.

The Holy Spirit waits for you to give Him the go ahead to lead you out of this and He will and He will not lead just you alone.

Humanity needs to shift its perception out of time and into eternity where all is as God created it and nothing opposes that.

The Holy Spirit is the only one that can take you there. Call Him whatever you like, He is the Voice within that claims your divinity and oneness with God, the Father.

4. Understand time. It will end. You and all of creation is eternal.

Now is found in the Holy Instant where you see the eternal creation before you. It is the Holy Spirit that gives us this sight.

It is also where love resides because it is where God is allowed.

Do not beat yourself up about any shortcomings you perceive. Let the Holy Spirit be the judge and know that He has found you worthy and He will guide you Home.

Till next time, God bless, debi.

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