(Spoiler alert) Bird Box/ACIM

What if the invisible monster that blows the weeds on Bird Box is our BELIEFS? I.E. BELIEFS of the ego?

Photo by Justin W on Unsplash I know this is not Bird Box. Just my vision
of an “invisible” monster.

I am obsessed with Bird Box lately. I cannot get it out of my mind. I see metaphors all over the place that align with A Course In Miracles. I feel Malory is a hero in many ways but especially in the way that could lead us to an understanding of the role we must take if we want to get out of the chaos that the ego has created for us all. Jesus made it very clear in ACIM that the ego is out for nothing less than our destruction and continual separation from God and one another. What we call love in this world is of the ego and its goal is to destroy. Malory gives us a blueprint of what Jesus is teaching us we must be to lead our children to eternal life. #ACIM #Metaphor #BirdBox #Beliefs #Motherhood #Love

BELIEFS in various forms; suggested by the drawings of Gary, the insane one who stabbed Douglas, our “cranky” neighbor with the scissors.

Each BELIEF, catching us by surprise (because somewhere inside we know God created us, as His Son, to live) and plummeting us to the destruction of our own bodies/souls/hearts or, for those whose hearts were already cold as ice, to cause them to destroy others just because it seems/ed like the “right” thing to do?

It would take someone willing to have a BELIEF to fall victim to such a thing.

Could it be her decision not to CONNECT (in the world of form) or BELIEVE in anything, at least for the moment (Think of her painting.), except for the life of her unborn child that prevented Malory from seeing whatever it was that made her sister try to wreck the car, and then step in front of the bus?

As a mother, I believe that she has made her decisions for the welfare of the children, including not giving them names. Her unattachment gives them a reason to go within and to use their own cognitive capabilities to survive. Others will not see it that way and think she is even cruel.

Here is an interesting and intelligent review of the movie from one who thought of it as a metaphor for parenting. While he makes many interesting observations I, personally, do not agree that Malory was incapable of loving her children. She just could not envision a loving and safe future for them or herself.

Could it be that we need to have our FOCUS on life, ETERNAL LIFE for ourselves and others, here and now? And give up our fixation on coping in a fictitious world?

Isn’t this what Jesus has been trying to get us to do and what we are able to do within the Atonement? By forgiving Christ’s error of belief in separation from self, others, our environment, and God we might have a clearer vision of what we REALLY could be living?

Could ACIM be seen as an instruction manual for giving up BELIEFS that are founded in FEAR so that we might LOOK to the Light that comes from God and LIVE?

I am not saying it would happen overnight but in truth, I suspect the world would change dramatically in a relatively short time, and I suggest we are already in this process. For which I am grateful.

Thanks for reading.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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