Undoing Separation, Time, and Belief in Unworthiness

We each have a role to play in the scene that takes place across the world we see.

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Your place in the Atonement cannot be filled by another. You are as you were created, perfect. Let go of what does not substantiate that.

It is a big world but only YOU can fill your spot in the Atonement.

Let faith in forgiveness be the shield you carry into the world.

If we were to understand it correctly we would see that faith is the same thing as true forgiveness because it is an absolute recognition that God IS.

The first mistake was believing separation from God was possible.

This is what you want to forgive because it forgives everything else that has happened in the ego-created world.

Communication ends separation. This is how the Holy Spirit uses the body.

“Communication ends separation.” (HLC Manuscript T8G4)

“To use the body unnaturally is to lose sight of the Holy Spirit’s purpose, and thus to confuse the goal of His curriculum.” (HLC Manuscript T8G7)

We are all learning here so do not fault yourself. Remember you are part of the whole original error that you have forgiven through the Atonement. The Holy Spirit will direct you, trust that.

God IS.

God IS and you are IN Him; always have been and always will be. Anything outside of that is unreal and can be let go.

If anything else takes its place you lose your identity as His Son.

Time is happening all at once.

If you could grasp this you would see how easily what appears to have taken place could be erased or be as it has never been through the Atonement.

Do not take for granted the effect of the addictive pull that we have to chaos and division. It is contrary to our truth but it is a pull that calls us like the vampire Edward wanting the blood of Bella in the Twilight Saga and like him, we can overrule that craving.

Can you tell that I am enthralled with the idea of finding metaphors for spiritual understanding within that work?!!

Shove off guilt and shame.

You are a child of God and nothing can change that, not even you.

And God made His Son like Himself, perfect.

We have assistance.

The Holy Spirit needs to be our primary guide. He is our connection to God/Source and our true selves.

He is that still small voice inside that says that you are worthy and that you are an important part of the whole of creation.

You also have angels and other guides. It could be a pet, living or passed. Our helpers are in the flesh and unseen as well. Ask for assistance. Speak to them.

Trust yourself and do not let others get in your head and convince you otherwise. This is a weakness of mine because I know “I do not know” and sometimes I have to claim strong boundaries to keep others out of my head.

As you grow in your spiritual walk you may come to understand that those unseen are much more loyal and numerous than those that are still in the world. Maybe it just comes with age?

This may not be the case for everyone but do not be afraid or feel slighted if it is so.

You will not be forced to accept who you truly are, likewise, nothing will be withheld when you do.

That does not mean life gets easier in the world of form. In fact, it may become excruciating because as you grow in spiritual vision things that did not bother you before, will now.

It will be important to remember what we learned in accepting the Atonement, that what we fear when we think about our bodies has no real impact on us because we are eternal beings. Crushing psychological trauma will have no eternal effect, either, because of the blessing of the Atonement.

Time is to be undone.

This was something that really helped me to see how “all our sins could be washed away”. Past will be undone and lack of fear removes future cares and gives us an eternal present.

We teach others by how we live. Honoring your own boundaries and voice is part of that.

How we treat others is reflective of how we feel about ourselves and about God.

PTSpD is part of the ego world “reality”.

(Post Traumatic Separation Disorder) Until all are safely in the Atonement we will see things that sadden the heart.

Do not fault yourself for it.

Find practices that work for you to relieve it. Nature, exercise, hobbies, breathwork, there is no end to the diverse supports that we have.

And give others “space” because they are feeling it too.

The Holy Spirit is within you and will bring comfort if you will allow Him to.

Teach others by example just do not expect them to see your internal workings or agree with you.

Be sure to have the “shield of ~faith in forgiveness~ of the original error” because this way you walk in forgiveness and do not make an offense real in your own mind. Even though you “see” it with your natural eyes and must deal with it, your spiritual eyes know of Christ’s perfection.

Your main gift in this lifetime is the ability to forgive the Son of God for the belief in separation from God and all the consequences of that belief.

Do not underestimate how powerful TRUE FORGIVENESS is!

The first mistake that created the chaos and caused the “fall” was the belief in the possibility of separation between the Father and His Son.

We got this! Father is delighted in His Son always!

Jesus was the first to accept the Atonement.

He was also the first thought of Christ as He was being created.

He was able to remember being in God and as one with Him.

We can have faith in Jesus’ witness of God.

Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course In Miracles, thought Jesus had a bit of an ego. I think it was the confidence that one has when one is aligned with the witness of the Holy Spirit. You know that it is true because you have been shown in ways that mortals could never understand with their five senses.

Jesus has walked with me my entire life and I have been lucky to have known him. He is my elder brother and truly my dearest friend who always has my best interests at heart.

I leave this witness with you, in the name of Christ, amen.

Did you notice the repeats in the messages? I do not think that is a coincidence.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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