No way! PTSD may be but that is different.

Depression and all other struggles and traumas in this sphere have to do with the “inflamed” ego developed as Christ was thought of in the mind of God.

It may be that depression is part of the story you chose. If so accept it and do not beat yourself up. If not, be creative and picture the very world you see with new eyes. Focus on positives and not the negatives. Magnify your sincere desires. (Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist of any sort.)

What we will be or not be is made up in our minds.

Make peace with your story that you played out here.

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It is not who you are.

It is only an assignment that you got to play out.

Did you discover that you were not any of the things that you thought you were?

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And that neither was the world, or anything in it, what you thought it was?

Yep, then maybe you have awakened to the idea that you are something bigger than what you thought and that you are a part of a whole that is beyond your comprehension at this time.

And no matter the stories of joy, or betrayal, that have followed you in this lifetime, there is a greater awakening, if you will let this version go.

That is my faith and my hope.

I bear witness of “Christ” as all manifestation, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, pledge my faith in a Father that is overall.

Jesus, take my prayers and my thoughts and any strength and energy I may have and use it for the benefit of humanity. This is my prayer.

A deeper reflection on depression and reality can be found in this post.

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