Universal Reading 18-24 May 2020 Do We Have the Courage To Give It To God?

Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1. We want to see others as children who are confused and keep a prayer in our hearts for one another.

When we live in the world we view others by what they do for us or how they can serve us.

When we see others through the Atonement we seek to lift others in our hearts and minds. Bear in mind, that while there are ways that we can help others as we are inspired, not all people need or want help.

Their challenges may be part of a network that Jesus and them have established to give someone in their circle the witness that suffering is not what God created His Son for. Maybe that someone is you.

Even so, do not think that it is your place to “fix it”.

PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, comes with being human. It does not leave, but it can be understood. Be gentle with yourself and others. Do not be afraid to do things that bring you comfort.

Seek help. Inside yourself and outside yourself. You will be inspired. Nature does a lot to heal and comfort the human soul.

Set up healthy boundaries. You do not have to be a bashing board to be a good person. You have value, and even if forgiveness were your only purpose it would be huge, in the scheme of things.

His Story

Your life and the experiences therein are His Story. They belong to Jesus. They are fabrications devised to imagine how life would be if one was separated from God.

And they hurt, sometimes. Sometimes they are okay. And sometimes they are awesome!

But they are not ours, no matter how real they seem.

This is what, one who walks in the Atonement, understands.

Does that mean that they do not hurt or get depressed, or bruised?

Nah, it just means that they know it is not real, and they forgive; and then do their best to keep a safe, emotional distance.

Does that mean that we cannot celebrate the joys that life brings?

Not at all! Embrace them, and embrace the moment.

Breathe, know that God IS, and that nothing else is real. 

And that nothing real, can be harmed.

Give thanks and show appreciation for others. This helps to turn up the volume on the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Giving thanks means keeping on with the work of living. It means having a prayer in your heart for all humanity to be able to receive the truth.


Remember that we are all lost and hurting children.

PTSD does not go away, it just hides behind different screens, ready to pop out when we are least expecting it.

But do not let this discourage you. This is not your true story. This is a fabrication devised by Jesus to bring each of us eventually to the Atonement.

Give thanks in all things. This is easier when we know and forgive the original error of Separation.

It may sound as if my “hypothesis” is rather depressing.

I would ask you, “Would you rather have a world where suffering really occurred and not feel the pain till eternity?” 

Or would you have a witness of the true error of humanity in thinking that it can suffer at all, with the option of placing it all in the hands of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, to carry the challenge and transmute all the error into Love?

These, I believe, are our two options.

And I have every reason “to know” that humanity will eventually choose the exchange.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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