Please invite the Holy Spirit for translation. Thank you.

Using Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

1.You can use the things you are going through and learning to give different perspectives on old issues.

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but there is only one problem and until we are able to actually see it, it will not be corrected.

Your life is a complete mystery! It is several symbols that you have the opportunity to give meaning to.

Each of us has looked at our lives as society has taught us at one time or another.

We want to see our lives as God would have us see them.

2.PTSD is a consequence of being here in this sphere of time and space.

There will be repercussions from the challenges that humanity has believed it has lived through.

We will have feelings that cause us to think we have lack or that we can be harmed.

We will have thoughts that suggest we are unworthy or “unfit” somehow.

None of that is real and what we want to do while we are still subject to time and space is to have faith in this, breath, and know it is so.

Having the thoughts is not the same as becoming entangled with them.

We will not do this if we are able to be “engaged” in living our purpose, which is expressing the Father’s Love for His Son.

You will know internally how to do this. You will be directed by inner inspiration.

Seek your joy. Seek your bliss. Smile to yourself.

Limit your association with those who try to take it away from you.

And do not let the smile fool you. If you do not feel comfortable in someone’s presence, there is a reason that you know instinctively.

Even if it is not something you understand or can explain.

3.It is right to want to know how another truly is.

They are a part of you, after all.

Have compassion; a desire to relieve suffering where you see it.

Have curiosity. Desire to “see” with your inner eyes and “hear” with your inner ears. I call this the Holy Spirit. He knows truth that I cannot comprehend from where I am at.

Understand that the world is ill. Filled with neurotic and psychotic people. The neurotic are what we call normal, the psychotic are extreme.

We typically fall into one of two groups.

(1)Catatonic, because we see fear in all things and this causes us to go numb. Religion can be a refuge for many in this category. Those who need groups or tribes can be in this place, so distressed that they turn over their faculties and decisions to a leader or consensus of the group as a whole.

(2)Paranoid, we see the problem as “out there” somewhere in society, nature, another group of people or individuals.

We all fall within these categories and often fluctuate between them.

The moments that we feel at peace and feel one with the universe and all that is, is where our truth lies.

Freedom is not found in anyone or anything out there, but within and in the knowledge that we are all one, and we have bought into the error that we have separated from God.

This is the meaning of the miracle Jesus teaches in the Urtext of ACIM.

Bring joy or kindness, where you, can to yourself and others.

Be open to the moments of clarity. Give thanks for them. And allow the miracle to be directed, through Jesus, to those who are ready to receive it.

4.Acknowledge and forgive the original mistake.

That the Son could be separate from the Father.

To walk in that place is a form of meditation and really, the only one that fulfills your true purpose.

The Son is all that you see before you as well as all that you do not see. This includes yourself as well.

Forgive and let Jesus have the reigns on the miracle’s deliverance and timing.


Life gives you opportunities to see things from different perspectives. It might even be a song or a movie.

PTSD is here to stay, as long as time it, it does not need to overwhelm us though. If we utilize the miracle of the Atonement that we have access to.

Compassion for others and curiosity into their well-being is fine. Just do not get caught up in taking away their life choices. Share a bit of joy as you are inspired and give thanks to God for all that is.

The first error, that the Son could be separated from the Father, must be witnessed and forgiven constantly as we see the world and maneuver within it.

We are meant to have joy. That comes from knowing the truth about who we are as the portions of the Son of God.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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