Universal Reading 17 – 23 February 2020 Have You Seen the Christ-Child Within?

From “Mama’s Christmas Carol”, You Got the Power, Mom! By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons. Please invite the Holy Spirit to interpret.

1. It is vital that you invite others to know themselves as a Child of God, by living that witness yourself.

In the Course In Miracles, Jesus says that we do this by knowing we are not separate from others (or from God). It is another way of saying that you are Christ.

2. The first mistake was Christ thinking He had separated from God.

Would we forgive Christ the error or thinking He had separated from God? Those who recognize His innocence, most certainly would.

3. Power-Hunger.

Behavior that is outrageously harmful in any individual, is a laser beam reflection of what the Christ Consciousness, as a Whole, needs to understand Christ is not capable of and quit expecting it.

I have to admit this is the part I do not have a real grasp of yet.

I spent a lifetime learning how to recognize the false mask of humanity and to realize they really are. Now I am to say that they can no longer be that falseness?!!

Better that while we are in the confusion, I recognize the Christ-confusion in all, and watch out for His attacks, than to be silly and say they do not exist at all.

I can do so knowing that I am in the care of Jesus; as is the other. And, I can know my origin is in God.

It is my suspicion that, if humanity would recognize each other as Christ, we could:

#1. Know that He will attack or entice an attack, because He believes He came here to suffer.

#2. We will be able to point out the error or mistake without needing to destroy the person or get revenge, if so directed by the Holy Spirit. Because we have already forgiven him.

#3. We can trust that the Holy Spirit will direct us all individually as we remove the masks and reveal the Christ within.

#4. We can be satisfied with being alone. Knowing that it is not possible, since we are all one.

#5. We can stand in the witness of our own power, according to how we are inspired by the Holy Spirit. This will help to take the darkness away from the eye’s of those who believe they are powerless and need to seek to exercise power over others.

4. There is no sense of trauma in the fullness of the Atonement because all trauma is known to be false.

There is, however, awareness of trauma in the Atonement because the Atonement is still a part of time.

It is viewed as a movie, with awareness, but no attachment.

That does not mean that you are not emotionally moved when you hear of or are involved in trauma in its many forms.

Standing in the Atonement allows us to witness the traumas in the world around us, and know that they cannot permanently harm us or anyone else.


Live in the Atonement to invite others to see the Atonement for themselves.

Forgive Christ for the original mistake of separation.

We have the ability to recognize the temptation of Power-Hunger in ourselves and in others. We can best counter it by knowing it for what it is; a cry from a Christ-Child who has forgotten his own divine power.

You are not your emotions. Let yourself feel what you feel; allowing it to peel off the layers of false identity connected to the rantings of a child who thinks it has betrayed its Father.

I understand these things may be difficult to accept at first glance. They come from my searching for truth in a false and confusing world. I leave this with you as a message to the Christ-Child within each of us, who longs to be re-united with His Father and does not know how to do so.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

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