53 Urtext ACIM pg. 39 Take Everything Into Account That You Know and Live It As You Testify Of It, So You May Grow

The peace of God which passeth understanding CAN keep your hearts now and forever.

  1. There are only two short additions needed here:Your earlier acute problem in writing things down came from a MUCH earlier misuse of very great scribal abilities.

*A previous life that Helen had as a priestess.

These were turned to secret rather than shared advantage, depriving it (?) of its miraculous potential, and diverting it into possession.

*Her gifts of understanding received as a priestess where hidden away, instead of shared.

*I have to admit that this is the concept that reinforces the fact for me that I want to bear my witness of these things I understand in some public format.

*Note the question mark. Bill and Helen did not understand what they were working with.

*Is it possible then to use understanding of life as a possession to hide up?

This is much like the confusion of sex impulses with possession-impulses.

* Discussed last week.

Some of the original material is still in the Temple.

*Jesus has told us that time is not real. In Seth’s works we are told that all things are still taking place. And, thankfully, that in the present we can impact past and future. Whether figuratively or physically this statement was meant, it did impact Helen in the present, as well as Bill.

This is why you became so afraid about Atlantis. B. has his own reasons.

2.Retain your miracle-minded attitude toward Rosie VERY carefully.

*Miracle-mindedness. Holding her in a state of forgiveness through the awareness that what we are experiencing is not real for the Son of God was never meant to suffer, let alone die.

She once hurt both of you, which is why she is now your servant.

*This brings up a point that I wish to make about life and learning.

*I believe it was Seth who said you you do not come into another life because of the events of a past one. Jesus clearly is saying something else here as he has on several other occasions.

*One teaching does not cancel out another necessarily, if one understands the overall truth of the power of creativity within the Christ.

*Language is so limited among mortals that it is necessary to withhold judgment when contradictions seem to appear and allow the Holy Spirit to explain it to you.

*Who is being spoken to, what is the essence of their question? What are their personal biases and fears? These are questions that need to be circling one’s study in any communication between the divine and mortality.

*Do not discount one perspective for another, but juggle them for they all have a place in the non-truth of the illusion.

But she is blessed in that she sees service as a source of joy.

*Jesus is speaking of a person’s ego or mask. That persona they have taken on in behalf of Christ to prove His unworthiness of God’s Love and attention. She still has space for learning that she is Christ in the flesh and not a victim of any error.

Help her straighten out her past errors by contributing to your
welfare now.

*We are allowing others to recall their own value and truth as we interact with them in miracle-mindedness.

(special Revelation re HS –ommission 1.)

HS question re past memories. Answer: As long as you remember ALWAYS that you never suffered anything because of anything that anyone ELSE did, this is not dangerous.

*What is valuable to us is the answer, “As long as you remember ALWAYS that you never suffered anything because of anything that anyone ELSE did…”

*Where you one of those kids who always blamed yourself for anything that happened? We have all seen those stories where the child thinks they are responsible for the divorce of their parents. That may be a subconscious awareness that we are the makers of our own suffering. Beginning perhaps with the concept that anyone else can make us happy or bring us peace. I.e. caregivers in infancy as the body becomes the idol.

Remember that you who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.

You never really WANTED peace before, so there was no point in knowing how to get it.

This is an example of the “need to know” principle, which was established by the Plan of Atonement long before CIA.

*Reference to CIA acknowledges Helen’s very logical, scientific, and current focus.

No kind of knowledge is acquired by anyone unless he wants it, or believes in some way he NEEDS it.

*You will be left with blinders on, if you believe you have all the answers you need.

A psychologist does NOT need a lesson on the hierarchy of needs as
such, but like everyone else, he DOES need to understand his own.

*In other words, practice what you preach. Or have your act together, as much as possible, before helping another.

*How many of us go off half-cocked with an attitude of knowledge and wisdom that we just do not have?

*Lets do our best to integrate what we know and move forward from there. Just know that no one has all the answers for everyone. Not even God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. We must seek them out for ourselves.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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