Well-Being Cards by Abraham-Hicks Read by Debra Yvonne Simmons

As I breath deeply, I feel myself thrive.

Thriving is as natural as breathing itself.

By relaxing often, and breathing deeply—your natural thriving is enhanced.

Humanity as a whole is in need of taking a breath and just experiencing existence. To thrive is to be productive and vibrant. Your being is sufficient. It is important that you understand this, then as you are productive and manifest, you will do so from a place of strength and belief/faith in a positive outcome.

I inhibit no one. (We each create our own reality.)

As you find vibrational harmony with your desires, you are never inhibiting or preventing anyone else from living what they are creating—but you are controlling and creating your own reality.

Your place of control is in choosing to be in a state of bliss by being in the miracle of the Atonement, established by Forgiveness of Christ in believing He was separated from God. This is the answer to all angst and trauma.

Let circumstances be what they will. Stand in the truth of God’s presence and equality among humanity.

Others are responsible for their own interpretation of the illusion. You do not have to adapt to or fix their’s, just maintain your own state of bliss.

This world functions on the Law of Attraction. Know that we all have that potential.

There is a role and a plan that we agreed to. And we enlisted angels to keep us on that path, so listen well to that inner voice. We do not have to accomplish all “super heights” in this life to feel accomplished and successful. Being has its own rewards. Move on from there.

Through the corridor of my joy is the pathway to my desire. Most say, “When I get that, I will be joyful.” But you must be joyful first—you must start with the determination that “I will not settle for less than feeling good.”

From the place of the miracle we stand in our bliss as we see everyone like ourselves. We act as saviors to Christ who believes He is outside of God’s love by standing in that knowledge.

Nothing more is required. You will be inspired to share in ways that do not deplete you. Guilt has no place in giving.

Standing in that knowledge may be the only thing you can give to others and that is okay. We each make our own reality.

By visualizing my desired outcome, the perfect action is always inspired.

As your desire to feel good leads you to thoughts that feel good, the perfect action will be inspired from that alignment. And that inspired action is always joyful.

What is your desired outcome? Begin with the miracle and give the reigns to Jesus as to where it goes. Then stay in a place of peace within yourself. You will be inspired in your actions. You can trust this.


Breathe and feel life’s source blessing you. Accept your place in grace.

Your blessings do not take anything away from anyone else.

You are meant to have joy. Embrace it NOW.

Visualizing does not need to put specifics in place. I know many teach to do so, but I would suggest it is the feeling of bliss that we want to focus on and not a material manifestation. Then what we manifest will match the feeling we sent out.

We can desire to “will to do the will of God” and feel His blessing. Again, it is the feeling of bliss that you want to have, no matter your circumstances and let the inspiration guide you.

The deck is from Abraham-Hicks and he/they are about the covenant and manifestation in this world. You are worthy of joy here in the illusion of time. Accept the miracle by forgiving Christ, and enjoy the journey.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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