Please bring the Holy Spirit with you to this reading however you define him. I will be sharing some of my thoughts on Abraham’s teaching. I agree with much and have reservations about some of their use of the language.

Using Well-Being Cards by Abraham-Hicks, read by Debra Yvonne Simmons, card info in bold print.

No one else needs to KNOW this. It is not necessary for even one other person to understand these Laws of the Universe . . . for you are the attractor of your experience. Just You!

This is important to understand and it is basic and primal to all understanding. Jesus has said that this is a place where Law of Attraction works. I believe that he wanted all eyes drawn unto him so that Christ would be identified. Not that he alone was Christ, but that sooner or later a follower would understand and see what he was trying to teach. That we are each a part of Christ. As such we have all that the Father has, as does he.

All is WELL. Babies are Beings from the Nonphysical, eternally coming forth for the creation of that which they decide.

Is it coincidence that babies are the next topic? I do not think so. You and I came into the world knowing what we were getting into. We knew possibilities of horrendous acts, that would have no permanent meaning beyond witnessing that those things are an impossibility.

From our physical position it can be literally obscene to suggest that the painful and traumatizing situations humanity can find itself in were something that we were willing to experience. This is where the Teachers of God that Jesus speaks of in UACIM and The Teacher’s Manual are important because they shrink time, which  is only part of the illusion anyway. We will all partake in this, because this what we signed up for. All is Well, in an eternal sense, though in time, pain and what Abraham calls contrast rule.

The Law of ATTRACTION. The most powerful Universal Law is my friend. You create with your every thought. By the Universal Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn), you are attracting the essence of whatever you are giving your attention to–wanted or unwanted.

Once you know you asked for where you were born, understand that even if you never read a book of Abraham-Hick’s you are attracting your own life and its challenges. Did you notice the comment –wanted or unwanted? It is our natural inclination as spiritual beings to want comfort, peace, and joy. (Although, it would not surprise me if some chose to come into the world of the physical with the desire of pain only.)

Recall that this world of illusion was created because Christ thought he had separated from God, The Father. In the Manual for Teachers 2:2;3 it reads “Further, the plan for this correction was established and completed simultaneously, for the Will of God is entirely apart from time. “

What I am saying is that we can continue the path of suffering for an indefinite time, or we can choose joy and abundance and peace.

Another important thing to remember here is that there is only One; only Christ. (And the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit united. There is nothing else and yet within that understanding countless worlds are capable of being recognized and experienced. It is a bit challenging for the mortal to comprehend. Yet, how could it be anything else?) And that each one of us must accept that reality.

If your peace and joy rely on circumstances or others, you have missed the mark you are capable of.

Whatever I give ATTENTION to–wanted or unwanted–I am creating. You were born with a magnificent (emotional) guidance system that lets you know, in every moment, exactly what your vibrational content is, which is being matched by the Law of Attraction. As it is your desire to feel good, and your practice to choose good-feeling thoughts, only good things will come to you.

Yay for emotions! Pay attention to them. Observe them. Do not get locked into them, they are only guides. Like the angels who help us along our way, our emotions tell us if this is a good choice or if there is a better choice. You get to choose the type of emotion that you attract. As a child with no permanent home I remember being faced with a decision to be angry or be loving. I chose to love whoever came my way because I never knew when they would leave. I believe this decision brought me “easier” experiences than I could have faced otherwise. I am not saying that I never got angry I just know that was an underlying decision I made when I was very young.

I will also admit that I was a bit on the naive side and had to learn that there really are people with harmful intent in the world and they know it. I am still grateful for my choice to love because anger would have done me no good and only made my situation more challenging. I have seen that choice in others and it is sad to observe. Sometimes the children get stuck with the anger and they do not even know where it came from.

Think of emotions as sign posts, a personal GPS that tells you if you are going in the direction of joy or in the direction of pain and suffering. When you choose for the direction of joy (note I did not say of right or wrong) then you are participating in the shortening of time.


Law of Attraction works continually and constantly. It is never not engaged. That goes for each and everyone of us.

There is an overall plan and we all have agreed to it. ALL is WELL.

I guide and direct the GPS. Law of Attraction is my friend.

Look for the Silver Lining if you want joy in all things. The choice is yours. Observe your emotions, acknowledge them, allow them, and then choose if they meet your desires or not. Then you have the opportunity to direct your thoughts to that which lifts or to that which burdens.

As we become accustomed to listening to our own inner voices we will be more willing to listen to those around us and most of us will be able to choose compassion and make another’s journey smoother, ever as we make our own more joyful.

I say “most” because in this plan that has already expired there are those who come here to blantantly harm. Their role is to bring so much pain in a moment as to allow those involved to reach beyond it and see the truth that these things are not possible.

Will you choose to carry the banner of pain and claim a right to seek revenge or be burdened by what is contrary to universal laws or God? Will you carry the cross of your sorrows and wounds to lay it at the feet of Christ and declare your worthiness of his affection, while others bow in pain? Which treasure do you seek? The face of God or the stripes of your martyrdom?

We can worship body and trauma or we can worship truth and light. The choice is ours alone and we make it every day.

May this serve is my prayer.

Till next time, God bless, Namaste~

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